Tom Goss


Tom Goss

Old Fart trying to capture his mis-spent youth

I have sequestered myself in a tiny 1960's room with a view of the main highway that travels threough Leavenworth. The town is famous as a community that fashioned itself after towns and architecture found in the Bavarian Alps. I have a tiny round 2 foot table that has been stratically placed directly under the wall mounted aircondition vent. It works but the sweat still cascades off my brow. It wasn't all like that throughout the day. I colasted down the hill from our home in Nanaimo at 5:10 this morning. THere is no one up anywhere at that time of day. I encountered about 10 stop lights along the route to trhe Ferry however I chose to be colourblind and blew through them all. There was no one awke to see. I had wisely put ... read more

There are only 2 days remaining before I begin my trip accross United States and Canada.. I expect to visit Washington State..Oregon.. Idaho..Utah.. Colorado.. Nebraska.. Iowa.. Illinois.. Ohio.. Pennslyvania.. and New York State. I can only hope that I haven't bitten off more than I can chew. It really isn't that big a deal when I consider that each day I am limiting to about 500 kilometers. Motels will be my home and restaurants my kitchen. I'm a little concerned about just how much to pack. At this point, considering the limited space on my Harley, I'm planning on 3 change of clothes and an Amanda Washing Machine. Arlene is a little anxious as this will be the first time during our marriage that she has been left alone in the house. It's usually her that ... read more

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