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North America » Canada » British Columbia » Osoyoos June 26th 2017

As we approached the Canadian border I glanced across at the clock, it was 2pm on a drizzly grey Friday afternoon. We chose our lane and joined the queue. This time, with both of us in the Rig, we waited for our turn to approach the booth and speak with the Canadian border guard. The usual questions of where are you from? Is this your vehicle? Where are you going? How long do you want? Were asked and promptly answered. The question of do you have any weapons, was met with our standard reply “No we’re British”. Before we knew it our passports were stamped and we were on our way. I checked the clock..... It was 2.29pm. We were a bit bemused really it was so quick. No fuss, no searching, no fridge inspection, no ... read more
Evening view.
Morning view
Excellent tourist information advice.

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Osoyoos June 19th 2017

Osoyoos to Christina Lake The morning after our day of rest in Osoyoos dawned clear and dry. Off I went to climb the Anarchist! That is the name of the mountain on the east side of Osoyoos - someone told me it is named that because an anarchist once lived on it - I don't know if that is true, but it is a great name for a challenging climb. Highway #3 winds up the Anarchist in a series of switchbacks. My friend Gordon Bryce who, along with his lovely wife Ann, we had met the day before when they pulled the van into the site beside us, told me the little level spots that occur at the turn of the switchbacks provide welcome rests, albeit short ones. Gordon is an experienced cross Canada rider and ... read more
So long, Osoyoos
Anarchist Summit

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Osoyoos September 6th 2016

Today was a travel day through some pretty amazing territory. It wasn't what we expected at all. In effect it is all desert apart from the valleys which are all irrigated. Outside of the irrigated areas are rocks, gravel, tussock, low scrub and the wide river of the Okanogan River dammed in places along the way. The colours were unrelenting grey and brown with green to liven it up along the river terraces. It was like driving through a very big Waitaki River valley like we have in the South Island. It was Central Otago and Marlborough rolled into one except for the vastness. We drove over 250km and nearly the whole way was apples, pears, stone fruit, cherry orchards and vineyards. Can you imagine the size of the production? Along the valleys were huge packing ... read more
Along the Okanogan Valley
The vineyard at our B&B in Osoyoos

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Osoyoos April 4th 2016

Geo: 49.0328, -119.466I have been banned by she-who-must-be-obeyed from detailing or photographing much about what happened during our time in B.C.. DH says it's because we will be properly exploring the province in much more detail at a later date but I suspect it's really because she's actually a little embarrassed that she now owns the world record for the most expensive souvenir shopping ever. Most people pick up a couple of fridge magnets during their travels but we don't own a fridge (or even a place to plug in a fridge) so DH came at it from the other direction and bought a place to house a fridge. A condo in the heart of Kelowna B.C.!! And yes, it includes a fridge so we now have a place for those magnets.We had stopped in Kelowna ... read more
First Stop At Timmies
DH Shares A Laugh With Strange Dude
Worlds Biggest Fritter

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Osoyoos June 23rd 2014

Une foi n' est pas coutume, je commence par mon souper d' hier au soir. Recommandé par l' hôtel je vais dans un restaurant de viande. Je me suis fait un super steack, de plus la serveuse, mignonne comme tout, a fait attention a me parler en articulant et doucement, ce qui fait que j' ai eu ma viande bleue je me suis régalé, et comme je suis, dans une région de vin, va pour une 2 verres de vin local. Se sont des assemblages, avec principalement des cépages, Merlot et Malbec, j' ai moins de plaisir. Ce sont mes premiers verres de vin depuis mon départ de St Félicien, chez Jérôme. Ce matin douce température de 20*, ciel légèrement voilé (d' ailleurs ici je n' ai vu que le ciel de voilé, et ca repose ... read more
quel sourire dommage la photo n' est pas nette
même le vélo
ils ne se cassent pas le dos aux vendanges

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Osoyoos May 14th 2012

So today we left Vancouver but after checking out at Times Square Suites we decided to squeeze in a trip to Capilano Suspension Bridge. People both in UK and here had warned us it is a tourist trap but we are tourists so we went. It was a bit of a corny theme park with the staff dressed up as in the olden days but we ignored all that and did the suspension bridge, the treetop bridges and the cliff walk. It was ok but not worththe $70 we paid but at least we can say we've crossed the Capilano Suspension Bridge. The journey from Vancouver to Osoyoos was a five hour drive but it wasn't too bad. Mixture of highway, forest and mountain driving - we kept expecting to see bears but didn't see one. ... read more

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