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North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto September 6th 2012

Good morning world. I’m hailing to you all the way froooooooom – the train – VIA Rail “The Canadian” heading East for those who don’t know. Yes, we are still on the train. Unexpected bumps in the road always make for such good stories. Currently it is 12pm. We were due to depart the train at 9:25am. Our new expected arrival time in Toronto is 2:45pm (if we are lucky). Which really, really stinks because Jon and I will have so little time to do anything in Toronto. However, we had planned for a large train delay by spending the night in the city and flying home tomorrow. Two days ago we were delayed two hours because an engine blew so we were only running off of one engine. It was kind of eerie (and cool) ... read more
Sept. 5 - Haha. More of the same thing.
Sept. 5 - Angus burger with ciabatta bun.
Sept. 5 - Hmm. I wonder where our train was.

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto September 6th 2012

Who here has ever visited a big city and only had 5 hours to look around? *raises hand* Me and Jon. Our train really did arrive 5 hours late into the Toronto train station this afternoon. We were pretty bummed but what can you do. So what did we do in our micro time frame? We went to three places that I was familiar with. We went on up to Casa Loma and Spadina House anyway. Even though they were closed we could still view the outside. I really wish Jon could have seen inside of Casa Loma. It has such an interesting history. We walked to the harbor front. It isn’t much to look at. If we’d had more time we could have taken the ferry on over to Toronto Island or gone to one ... read more
Sept. 6 - Spadina House, built in 1866.
Sept. 6 - Toronto Union Station.
Sept. 6 - Harbour Square Park at Lake Ontario.

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto August 30th 2012

Just testing this out the night before my trip so I actually know how to use it when I leave tomorrow....Liverpool, I'm on my way in less than 24 hours now! Can't wait to visit good friends and return to Anfield. Now to sleep, an early rise, hopefully a short day at the office, and then to the airport!... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto August 15th 2012

First and foremost, Toronto seems very cool, aside from the aggressive homeless persons, and incredibly dangerous cab drivers. But let me digress for a moment. I'm travelling here with a friend who you used to be a hoot to travel with. Up for anything, and what provincialism he had was acceptable. That was 20 years ago. He has turned into an 80 year old woman. Nothing but complaints about his health, which is poor. The nearly 300 hundred pounds he's carrying around (from the svelte 140 he weighed 20 years ago) is perhaps a contributing factor. The 2000+ calories in candy he's eaten today in addition to an over abundance of all food consumed may be suspect? Don't get me started about his driving. I'm sorry, fifteen minutes of bathroom breaks each and every hour he's ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto August 13th 2012

De dag begon niet geweldig goed. Ik werd om 3 uur wakker met een bloedneus waar ik erg misselijk van werd, en uiteraard kon ik vanaf dat moment niet meer slapen. Om half zeven vertrokken we naar Schiphol, waar alles erg soepel verliep. Ik zat al gauw in het vliegtuig en voordat ik het wist stegen we al op. De vlucht zelf was beter te doen dan ik dacht. Ik heb de 7,5 uur volgemaakt met films kijken, veel eten (zelfs zoveel dat ik 's avonds maar een paar happen van Brenda's sheperd's pie kon nemen voordat ik al vol zat, helaas!) en veel drinken. Naast mij zat een heel aardige Keniaanse Canadees. Terwijl we samen naar de douane liepen ging het gesprek vooral over haar dochter (tandarts), Geneeskunde, Afrika en natuurlijk Canada. Ze was in ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto August 11th 2012

It's been a while since I've typed away on Travel Blog's dashboard, but I felt the need to revive this baby. You may be thinking where are you going? Don't you have rent to pay? I thought you like Toronto? No worries you did not miss the memo - I'm staying in Toronto for a little while longer. Although the urge to buy a plane ticket on a whim and jet off has struck me many a don't be surprised :p This new chapter (and set of entries) is about my local travels around Toronto and any side trips I get to. I'm saddened that my neighbourhood explorer Mel Gagne is halfway across the world, but I have other partners in crime to scope out the city with (but cannot replace Mel). Any side travels ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto August 7th 2012

Thanks to Walid who I could never knew if did not heard his French accent in the Bus from the Airport... It was a totally awesome end of travel. I just spent few hours in Toronto, but just look at what we've done... And you will understand why it was so funny ! Grâce à Walid, que je n'aurais jamais rencontré si je n'avais pas entendu son accent français lorsqu'il a parlé au chauffeur du bus qui partait de l'aéroport. J'ai passé une fin de voyage assez géniale, Nous avons juste passé quelques heures à Toronto, mais regardez un peu ce que nous avons fait... Et vous comprendrez pourquoi entre deux nuits de quelques heures en avion, c'est tout simplement dingue !... read more
Baseball cup 1
Baseball Cup 2
Big Tower

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto July 28th 2012

Hi everyone! I arrived in Toronto a few days ago after a short flight from Montreal. I had a brilliant time there and I've also enjoyed my stay in Toronto (although I still prefer Vancouver!). Tomorrow I'm off to Niagara where I'll spend two nights before heading back to New York City to meet my mum! It's looking as though I won't have the time or resources to upload any more photos of my trip until I get home, so I'm afraid I've left you hanging at the Grand Canyon for now. Please keep checking this page for updates as I'll finish uploading the photos once I get home and you'll be able to see the final leg of my trip! It'll be much easier for me to do it from home, I should have all ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto July 25th 2012

O Sitting here in Toronto airport. massive line-up at the gate. Only an hour late boarding :) oh well, at least I do not have a connection to miss. Let's hope the taxi is there for me.... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto July 21st 2012

Saturday morning, Sinclaire was picked up by Auntie M.E. and Angela to go on an adventure - camping overnight at Sleeping Giant Provincial Park. With a truck full of gear, snacks, scooter and two canoes, they were on their way. We got ready to go and watched the penulitmate day of the Tour de France. After getting a ride to airport with Rick, we met Colleen who was picking up Kari who was delayed a day thanks to mechanical problems on two aircraft. In Toronto airport we stopped for dinner before the flight. A Boy Scout troop kept checking out the soccer game on the television in the restaurant. They were obviously from Scotland as their uniforms included kilts. The flight to Charles de Gaulles airport was uneventful. I wanted to take a nap, but the ... read more

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