Day 25: Madrid to Toronto – Airport Chaos

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November 9th 2015
Published: April 10th 2016
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Today, was an interesting and chaotic travel day as we head back home to Toronto. Early in the morning we took the train from Atocha Station to the Madrid Airport. However, when we reached the airport, we did not realize our flight Terminal was located a fair distance away from the airport train station. We had to take an airport transfer bus that took almost 20 minutes to get to our terminal. It even had to take the highway to get there. We were starting to freak out a bit but we did leave 3 hours early to account for unexpected challenges.

We finally arrived at the right terminal where we proceeded to the long queue to check in our luggage. When our luggage was checked in we found out that Renata was randomly chosen to go through another security checkpoint for our flight into Atlanta. It felt like forever as the security personal at the airport took apart Renata’s entire carry-on baggage. Renata later told me the security officers kept on asking her the same questions. Needless to say we were some of the last passengers to get onto the flight.

We arrived in Atlanta with 4 hours to spare until our flight to Toronto. Since our flight was not on the display we asked one of the attendants who told us which terminal our flight was leaving from. He told us to watch the monitors to make sure the flight platform did not change.

So we waited at the airport cafeteria where a musician was playing some great piano jazz music. As it got closer to our flight time we were becoming anxious because our flight was still not displayed on the monitor. An hour before our flight we finally found a delta attendant who told us that our flight was leaving from a different platform. So we ran to catch the train that would take us to the different platform. We reached our flight just as the final passengers were boarding


Even with all the airport chaos, we arrived in Toronto safe and sound in what I consider a memorable trip. Now it’s time to plan our next adventure!


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