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North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Parrsboro September 22nd 2016

My 4 day trip of the Parrsboro shore area started with a hike to Partridge Island in the town of Parrsboro. A mild hike of about 45 minutes, the trail takes you to an observation tower where you get excellent views of the "Minas Gut"; the narrowest part of the Minas Basin. Across you can see Blomidon and Cape Split NS. After a little beachcombing and erecting a driftwood sculpture, I spent the evening at the Madhatter Hostel. Kathy is a helpful and friendly host who loves to share her travel stories. The hostel is even within walking distance of the local Tim Hortons! The next day I visited Wassons Bluff; known for its fossil deposits. Off to Five Islands Provincial Park, I visited the beach finding one walking stick. I hiked one trail, about 90 ... read more
View fron the trail
Sea stack
Observation tower at the end of the trail

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Parrsboro September 22nd 2016

After seeing Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, I headed west to Advocate Harbour to check out the trails at Cape Chignecto Provincial Park. In the morning I did the short, Red Rocks trail to the beach and the red rocks. Two longer trails lie at the northern end of the park. To get there,you had to travel 12 km down the gravel "road to hell". Hiked the Three Sisters trail and Squally Point trail - relatively flat trails of about an hours duration each. The both provided nice views of the coastline, as well as various coves and beaches. That evening I walked Driftwood Beach, aptly named. The next morning, I was off to Cape D'Or to see the sights, the "Dory rip", and to walk two very short trails around the top of the coastline. That evening ... read more
Red rocks
Red Rocks
Wilson at red rocks

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Parrsboro May 31st 2016

May 30, Monday Left the Highbury Campground early because it was raining and trying to eat breakfast in the rain is not on my list of imperative experiences … maybe if I had decided to drive the wilds of Labrador but that part of my BMA was stricken from the schedule. The Macs in the Mall at the end of the road out from the campground beckoned. Sitting there with another $6+ breakie I was able to write a blog and publish it. Had only two terrifying moments when the curser turned into an evil instrument and threw me off my page. Thankfully the guardian angels of the ether persevered and the blog was rescued and published. The drive origianly planned was to Parrsboro but it was too far to do in one day from Wolfville. ... read more
Kennetcook Beside Downtown
Truro Mansion
Hay Worms

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Parrsboro August 4th 2013

Day 11: Decided to take a day of rest today. Trucks did not even move, but we did wash the windows, inside & outside, on the trailer. Gena & Bob made two walks on the beach in search of sea glass. Found a few pieces, several interesting sea shells, and a couple really neat rocks. It was cool and breezy all day with hardly a cloud in the sky. I guess we walked a couple of miles on the beach. The water went out so far, Bob was able to go out to the water’s edge and see the light house in Parrsboro which is several miles west of our campground. Gena saw a Canadian Bald Eagle (she only got a photo from the rear !!) flying overhead. The CG manager let us use his phone ... read more
Wild Rose
Wild Flower
Minas Basin

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Parrsboro August 3rd 2013

3 August, 2013 We were up early this morning. I put together a lasagne in the crockpot and off we went to the town of Truro to see the Tidal Bore in the Salmon River. A tidal bore is, to the best of my understanding, when the incoming tide meets the water flowing down a river, it will create a wave, like a curl, and travel up the river until it overcomes the force of the downflowing water. This tidal bore can vary from a ripple to several feet, and the size is affected by lunar phases, tidal variations, and I guess by how much water is coming down the river. According to the printed schedule (and they do print out estimated time of tidal bore) today it was supposed to show up at 11:05 am. ... read more
Salmon River
Tidal Bore
Tidal Bore

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Parrsboro August 3rd 2013

Day 10: We left camp at about 9 AM headed for Truro, NS to see the tidal bore. We got there about 10:45 anticipating the bore at 11:05. Well, the tidal bore appeared just before 11 AM. While it was really small, about 4-6 inches high, it was very interesting to watch the fiver flowing out and all of a sudden it had changed directions and was flowing in, BIG TIME !! We watched from an old bridge abutment. There was an iron tank in the river where we were watching which stuck out of the water at least 2 ft and it only took about 10 minutes for the tide to come up enough to completely cover that tank. Water was really muddy. After the tidal bore was done, we drove into downtown Truro and ... read more
Iron Pipe in the river
Tidal Bore Approching
Tidal Bore

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Parrsboro August 2nd 2013

On the morning of day 9, Bob got the CG owners to let him use their phone and started calling campgrounds. Finally found one with space for both rigs. It was only about 25 miles away. It turned out to be a nice county owned campground right next to the bay. Our site is labeled “Spare RV” It is actually one site, but big enough for both rigs and has a decent view of the bay. Instead of being right down on the water, we are probably 50 or 60 feet up the bluff rising from the beach. There is a trail that goes down to the beach. On our first walk on the beach, we found a couple small pieces of sea glass. After lunch, we drove into town. Stopped first at the visitors Centre/Geologic ... read more
Light House through the Fog
Rigs at Glooscap CG
Bob at Triasic Park

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