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After my stay in Tofino, I decided to have a one night stop in Nanaimo from where I would catch my ferry to head back to Vancouver. It's a small town but still nice place to have a rest and walk around the harbour and the little streets. And was quite funny that I bumped in some french guys that were previously in the same youth hostel as me in Tofino. So got to chat in french again, getting ready for my return ! lol... read more

In the morning, I got up and headed off to get some breakfast before checking in on my grandmother. I did decide I wanted something of a substantial breakfast, so I went to McDonald's. (Gasp!!! Yeah, I'm kind of disappointed in myself, too.) I ordered and then stood to the side, as I had been instructed. After a moment, this guy behind me asked if I was going to order. I said I was already done and he asked me, in a really annoyed voice, what I was doing there then. I should be standing off to the side. Then he walked up to the till to order and called me an idiot. I confronted him and he kind of looked as though he wanted to shrivel up a bit and disappear. That is one thing ... read more
Coastal British Columbia
Arriving in Nanaimo

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver Island » Nanaimo October 12th 2011

o About 20 miles outside of Whistler, I see the best view Ive seen yet on the trip! This huge mountain range with a giant glacier on it. I sat on the side of the road and stared in awe for about 30 minutes.(see pics which wont do it justice). Then I headed into Vancouver which is my first big city in more than a month. I passed through downtown, past the stadiums, had some amazing thai food, then I wanted to get out of there. Cities are stressful, wheres the forest again? So I booked a ferry to Nainamo on Vancouver Island with the hopes of doing the whole island the next day before it rained. I got in and stayed in a hotel/hostel. Next day, im off to do the whole island and it ... read more

July 18, 2010 Arrived Visby Sweden this am took the Tender into the village. Walked around cheked out the old part and the wall etc. Robyn and Leni popped in to a couple of shops. And we returned to the ship for lunch and now waiting for the wash to finish so it in go into the dryer. Tonight we go into the second specialty restaurant looking forward to that. This one is Italian themed Toscana Room. The meal an evening was the best since the first nights meal in the Grand Dining Room July 19, 2010 Arrived Riga, Lativa small town interesting old buildings clean and friendly. Took a walking tour and returned to the ship for a late lunch. July 20, 2010 Arrived Tallinn, Estonia this morning around 10 am. Took a quick tour ... read more
Basil & R-Hood

There are only 2 days remaining before I begin my trip accross United States and Canada.. I expect to visit Washington State..Oregon.. Idaho..Utah.. Colorado.. Nebraska.. Iowa.. Illinois.. Ohio.. Pennslyvania.. and New York State. I can only hope that I haven't bitten off more than I can chew. It really isn't that big a deal when I consider that each day I am limiting to about 500 kilometers. Motels will be my home and restaurants my kitchen. I'm a little concerned about just how much to pack. At this point, considering the limited space on my Harley, I'm planning on 3 change of clothes and an Amanda Washing Machine. Arlene is a little anxious as this will be the first time during our marriage that she has been left alone in the house. It's usually her that ... read more

Putting last touches together. ... read more

Playing around with this... read more

Tonight I'm staying at Westwood! (And No I didn't just choose the place because of the name!). ... read more
The Lake itself... formed from a valley...
...that was flooded many years ago.

After spending three days in the Lake Cowichan region, we're now in Nanaimo, enjoying some spectacularly sunny weather. Having driven across the mountains from the Pacific Coast, we ended up staying in three different places near Lake Cowichan. We started off at Beaver Lake (no sign of any beaver), a gentle 30 minute route-march from the town of Lake Cowichan. We went there Saturday night and Craig treated himself to the all-you-can-eat Ribmania at the "Cow Cafe" restaurant. The waitress claimed that she was impressed when Craig tucked into his fourth half-rack of ribs... but we suspect that she was just saying that! Sunday we travelled around 10 miles west to Gordon Bay. Another BC Provincial Parks campsite, but this one with free showers that were far too hot to use. We were a little disappointed ... read more
Lake Cowichan from Gordon Bay
Cowichan RIver
Lake Cowichan from Lakeview Campsite

Adam's Blog: We woke up late on our first morning in Nanaimo, to hear later that a pod of killer whales had swum by...... Our view out across the Strait of Georgia, back to the snow peak mountains was easy to take. We settled into our new home and local district - Nanaimo pop'n 80,000 is 90 mins north of Victoria on the East Side of the Island....It was more of an industrial city in the past, but has moved on with other activity. The Woodgrove Mall had a vast variety of shops such as Walmart, Sears and The Bay. That afternoon while driving down our street, we came across 3 deer on the side of the road, they live in the nearby woods but wander from home to home, great for the visitor....not so great ... read more
Fun in the snow
Taboggoning was fun
Happy but wet

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