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May 14th 2012
Published: May 14th 2012
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So today we left Vancouver but after checking out at Times Square Suites we decided to squeeze in a trip to Capilano Suspension Bridge. People both in UK and here had warned us it is a tourist trap but we are tourists so we went. It was a bit of a corny theme park with the staff dressed up as in the olden days but we ignored all that and did the suspension bridge, the treetop bridges and the cliff walk. It was ok but not worththe $70 we paid but at least we can say we've crossed the Capilano Suspension Bridge.

The journey from Vancouver to Osoyoos was a five hour drive but it wasn't too bad. Mixture of highway, forest and mountain driving - we kept expecting to see bears but didn't see one. We are staying at Watermark Beach Hotel which is gorgeous but the actual town is a bit weird. I would imagine it to be busy in the summer months but it seems like a bit of a ghost town at the moment.

We should arrive at bear ranch tomorrow about 4pm and then we go out Tues, Wed and Thur looking for bears 😊 Kristin from the bear ranch wrote on Facebook that the bears are out and about so hopefully we get to meet a few! No Internet connection until Saturday so let you know then if we survived the bears.


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