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Bonjour à tous, Je suis toujours sur l'Alaska Highway et depuis Palmer. Pour rejoindre l'Alaska, depuis le sud il n'y a que cette route. Elle part de Dawson Creek, et finie à Fairbanks pour 2450km. Je vais la quitter demain matin, une centaine de km avant Dawson Creek. Il y a une autre route, mais qui elle part de Prince Rupert (juste au nord de la pointe sud de l'Alaska), et qui rejoint l'Alaska Hgw à Watson Lake. Vous avez constaté que mes étapes se situent toujours dans les environs de 500km. Le pourquoi, les villes, pour certaines se sont même des villages, sont des anciens poste de traite, qui ont pu devenir des forts militaires. Comme ce soir ou hier, où il ne reste d'ailleurs aucuns vestiges, mis à part le nom de Fort. A ... read more
Fort Nelson Centre
le resto hier au soir
une halte sur la route

Not as exciting trip to Dawson Creek today. Rained off and on. Got here about 1 was able to check in early. Mike went to wash and vacuum his truck while I worked on finalizing our route to Jasper avoiding fires. Got 'er done!! Will be able to avoid evacuation cities too. This is Rainys traveling position. Always looking over Mike's shoulder.🐶... read more

Left Ft St John for Watson Lake Took highway 97 via Muncho Lake Provincial Park Took tons of pictures as the scenery was awesome. Muncho Provincial park is a must do. Like Jasper, words cannot describe. See the pictures Saw mountain sheep, a badger and a bear on the road. Spent the night in Ft St John... read more

After a visit to Walmart (they are NOT all created equal), Safeway (because Walmart did not carry groceries), the gas station and McDonald's (they are created equal), pic shows Sally ordering at the McDonald's kiosk,we left Hinton dually warned about possible snow storms and fires... Elk or caribou sighting on our way! And a gray fox! The wildlife continues to fascinate us. We were told that the last snow was March 8th... Until TODAY!!! Brrrr. We've never seen snow on May 20th! 32° here, 72° in Rockford, 88° in Mesa, and 81° in Naples. ????? The drive between Hinton and Grand Prairie, about 210 miles - 350 km. We're becoming metric fluent. We drove past a coal mine, a refinery, and a lumber mill. Can you imagine the trucks on this 2-lane highway through the mountains ... read more

Distance driven today: 427 miles / 687 km Cumulative distance driven: 1,419 miles / 2,284 km Today’s trip: Liard River, British Columbia, Canada to Fort St. John, British Columbia, Canada Hours of riding in sub-freezing temperature: 3 The morning ride started with a realization that, overnight the temperature had dropped significantly. Riding southbound from Liard River, I found myself stopping several times to put on more clothing layers to protect myself against the piercing cold. With temperatures around freezing, the wind chill effect when driving at 60 mph (100km/h) can be *very* significant. By the time I got to the Summit Pass, by milepost 393, the temperature had dropped below freezing, and light snow started falling! Luckily, the snow did not stick on the road. After stopping at the glacial blue, and freezing cold, Muncho Lake, ... read more
Muncho Lake serenity
No gas here
Toad River

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Fort St John March 30th 2015

I've had a most interesting experience recently. I discovered what my purpose in this world is, what my true passion, calling or whatever you feel like calling it is:) It is to write, I have never been more sure of anything, up to this point, in my life. I come alive in a way I haven't known before. This happens to be at a very life changing moment in my life, which I know is the universe at work;) I am seeing the divinity in my life more and more each day, and I'm very blessed and grateful for this. I'm about to head out on the most amazing of journeys, in my opinion lol:) I wanted to create a unique travelling experience for myself, one that would allow me to be humbled in a way ... read more

Je suis exactement a Dawson Creek 75 kms au sud de Fort St John. Dawson Creek est le mile 0 de l' Alaska Highways. Le point de départ de cette route qui va relier Dawson Creek a Fairbanks en Alaska. Soit 1523 miles. 1 mile =1.6 km, soit 2436 kms. Toutes les villes que je viens de traverser, sont toutes construites sur cette route. Fort St John, Fort Nelson, Dawson City, Watson Lake, Whitehorse. Ce ne sont en fait que des anciens comptoirs, de trappeurs, de chercheurs d' or. Aujourd'hui, ce ne sont plus que des station d' essence, avec des motels. Lorsque je préparais ce périple j' avais hâte de les découvrir, elles qui m' avaient fait rêver a travers Jack London. Ca c' est une déception. Exemple Dawson Creek, pour les touristes il y ... read more
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It is 450 kms from Fort Nelson to Dawson Creek, the beginning of the Alaska Highway. That 450 kms is jammed packed with … ummmm…. trees… mountains… and animals… and Buckinghorse River Lodge. The Historical Buckinghorse River Lodge is at Milepost 175, and it seems that it’s “claim to fame” is that its half way between Fort Nelson and Fort St. John. It is 30 miles north of Pink Mountain. Pink Mountain DOES sound interesting! From a distance, ... read more
Dawson Creek
Go that-a-way

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Fort St John August 18th 2012

Said goodbye to our beautiful view of Muncho Lake this morning. Just before we left, the plane that Jim has on his wish list took off on the lake . I tried to take a picture. Guess you will have to just use your imagination. I also took a picture of the lake to show the green color. In the foreground of the picture, it looks like rocks, but actually there is water covering the rocks. The water is that clear. At that RV park, they generate their own electricity. We had 15 amps. You couldn't run very many things on that. We had a lot of road construction today and some of it was going through the mountains. Road construction is bad enough without it being in the mountains. I also took a picture of ... read more
Muncho Lake
Mountain Sheep
Summit Lake

Heading up the road toward Lake Muncho area, and have decided to look at a campground in Toad River to stay over at a couple of days, while we visit the lake area, and Liard Springs. Turns out Toad River was an excellent choice for a stay, and we all enjoyed the campground very much. We got in some wild life viewing, had fire rings on all sites, and were surrounded by beautiful scenery. This was also the time for a hair cut, and I had my last smoke, and made a pot of Hunting Club Stew. This is an update to yesterdays blog. Barbara did an excellent job of capturing a couple of pictures of a bear, and some bison on the side of the road, particularly when you realize we were traveling somewhere ... read more

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