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North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper December 22nd 2005

Our first day in Jasper was absolutely amazing. We drove out of town to Pyramid Lake where we went for a walk across the frozen lake! It was just amazing to be walking across a frozen lake but a bit disconcerting when the ice groaned! After getting over our fear of falling in, we started playing in the snow that covered the ice. We made snow angels and slid around, just like we were kids again. Snow has that effect! Next we started to build a snowman. The snow is light and easily compacts. Before we knew it, our snowman was taking shape and in no time seemed to have a character all his own, especially after we dressed him in my beanie and scarf! We were kind of sad to leave him behind. We walked ... read more
Pippi Playing
Building our Snowman
Intrepid skater

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper September 28th 2005

After dealing with a minor crisis brought on by Rufous's leaky gut syndrome (he's still running out of oil pretty quickly - the new seals mustn't have fixed the problem), we went back to Maligne Lake and, this time, hiked the steep Bald Hills trail. It was quite a hair-raising climb to the summit - there were ominous storm clouds approaching at an alarming rate and crazily strong gusts whipping up snow and blasting our faces with ice as we clawed our way to the peak. It was so incredibly windy up the top we could barely stand up. We all but ran back down the mountainside to beat the impending storm. The view was spectacular, though - we could see most of the huge Maligne Lake, Moose Lake, Mona Lake and the surrounding mountains. ... read more
Baby Moose Samples a Sapling
Maligne Lake
Moose Doing What They Love Best

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper September 27th 2005

Today's outing took us to the stunning Edith Cavell/ Angel Glacier, where three glaciers overhang a beautiful, iceberg-filled lake. Giant chunks of ice fall off the glacier and tumble to the lake below and then float to the edge like ice cubes in a blue curacao cocktail. Luckily, none fell while we were there, as they probably would have landed on our heads. We also had a quick peak at the ice caves embedded in the rim of the glacier - with quick being the operative word - you don't want to tempt fate for too long! We also went for a hike up to Cavell Meadows - of course, by this time, everything was completely covered in snow and ice and very slippery. But the view was fantastic and we met another pika hiding ... read more
Floating Icebergs and Piles of Sliced Ice
Cheeky Ground Squirrel
Quin Dwarfed Amongst the Bergs

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper September 26th 2005

Our campground is cool. It has been taken over by elk in rut who have free reign of the grounds and emit their screeching bellows all night long, trying to woo females but, in reality, just keeping everyone awake :-). I've strapped up Quin's ankle so he able to hobble short distances now, mainly lured on by the promise of food. More trips to the bakery, haha. After checking out the job and housing scene in Jasper (which seems more promising than Banff), I went for a short walk called the Valley of Five Lakes, largely because the Lonely Planet promised beavers and evidence thereof. Well, the beavers were nowhere to be seen, nor was the evidence, unless you count bark missing from some of the trees (which we tried to convince ourselves was indeed caused ... read more
Explosion of Fall Colour
Tree Ablaze with Orange, Lake Annette
Young Mr Bull Elk Filling Up on Grass

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper September 25th 2005

Well, by this morning, Quin's ankle had worsened to the point where he could only limp his way to the bakery and stuff himself with treats, so it looks like no more hiking for a while :-(. So I spent the day wandering Jasper town, which is much smaller than Banff and less commercial, but still suffers from an excessive number of tacky 'Canadiana' tourist shops - who buys this stuff?!? We went for an evening drive to Pyrimid and Patricia Lakes to look for moose but were foiled again. I placated Quin (who had been pretty much car-bound all day) by agreeing to go to a pizza cafe with him for dinner - which, of course, cheered him up immensely.... read more
The Invalid Himself
Cloud Descending Over Pyramid Lake

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper September 24th 2005

After we'd once again extracted poor Rufous from his frosty casing, we set off for another hike, this time up Parker Ridge. After a slippery climb up a half-ice/ half-snow trail (which transformed into all-mud on the way down), we made it to the summit, with stunning views of the Saskatchewan Glacier and Columbia Icefield mountains. Apparently, this hike is usually very crowded, but we had it pretty much to ourselves - so this crazy, off-season trip does have its advantages. Unfortunately, on the mountain goat front, we were denied again - despite everyone saying 'if you want to see mountain goats, climb Parker Ridge'. The cantakerous little puffballs were nowhere to be seen. After the hike, we started the long drive north to Jasper, stopping at heaps of spots on the way, including Athabasca Falls ... read more
At the Top of Parker Ridge
View of Saskatchewan Glacier
Mrs Bighorn Sheep and Her Kid

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper August 8th 2005

Hola a tothom!! doncs si , si les vistes que us havia pogut explicar en l'anterior episodi ja m'havia deixat impressionat el que he vist de cami cap a Jasper es increible...De Banff a Jasper si arriba per una carretera la Icefields Parkway (Hwy 93) despres d'uns 200 km que atravessen part de les Canadian Rockies de sud a nord i ho fan enmig de les propies muntanyes, o sigui que vas passant i a banda i banda es veuen tot de cims amb geleres realment espectaculars.. Perque us feu una idea de l'extensio...durant 150km no paren de veure's muntanyes a quina mes alta, amb mes neu, amb forma mes extasiant.....Per agafar aquesta carretera primer s'arriba al Lake Louise (un dels llacs mes fotografiats del mon..) i que val molt la pena veure...amb el ... read more
Peyto Lake

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper July 18th 2005

Putting many days into one entry here, so this will be a long one. Will try to break it up for easier reading. Jasper, July 15 We were really pleased with our decision to push through to Jasper on Thursday. Initially, it was largely motivated by our desire to get a campsite in the park, and we figured coming in on a Friday might make that difficult. The first pleasing aspect about this decision was the amazing view of Mount Robson we were surprised with when rounding a corner eastbound on Highway 16. I’ve had this surprise a couple of times before, but it always seems to amaze me anew each time I encounter it. And this was spectacular even though the very top of the mountain was enshrouded in clouds! From this point on it ... read more
More elk.
Bull elk.
Morning, July 17.

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper September 23rd 2003

I arrived in Vancouver in Dec 03 and spent the next year working and travelling around Canada. One of my favourite places on earth, spectacular!!!... read more
Pyramid Lake
Pyramid Lake
The Glorious Rockies

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper May 8th 1995

Geo: 52.8736, -118.0831 - Drove thru Jasper... read more
Rocky Mountains
Rocky Mountains
Rocky Mountains

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