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January 8th 2012
Published: January 8th 2012
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It all started at 10:30am. I logged in to my Google Homepage and discovered that the first Saturday in a new year is... INTERNATIONAL BACON DAY!!!!

"OMG Craig, we get a second chance!" I cried.

"At what?" asked my confused husband.

"At the Bacon Hat Trick" I replied.

Game on.

First, a quick explanation. Last summer, my brother David and his wife Laura visited us here in NB. It started by accident... we had omelets for breakfast, I had some bacon in the meat drawer. Bacon for breakfast... no big whoop.

We were headed to Hopewell Rocks that day, departing at lunch. So I picked up some Turkey Clubs at the Great Canadian Bagel. We polish them off and suddenly realize... we were two thirds of the way there... the new Holy Grail... the Bacon Hat Trick. That is... bacon for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Sadly, none of us achieved it. By the time dinner rolled around, we were baconed out, and in fact, Craig and I literally "chickened" out. Craig and I rolled into bed feeling we'd fallen apart in the third period. It was left dangling there before us, the Bacon Hat Trick, the Stanley Cup of pork consumption.

But here, this morning, at 10:30 am, Destiny was beckoning us. If ever there was a day to achieve the BHT, it was today, International Bacon Day. Only one problem, we'd already had some toast, and had intended to call it breakfast... and there was no bacon in the fridge.

Was there anyway to salvage the first period? Yes there was, and we aren't above the cheap shot in final seconds of period 1. Elevensies at Tim Hortons. I rushed into the FREX Timmy Ho's...

"What do you serve that has bacon, that is considered breakfast?" I asked.

"How about a breakfast wrap?" she responded.

"Does it have bacon?" I needed confirmation, there was no time to take a bad penalty.

"yes...." she responded.

It worked. It isn't the way I like to take the lead in any game, with microwaved bacon, but it was bacon nonetheless. We laid out a better game plan with the intermission. To do this, and to redeem our weak start, we would need to feature the starting line up. To the Boyce Farmers Market.

But it would seem the
Peameal BLTPeameal BLTPeameal BLT

Bacon in all its glorious forms
opposing team was laying it on us rough for the cheap shot to end the first period. They had us in the corners. The first butcher, Rudolph's had already sold out of bacon. We headed down the aisle to Adolph's but they hadn't even laced up for market today. Thankfully, Tony's was there and in good form. Weekly selling 200 lbs of bacon, they had an ample supply and we left two pounds the heavier.

Period two was a strong period featuring a Peameal BLT. We felt good at the end of it, satisfied with our deft puck handling. Indeed, we had help from our second line who showed up for a bacon toast. This line featured Leah (health nut and generally vegetarian), our tenant Becky and two import players, Bhutanese students who arrived this past Thursday night for a month's stay in Canada. They put in a great shift, and we were well ahead going into the third.

The last period got off to a slow start though, with a key player taking a 90 minute penalty nap in the crib. But we finally managed a breakaway, and headed downtown to bring bacon to the masses. When we got back from our excursion, we called a time out to make sure there would be no offside call in the last minutes of the game.

We finished beautifully, Beth let go a powerful slapshot with a Caesar Salad with homemade croutons and big pieces of bacon. Craig ended the period with a five hole, shoving a third serving of Beth's Bacon Carbonara down his own hole. The crowd went wild, the BHT achieved, the cup was finally coming home.

"What a beauty!" exclaimed Don Cherry.

Thank goodness for Tums.

Cheers Everyone!

Beth, Craig and Duncan (the Bacon Inspector)

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8th January 2012

Way to go the [Bacon] Troops!
Borrowing from Max with this expression, you guys rock! Congrats on reminding us all of the centrality of bacon to fabulousness and your commitment to teaching your son the important things in life. I must also thank you for bringing this to our attention as we had BLTs for lunch -- I know it was only the second period but we did it in style :)
9th January 2012

Happy a new year
Beth and Craig, Greetings, welcome back to Teda. Lake

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