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North America » Canada » Alberta » Canmore June 5th 2019

Tuesday 4th June 2019 The architecture in Calgary is a delight to the eye, compared with the uniform tall blocks in Toronto. It is modern adventurous architecture, not quite on the scale of London´s sensational skyline but pretty good! It is also a green city with several parks and open spaces and the walkways along the Bow River are delightful. Actually, we only spent the day in Calgary and now rather regret not having stayed longer. Getting to downtown Calgary and parking there, however, was a nightmare; from the city limits in the north, to parking downtown by the Bow River took an hour and a half! Mind you, it might have been a little quicker if we hadn’t got lost (for the first time on this Canadian trip). Well, actually, not lost because we knew ... read more
Great modern skyline....
....and the old well preserved
Calgary Tower

North America » Canada » Alberta » Canmore June 8th 2018

June 8 Benchland Trail, Canmore Warmth bathed us from our morning start to our afternoon departure. While the best of Skrastins Club hikers tackled the steepness of Lady MacDonald, my group of less ambitious walkers strolled along the lower Benchland Trail. Pine trees still sported bright new tips. Aspen leaves twinkled in the pale sunshine. Dandelions have colonized the trail edges, interrupted by white flashes of a few tiny flowers. Columbines stretched their bowed heads above the leafy carpets. June 15 Sundance Canyon, Banff With the threat of rain, yet the sight of bright blue sky between puffy white clouds, I set off fully protected by rain pants, waterproof jacket, and wide brimmed hat. To promote better access for lots of people, the path was paved for quite some distance. The Bow River marshland startled us ... read more
Ahh! Blue sky and puffy clouds!
Unexpected view of a big river
Quiet reflection

North America » Canada » Alberta » Canmore September 9th 2016

Tent ridge hike with MC - 4.5 hours. From roadend near Mt Engadine Lodge, up to lake under Mt Smuts. Then off trail through the woods to the col. Up to summit and along Tent Ridge. Stunning views all around - glorious day.... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Canmore April 29th 2016

Since spring came early to southern Alberta (and other places), I also started hiking early this year. This day some of us in the Skrastin's Outdoor Club walked in the beautiful Bow Valley, which was adorned with fresh green leaves. Brushing against the bushes released the fragrance of dry green willows. Actually, we saw more dogwood than willow. Peeking up between new grass shoots were tiny yellow, white and purple blooms. Crocuses tracked the sun like solar collectors and dotted the fields of last year's dried grasses. Teen-aged Douglas Fir trees sported bright red tips of new growth, and some were still covered with exploded cones. The light breeze kept us feeling spring's coolness under the mildly sunny sky.... read more
Bow Valley trees
 Bow Valley bushes

North America » Canada » Alberta » Canmore February 18th 2015

THE FEELING OF DEATH IN WINTER It was my first night out exploring the nightlife scene of Calgary and it turned out to be with someone I didn't expect. The teachers had finished the non instructional day early as the leadership had an afternoon of activities, drinking and fine dining, as well as discuss important issues about the school of course. They had told me to come meet them out after they had finished and go to National on 17th, one of the more common night spots in downtown. As I was about to go through the door, my mate Scotty rang me and asked if I wanted to check out American Sniper with him. After telling him of my plans I said I could pop in and see him before I went out. Well all ... read more
Lacrosse in action
Scott, Jacqui and myself on the rink of the Saddledome
A few of my adoring fans

North America » Canada » Alberta » Canmore February 18th 2015

It felt like a dream! I never knew that something so spectacular was possible. I have seen the Scottish Highlands, the Giant's Causeway, The Cliffs of Mohar and some of the historical wonders of Europe but this place seemed to be something more. It was more than what I imagined it would be when I got on the bus after Teacher's Convention and went to Canmore, part of the Canadian Rockies that I had been so desperate to see and one of my major reasons for wanting to do the exchange. It seemed at one stage it was never meant to be as the bus was delayed by an hour, in which during that time I witnessed a girl go off her nut at security of a confusion of the ticket where she concluded by ripping ... read more
Me in my snow gear
Me in amongst the trees during our snow shoeing adventure
Jumping into the snow

North America » Canada » Alberta » Canmore August 19th 2013

We had a leisurely morning and then around noon we headed into town for some shopping. The typical stuff before we hit the road tomorrow. One more day in Canada, then it back to decent gas and food prices. Tonight we enjoyed a dinner show called "Oh Canada Eh?" It was a great two hour show all about the musical aspects of Canada. We all were amazed at some of the songs that were written by Canadians, not to mention some of the singers. For instance did you know these songs were written by a Canadian - KKK Katy, Tumbling Tumbleweed, Let the Sunshine In and Rock Me Gently. These singers are all from Canada - Paul Anka, Joni Mitchell, Anne Murray, Shania Twain, Bryan Adams, Steppenwolf, Bachman Turner Overdrive, Gordon Lightfoot, Michael Buble and Leonard ... read more
Hockey player
Klondike Kitty
Mounti - our waiter Tyler

North America » Canada » Alberta » Canmore August 17th 2013

We traveled a total distance of 56 miles from Lake Louise to Canmore, Alberta today. The clouds were pretty scary, but it only rained on us for a little bit. We are now staying just outside the east gate of Banff National Park. On the road from Lake Louise we went under several Wildlife Overpasses. Canada has built these overpasses to help the wildlife cross over the busy highway. This not only helps the wildlife, but the cars that would hit them. They also have underpasses that do the same thing. Wonder why the US hasn't thought of such a great idea. We have full hook ups and a laundry here so we spent the afternoon getting caught up on household chores. After a short nap we decided to check out the town of Canmore. Joe ... read more
Clouds 2
Clouds 3
Clouds 4

North America » Canada » Alberta » Canmore July 31st 2013

Well we made it home all in one piece. We have travelled over 9000 kms and had one flat tire (went flat while we were parked in a campground) and only used our extra gerry can once to add fuel to our truck. Have met some unforgettable people and seen some unforgettable scenery. Drove some unforgettable roads and some that I would like to forget (we have driven on some rough roads but have to honestly say that these are the roughest roads we have ever travelled on). What a vast an amazing state Alaska is. Everyone we met was so hospitable and welcoming and I can see why you would may want to make it your home. Drove long days to enjoy a few days rest and was well worth the time spent on the ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Canmore June 28th 2013

Well off we go on our grand trip..... Goodbye Canmore and Hello Highway.... read more

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