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North America » Canada » Alberta » Lake Louise February 7th 2020

Absolutely clear light made the mountains shine with snow and glaciers. Along the Bow River near Lake Louise village, strong shadows sculpted wind-blown ridges. Bright sun polished curves and dips in the landscape. Tiny rifts of open water highlighted winter's cold blanket.... read more
Bow River
View from Lake Louise Village
Bow River

North America » Canada » Alberta » Lake Louise August 27th 2019

We head off towards today’s destination of Lake Louise which is about fifty kilometres west of Banff. The scenery is more spectacular than ever with the odd glacier now coming into view to supplement the standard offering of spectacular rocky peaks towering over thick pine forests. We’re on the Trans-Canada Highway which Michael tells us is nearly eight thousand kilometres long which makes it the world’s longest such road. It’s two lanes each way, and there are high fences on both sides, presumably to keep the bears out. Every few kilometres we go under bridges with grass and pine trees on them, which are there for the bears to use to get across the highway. We assumed we’d drive all the way to Lake Louise and park there, but we see signs on the highway telling ... read more
Lake Louise
Lake Louise
Lake Louise and Chateau from Fairview Lookout

North America » Canada » Alberta » Lake Louise June 21st 2019

In the pouring rain we got on the Skrastins Club bus destined for Lake Louise. I was so shaken by the snowfall warning that I had provisional gear in case we were diverted because of bad trail conditions. Unexpectedly, the sky lightened after about half an hour, and encouraging spots of blue sky emerged after about an hour. Fresh snow twinkled from mountain tops, but nothing was on the ground. Rain ceased. While all the other hikers trod off on their paths, Candace and I had planned a lazy start to a slow day of relaxation. The coffee at the deli in the Chateau Lake Louise was mellow and rich, especially accompanied by a shared scone fill of finely chopped walnuts. Unnecessarily fortified, we joined the hundreds of international tourist... read more
Nature's sculpture
Moss fluttering in the light breeze
Victoria Glacier

North America » Canada » Alberta » Lake Louise June 21st 2019

Our separate flights home weren't until later in the afternoon, so we didn't have to rush too much in the morning. We went down for breakfast in the hotel and enjoyed a nice leisurely meal there. We soaked up the last of the excellent view and around 11:00 AM we said our goodbyes in front of the hotel. Brett & Katie's flight was a little later than ours so they saw us off. It was a wonderful vacation and another special time with our little grandson, something we don't get to do as often as we like. We'll have to do something like this again.... read more
Going Home
Going Home
Going Home

North America » Canada » Alberta » Lake Louise September 7th 2018

My tiny off-shoot of the hikers tackling the mountains around Lake Louise opted for a relaxing day walking on the lake shore and a little way up along the creek that feeds the lake. Hundreds of tourists pursued the same route in the warm sunshine shadowed by the tallest trees of the forest. The green/blue glow of the most beautiful lake in the world kept my mind from seeking any other visual excitement. We sat on a bench to eat an early lunch. Apparently, this bench belonged to a particular chipmunk. The moment we opened our lunches, it jumped on our legs and arms in a life-and-death battle to eat our food before we could. Shouting, hissing, leaping about, waving our arms - nothing scared this scavenger preparing for winter hibernation. We moved on; he didn't. ... read more
Creek feeding Lake Louise
Rocky Mountains at dawn
Lake Louise

North America » Canada » Alberta » Lake Louise July 29th 2018

We'd flown to Vancouver but we had a wedding to attend in Saskatoon roughly 1000 miles to the east, so that meant hopping in a hire car and heading out on an epic road trip! If you look at a map of Canada that doesn't look like much of a distance, but I blame Canada for that, for being ridiculously large. Over six days on the road we crossed two mountain ranges, visited a former gold rush area, a wine region, and numerous national parks, where we saw nature of awe-inspiring beauty. We'd hardly left Vancouver when we had the first beauty spot, the Capilano Suspension Bridge. Any frisson of fear from walking along a small bridge over a gigantic ravine was somewhat dampened but the hordes of tourists, but nothing could interfere with the sheer ... read more
MC in the woods
Sadly our only bear sighting

North America » Canada » Alberta » Lake Louise June 12th 2018

Up early this morning, to get bags out, have breakfast (a less than impressive buffet) and be on the bus by 8am. Tour started with a drive around Calgary, including a stop at the grounds where they have the Calgary Stampede (looked like an empty showground). Also drove under some of the 11 miles of covered walkways in Calgary, one level up from the street, joining the office buildings so you don't have to go outside in the winter. Then a coffee stop at Canada Olympic Park, just outside Calgary where the ski jumping for the Olympics was held (Eddie the Eagle jumped here!) A huge complex with at least 4 ice skating rinks, luge track, offices, cafe and gym. Driving first through the prairies, then the foothills of the Rockies, with beautiful scenery on the ... read more
Saddle Dome
Calgary (including the Calgary tower)
Our bus, in front of a mural at the Calgary Stampede grounds

North America » Canada » Alberta » Lake Louise February 23rd 2018

7/17Neither of us slept well having been up since 5am because of smoke permeating the room and Dave's sick cough from hiking in the smoky air. We came down for an early breakfast in the hotel because I had planned to go back into town for lunch and a walk making the most of our stay in Banff but decided to stay in the Banff Caribou Lodge where it was warm and less smoky. People are coming in with warm jackets and the cold breeze blew into the lobby with them where, after checking out at 11am, we sat reading, sleeping, and trying to keep warm while waiting for our bus to Lake Louise. Leaving Banff felt like leaving Australia or New Zealand or even London as most of the workers here are from these regions, ... read more
Dave along the famous Morant Curve on the Bow River
Chateau Lake Louise
Looking back at the Chateau from the boat house

North America » Canada » Alberta » Lake Louise January 26th 2018

International ice sculptures enticed me to wake extraordinarily early to join the Skrastins Outdoor Club day in Lake Louise. While the others energetically strapped on snow shoes and skis, Candace and I drifted in an out of the Chateau. Celebrating the beauty of nature was a theme in the sculptures, which many interpreted in quite human-centric ways. The backdrop of the frozen, snow-covered lake and the craggy mountains added energy to the superb technical skills. Wonderfully, the light changed from moment to moment. Clouds were heavy and towering, yet they parted for the sun to blaze through, creating a vision of ethereal fantasy high above us.... read more
Last Frontier
Catch Me If You Can

North America » Canada » Alberta » Lake Louise June 30th 2017

We took a day trip to Lake Louise. About 50min drive from Banff. The ski chair lift at Lake Louise takes you to the top of the mountain with stunning views of the area. On the way up Gary captured a photo of a grizzly bear with 2 cubs.... read more
Grizzly and 2 cubs (on ski slope)
Lake Louise from Ski Hilltop
Lake Louise

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