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After spending three days in the Lake Cowichan region, we're now in Nanaimo, enjoying some spectacularly sunny weather. Having driven across the mountains from the Pacific Coast, we ended up staying in three different places near Lake Cowichan. We started off at Beaver Lake (no sign of any beaver), a gentle 30 minute route-march from the town of Lake Cowichan. We went there Saturday night and Craig treated himself to the all-you-can-eat Ribmania at the "Cow Cafe" restaurant. The waitress claimed that she was impressed when Craig tucked into his fourth half-rack of ribs... but we suspect that she was just saying that! Sunday we travelled around 10 miles west to Gordon Bay. Another BC Provincial Parks campsite, but this one with free showers that were far too hot to use. We were a little disappointed ... read more
Lake Cowichan from Gordon Bay
Cowichan RIver
Lake Cowichan from Lakeview Campsite

Gracie's Blog: April 17th - We had a quiet day at home and I played with my Littlest Pet Shop, then we went out for dinner at Mrs Riches and they have this huge burger. The next day we went to the snow and it was a bit cooler. We had a snow ball fight and I threw the biggest snow ball at daddy. After that we went taboggoning, I went down backwards and got a cold bottom. We went home to the hot tub. I saw something in the water floarting and it turned out to be a duck. We also saw some sea otters. The next day we went to Walmart and I got a special edition LPS and it is obvious my brother got a hot wheel car....after that we went to Chapters ... read more
snow balls
hot tub
In the whirlpool

Adam's Blog: We woke up late on our first morning in Nanaimo, to hear later that a pod of killer whales had swum by...... Our view out across the Strait of Georgia, back to the snow peak mountains was easy to take. We settled into our new home and local district - Nanaimo pop'n 80,000 is 90 mins north of Victoria on the East Side of the Island....It was more of an industrial city in the past, but has moved on with other activity. The Woodgrove Mall had a vast variety of shops such as Walmart, Sears and The Bay. That afternoon while driving down our street, we came across 3 deer on the side of the road, they live in the nearby woods but wander from home to home, great for the visitor....not so great ... read more
Fun in the snow
Taboggoning was fun
Happy but wet

Hey guys! Finally, another post on my weblog! I know… it’s been a while since my last post, a lot has happened, and I would have loved to keep you updated more frequently, but if you simply have no time to write a post, you can’t post anything! That’s basically the story of the last month. Busy, busy, busy… but sooooo immensely awesome, it’s going to be hard to describe! Well, let’s try. I just read my last post to check where I’d left you, finding out that I’ve not managed to write anything since the day before the Olympics started! That’s so long ago! So what has happened over the last three weeks? The Holland Heineken House (HHH) opened its doors on the morning of the Olympic opening ceremony. My job at the HHH was ... read more
Olympic Flame
Cycling Stanley Park

Hey Everyone! In what’s turning into a very recurring theme with this blog, it’s been a while since I’ve updated it. So it’s time for an update! Since April I’ve been back home in Nanaimo, laying low and taking it easy, while catching up with some family and friends that I hadn’t seen in a while. As well, I had the opportunity to work with the Child Development Center as a support worker for a couple different kids at summer camps throughout the city. Not only was it a unique learning experience, but I got to work with some great kids, amazing co-workers and I got the chance to play tourist in my own town as we did a lot of out trips through a city that I haven’t really lived in for almost 8 years. ... read more

Making a guest appearance on the blog this entry will be none other than yours truly, Zachary Kilner. Where to start things off.... A bit of pre- satruday knowledge, I was looking for jobs on kiijji when I came across a volunteer ad for a car wash. Being the selfless man I am I opened it up and read about a charity car wash these people were having for a young girl with brain cancer. Because we are good people (and don't have anything of importance to do, but mostly because we are awesome) we emailed the lady and told her we would be delighted to help out. Come Saturday at Petro Gas station, the weathers looking like a chance of showers, dimming our hopes of cars needing to be cleaned. Luckily the weather cleared up ... read more
At Mile 0 - the start of the transcanada highway
Surfing fail
Pancake breaky

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver Island » Nanaimo February 13th 2009

So, I'm heading off for what could be my last contract with Princess today (I'm ready for a new adventure), but before I did I figured I should throw up a few pictures from the end of my previous contract. For my last two weeks on the Dawn Princess, we headed out of Sydney and headed straight for New Zealand, where after a couple days at sea and a scenic cruising day through the Fjordlands of southwestern New Zealand, we did 7 ports in 7 days starting in the south and working our way north. For the majority of our stops I spent time with someone from the San Juan Islands in Washington State and the two of us kept saying how much all of the country reminded us of home. It was so much the ... read more
Fjordlands, NZ
Dunedin, NZ
Dunedin, NZ

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver Island » Nanaimo January 16th 2009

Yesterday Danielle and I went in search of a new down-jacket in downtown Victoria (failed) and had a look around the city. It was semi good weather (not raining and around 7 degrees) so it was a pretty good day, minus the parking ticket. This morning I woke up and Danielle and I headed to Nanaimo, Parksville (around 2 1/2 hours away on the east coast of the island) and then some caves along a 12km gravel road. We had a picnic lunch (inside the car with the heat roaring) before hiring some helmets with lights and then hiked to the caves. It was quite different from Victoria as the snow was still covering the ground, more like what I became used to in Aspen. The cave entrance was really small. Danielle and I both tested ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver Island » Nanaimo November 15th 2008

Wow. The Rocky Mountains are truly incredible. Driving from Calgary, the mountains appeared upon the horizon as we headed to Banff National Park. They looked impossibly big, but continued to grow as we got closer. Once surrounded by mountains we reached the park gates, paying our entry fees, getting advice on road conditions and bears, we headed into the park. Our first stop was the Banff townsite - a picturesque small town nestled in the mountains. We spent some time touring the town, and then decided to go on a couple hikes - up to the Hoodoos and down to the Bow River. It seemed that the town is completely run by travelers - in fact we met mainly Aussies at the hostel pub that night, who were working in Canada, just as we soon will ... read more
Lake Louise
Jeep Excursion
Waiting for the monkey's......

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver Island » Nanaimo September 3rd 2008

We loaded the car this morning and finally got underway about 9 am headed for Victoria, British Columbia. The trip involves two ferries: the first takes you across Puget Sound and the second goes from Port Angelas in the U.S. side to Victoria on the Canadian side. The sun was shinning but the Strait of Juan de Fuca was a total fog - a bit mysterious and it seemed to capture Benjamin's imagination. We ate our picnic lunch on the upper deck. Victoria was touristy but easy to get around. We parked near where we got off the ferry and it was good to see familiar stores and banks. I was amazed to find that there was actually a rush hour with heavy traffic leaving Victoria. We drove to the town of Duncan and had dinner ... read more
Looking out
Our mascot tours the world
Standing with the live statue

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