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North America » Canada » New Brunswick » Fredericton August 13th 2013

I put Jacob on the plane on Saturday; first solo flight, and he was a pro. I stayed in Ottawa to catch up on details. I had a lovely final dinner with Gary and Louise, where Gary and I drank too much scotch, and we all decided that they would join Jacob and I in Peru for the Machu Picchu tour. Monday, I got on the road again heading to St Johns Newfoundland. I continue to travel only 5-6 hours a day so I can choose the slower highways and get to campgrounds early. I left late, so I took the fast road to just past Quebec. I was disappointed at Pointe Aux Oies, the camp site was minuscule. Thank goodness I had brought the solo tent, it was the only one that fit. Regardless, I ... read more

North America » Canada » New Brunswick » Fredericton May 16th 2013

Today was a real change in road conditions. Leaving Quebec City, we headed west to cross the St. Lawrence river via the Pierre LaPorte bridge (no metal bridge deck thank god) and onto the Trans Canada #20. The highway follows the south side of the St. Lawrence and offers breathtaking views of the north side of Quebec City and further as you travel along. We were blown away by the size of the river at times, its width 3 miles I would think. Across on the north side, we were offered patchwork views of small farmsteads in equally linear narrow plots, much the same as we saw on route 138 a couple of days ago. The Trans Canada heading east ends in Riviere du Loup, and it is here that we turned south onto TC #2 ... read more

North America » Canada » New Brunswick » Fredericton January 8th 2012

It all started at 10:30am. I logged in to my Google Homepage and discovered that the first Saturday in a new year is... INTERNATIONAL BACON DAY!!!! "OMG Craig, we get a second chance!" I cried. "At what?" asked my confused husband. "At the Bacon Hat Trick" I replied. Game on. First, a quick explanation. Last summer, my brother David and his wife Laura visited us here in NB. It started by accident... we had omelets for breakfast, I had some bacon in the meat drawer. Bacon for breakfast... no big whoop. We were headed to Hopewell Rocks that day, departing at lunch. So I picked up some Turkey Clubs at the Great Canadian Bagel. We polish them off and suddenly realize... we were two thirds of the way there... the new Holy Grail... the Bacon Hat ... read more
Tony's offers 1 lb of bacon
Peameal BLT
Craig is having a good day

North America » Canada » New Brunswick » Fredericton January 7th 2012

This past Thursday, ten friends and one bouncy baby met at our favourite gathering place, the Mandarin Palace Restaurant on Forest Hill Road. It is perhaps Fredericton's best kept dining secret but I think the time has come for these lips to spill the beans. So here it is, the top ten reasons I ADORE the Mandarin Palace: 10. Qie Zi (Eggplant). One of our favourites in China was eggplant done in any manor of ways. Hong Shao Qie Zi (in a red sauce) or Yu Xiang Qie Zi (which is in a thick, sweet and slightly spicy sauce) are both mouth watering. Nope, you won't find it on the menu, you have to ask. They don't always have eggplant on hand, so if I know I'm coming in advance, I pre-order it. Oh, and I ... read more
A social event
Craig, Tina and Duncan

North America » Canada » New Brunswick » Fredericton August 5th 2011

We got up and got the Kia Soul packed up and headed for Fredericton, New Brunswick! I’ve never been to the Maritimes before!!! SO excited!! Along the way we stopped at a gas bar and I even got to pick up a package of fresh, authentic cheese curds!!!! YAY! We’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to get some of the things that I was hoping to have like a Montreal Bagel booo...oh well I’ll just have to come back for another visit! The New Brunswick landscape is SO beautiful! Sprawling forests and lakes and a smart thing that they built…a wildlife fence to keep deer and moose etc from running out and getting hit by the traffic. We so need that in northern Ontario!! On the way to Fredericton we had to make a ... read more
On route to Fredericton!
Wildlife Fence
We're in New Brunswick!

North America » Canada » New Brunswick » Fredericton July 20th 2011

With our long stretch and late night behind us, we slept in even more than usual this morning. Since we were staying in the same place for two nights again, we once more had the freedom to buy a wider range of foods - and some foods that we've really been missing, so last night we picked up some cereal and milk, something we haven't had since we left. We had a little last night for a snack, but had more today for breakfast. When we headed out, we aimed straight for the tourist centre to find some fun things to do in Fredericton for the day. On our way there, we passed a little play going on in the public park, and stopped to watch. It was a Star Wars spoof, with a theme of ... read more
Walking Bridge
Giant Ice Cream

North America » Canada » New Brunswick » Fredericton July 19th 2011

When our alarm went off at 5:30 this morning everything was still dark. The sky had started to lighten a little, but there was no sun yet, and there are no lights to turn on in the tent. With no light, and soaking wet grass from the rain, we weren't prepared to start packing things up, so we set the alarm back an hour, and grabbed an extra hour of sleep. When our alarm went off at 6:30 this morning, things were looking good. The sun was starting to come up, we found our tent and possessions completely dry, and were looking forward to one last push before another day off. We packed up our stuff and our tent, and had a small bite, but planned to eat a real breakfast right in town before we ... read more
Shoe Brackets
Mounted Brackets
Wheaty Sign

North America » Canada » New Brunswick » Fredericton June 29th 2011

Wednesday June 29th Fredericton to Edmunston We left the Peasleys’ late in the morning so the kids had more playtime. From there we went to King’s Landing historic site. It is very close to Fredericton. The park is done as a living museum, like Acadian Village. It was created back in the 1970’s (I think), when they were raising the water levels on the St. John river near Fredericton for a dam. They took a series of Loyalists houses from the 1800s that were to be flooded and moved them to create the village. It was very well done. Well spread out like farms and villages would have been. All the buildings are from the 1800’s and most are original. Some like the sawmill and flour mill are wonderful recreations. The sawmill is really cool because ... read more
Inside the sawmill
Stopping at the King's Head Pub for a drink
the cooper's shop

North America » Canada » New Brunswick » Fredericton June 28th 2011

Monday, June 27th Miramichi to Fredericton The drive to Frederiction was pretty short (about 2 hours). We arrived early afternoon. Claude went to University in Frederiction and lived here with his first job out of University. His best friend from school still lived here, so visiting Neville and his family was the main reason for the stop. Today was our hottest day so far, so after lunch the Peasleys’ took us to Neville’s parents’ pool. That was a great way to cool down on a hot day. We stayed at Neville and Crystal’s place and the boys were excited to sleep on the floor of their new found friends’ rooms. They have a girl 1 year younger than Paul and a boy 2 years older. Tuesday, June 28th Frederiction We had originally planned to tour around ... read more
Elizabeth showing Marc how to climb a tree
Marc and Elizabeth on their initials at the school
Playing the beloved Wii and DS with Alex

North America » Canada » New Brunswick » Fredericton October 4th 2010

Alright, here goes... This is my blog about a trip across North America. For those who are unaware, Christian and I are moving to Vancouver B.C. from Halifax N.S. and I want to share some of our experience with you all! Our first stop along the route (after detouring to New Glasgow to see Christian's folks before we left) was to Fredericton N.B. We stayed with my Aunt Lona and Uncle Gary. To be completely honest, we were spoiled! What a great way to start our trip. Now, I had been to Fredericton before, but it had been a few years ago and I never really got to explore very much. So, this was a great chance to see what it had to offer. Fredericton really isn't a very big city (could almost be considered ... read more
Downtown Fredericton
City Hall
Odell Park

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