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North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto October 7th 2014

Greetings to the members of the Crescent Choir Trip 2014. This is going to be an amazing experience for us all. This blog will be our way to keep in touch with all our important people back home. I will do my best to update the blog as frequently as possible and keep your eyes peeled for some special guest bloggers! Trish... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto October 7th 2014

Geo: 43.615, -79.4811We enjoyed a three week visit to Toronto while Inspiration was up on the hard. We were there for Canadian Thanksgiving, EYC's Haul Out, and really had fun seeing our friends and family. ... read more
L'Izzy!!! :)
...with the FAM! ;)

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto September 4th 2014

Here we go! After months of planning, we are about to board the airplane to Beijing, the first stop on our ten month journey through East Asia. It has been interesting that over the past few months, the words that I have heard the most is, “Are you not nervous? It is going to be such a change!” and “While I envy you two, I could never do it”. Now that our departure day has come and our current chapter nearly at an end, I feel more relaxed than ever; our adventure is about to begin! So often I hear people start a thought with, “I wish I could...” or “Maybe one day...” or “If I was in a different situation...”, and while of course life is always throwing new challenges at us, it is the ... read more
Here We Go!

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto September 2nd 2014

We're up at 6 am to drive to the airport for our West Jet (Canada’s Easy Jet) flight to Toronto. We hand the car back at the airport & it’s back to travel by bus & staying in hostels for the rest of our time in Canada & the US. Check in is easy so as we have time, we try the White Spot eatery for breakfast (they are all over Canada) and find it pretty good. The Airport is quite modern and has a few eateries and shops in the domestic area though most are pre security. Our flight leaves at 9-45am and goes ok. There's no in-flight entertainment or food unless you pay for it but we have enough to read, snacks to eat & stuff to keep us entertained. The flight is about ... read more
Niagara on the Lake & statue of Shaw
One of many interesting street art scenes in Toronto
Busker Fest gig

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto August 30th 2014

“So you are telling me that you can’t remove it?” She shook her head firmly, a definite no. “Really?” I flipped over my eyelid so that we could both look at the large calcification that had literally popped up overnight and was ripping my cornea to shreds. “What am I supposed to do then?” “Well,” said the GP who wasn't much older than me and whom I quietly suspected was rushing to finish her clinical requirements, “we could get you an appointment with an eye specialist who can remove it for you.” I was not sure... not only did that sound like a lengthy process, but it felt like there was a thousand needles stabbing themselves into my eyeball every time I moved; I was ready to rip out my eye. “How long is that going ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto August 27th 2014

Sandwiched in between my two stays in Ottawa, I spent two nights in Toronto for a gig by a Japanese band, Boris. The gig happened to be at a venue called Lee's Palace made famous in the film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World for being where the battle of the bands in said film takes place. You could trust a band with albums called things like Heavy Rocks and Amplifier Worship to do the venue's pedigree justice, which they very much did - much fun was had. Outside of this, Samantha's boyfriend Mark offered to show me his favourite parts of town, and when he wasn't around I took off and explored the city myself, including a vertigo-inducing visit to the CN tower, lunch at the St. Lawrence market and a visit to the fantastic Art ... read more
2014-08-06 21.12.06
2014-08-06 21.14.15
2014-08-07 00.14.45

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto August 21st 2014

Twenty-seven years ago I embarked on a journey that – as the saying goes – was in my blood. It was at the age of nine when I began to set my own stage in show business, following the footsteps of my grandfather, a pioneer in the intriguing world of carnival life. Likewise, my father spent many years operating games at various fairs in Canada, so combined with my natural inclination for business, it only seems fitting that I would carry on the legacy. As Erin and I prepare for nearly a year in Asia, it is cathartic to sit here at the Canadian National Exhibition in our trailer at 3:00 a.m. and reflect on the things that bring one to any given point in time. Outside our kitchen window is a dark midway full of ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto August 20th 2014

It's been 3 weeks since we moved out of our home, packed everything in our 30 foot trailer and moved our entire existence to the CNE fairgrounds. I think it is fair to say that a lot has happened during that time. After a wonderful week in Calgary, we arrived home late in the evening to an alarm going off in our trailer. Nothing seemed awry, but we decided to approach cautiously... I have no idea about trailers and the noises they make, so I thought it was just simply better to follow Sean's lead. Turns out that nothing was really wrong except that the giant electrical box that we broke into to get our power had a lot more people plugged into it now and someone had accidentally knocked our connection loose. So the noise ... read more
Let the party begin!

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto August 18th 2014

Ce matin 5h30 réveil au son de la chanson de Robin Williams "Good Morning Vietam." Ca surprend en plein sommeil. 7H30 tout est prêt pour le départ, juste un petit changement pour moi les amis de Pier chez qui je devais rester ce soir, le monsieur a été hospitalisé en urgence. Je me réserve donc un hôtel a Toronto. Nous devons nous retrouver a Toronto chez Steeve et Erica (le jeune couple). Petite température de 12* et un brouillard a couper au couteau pendant 70 kms. Vers midi je suis au rdv et nous partons tous déjeuner sur le port, dans un chinois assez classe. La nous retrouvons Jack un ami de Pier, au demeurant tres sympathique. Apres le repas une petite marche dans le quartier animé du port, et nous retrouvons Nicolas le fils de ... read more
un plan de port
belle la facade
 Dystillery District

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto August 18th 2014

Excellente nuit apres ma petite marche de cette nuit. Ce matin j' ai découvert de jour que je suis passé a une trentaine de metres de l' hôtel. Dans le noir, sans éclairage, a l' opposée je n' ai pas reconnu le bâtiment. L' hôtel est acceptable, mais limite, son seul intérêt est d' être pratiquement en centre ville, et abordable en prix. Ce matin la voiture reste au repos, car ce garer a Toronto n' est pas particulièrement facile, et les prix sont assez dissuasifs. Apres un bon km je prends un café et croissants (super bons) dans un bistrot presque Français. A l' hôtel pas de café ni pdj. Je continue mon chemin en direction du port, avec un détour vers la CN Tower. La tour CN a Toronto est l' embleme de la ... read more
CN Tower
quel contrate
la aussi

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