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North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary June 11th 2018

Checked out of the Blue Horizon Hotel this morning, has been a lovely stay - the room was quite spacious, cafe had great food and was reasonably priced, and it was very conveniently located. Flight to Calgary was short - 1 hr, nice views of Vancouver as we left (and of course the sun is shining), and over mountains (not sure which ones) along the way. Checked in to the Westin in downtown Calgary, (have gone upmarket, but downsized) then decided to go for a walk to Prince's Island Park, a short distance from the hotel. It is on an island in the Bow River, lots of trees, ducks and ducklings! Then we had to attend a welcome reception for our bus tour, drinks, pretzels and chips, and the 39 other people on the tour. It ... read more
Bow River in Calgary
Ducks & ducklings
Prince's Island Park

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary April 25th 2018

Hello Blog, I have to get used to blogging on a regular basis and I already learned the hard way about not saving when I exit from this blog platform. We hit the airport in Calgary on Monday the 23rd at 1905 Hrs and the international end of the airport was dead. We flew with British Airways from YYC to Heathrow LHR and our flight was not until 2200 Hrs. We hit security and there was literally one other couple going in at the same time as us. So instead of this being a quick zip through, the security guy wanted to practice his skills and ripped my bags apart looking to test every one of his sensors. He just loved telling us that normally this was such a good thing as he would then take ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary April 13th 2018

God is already showing up! Yesterday we moved our flight from 445 to 1220 in a last minute panic. But 3 of us couldn’t. Find out at 230 that the original flight got cancelled but they managed to get seats on the 325 which allows them to make our connecting flight to London. Thank you to the 2 people who gave up their seats for them! Thank you Air Canada for giving travel vouchers to encourage it. And thank you God for being on our side!! ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary February 23rd 2018

7/11 We had many airport stops on our long trip to Calgary in Alberta, CA (you would have thought we had circumnavigated the globe!). We had lunch/dinner at Pappadeaux at the airport in Dallas to fortify us knowing we would arrive in Calgary well after dinner. After traveling all day we were very glad to be greeted at the airport in Calgary by a driver from the Fresh Trackstravel company, who brought us to the Ramada Downtown, arriving around 11:30pm. Exhausted from a long travel day we checked in and barely made it up the elevator to bed. 7/12 Our first day in Calgary! I won’t say we enjoyed breakfast at the Ramada Downtown. The food was overpriced “steam table food” and ordering from the menu was no better. In addition, the rooms in this hotel ... read more
Heritage Park Voyageur Interpreter Greg Ingram
Hanging out on top of the Calgary Tower
Clagary Tower

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary February 23rd 2018

7/13 In the morning we took the C-Train near our hotel to the Calgary Stampede Park. The park is enormous (208 acres). There are two Stampede entrance options when taking the train from the city to the park. We were told to take the second entrance or furthest stop on the train's schedule and it proved to be good advice. We landed near the main building where we could pick up our tickets, cowboy hats and other paraphernalia. From there we walked around the animal barns, saw a “Working Cow Horse Show” in the indoor arena (what a relief from the heat outside). For lunch we had an enormous Gator pork sandwich that actually originated in the Everglades. There was much disorganization among workers at the fairgrounds. Stampede Guides gave different directions for the same agenda ... read more
Tipis in the Indian Village
Beautiful tipi decorations, Indian Village
Costumed First Nation people

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary February 23rd 2018

7/14 We spent the morning at the beautiful Studio Bell National Music Centre. An architectural wonder, a truly beautiful building designed to capture sounds for every listener. Here there are 5 floors of opportunities to explore the various musical genres represented in the Canadian music scene. I went into the Vocal Booth where I learned I was an “Alto rising star,” I then played the drums and realized it had been about 55 years since I played them. It showed. A large screen in one of the rooms played music along with movie clips beautifully representing all the provinces in Canada. The building across the street housed the famous Aims Project, the state of the art mobile recording studio on wheels built in a truck by the Rolling Stones called one of rock n’ roll’s most ... read more
The "Chucks" Chuckwagon Races
Intense competition in "The Chucks"
 Aerial winged snow people descend to the stage

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary January 14th 2018

2018 is well in its course. And we face the new realities – extreme climates all over the world and the US withdraws from the Paris Accord; we are afraid of a nuclear holocaust while two mad men ready to press the red buttons; the US President uttering racial slurs to the African and other nations! Still we say “Happy New Year” to each other; because, some of us continue to believe in the nicety of human civilization and look forward to a better tomorrow. And definitely our travel blog community is one of them; because, we share our experience, our love and friendship with one another, we are eager to support others when there is a need. That makes a difference. So even I am late, it is never too late to say “Happy New ... read more
Vietnam Diary - the cover page
Blogs turned into a book
Happy New Year 2018

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary August 15th 2017

I was really looking forward to this drive from Kalispell to Calgary, today. We drove this route a few years ago, from east to west, and it had killer views. So I had high expectations that the west to east drive would be equally as impressive. And they would have been, if it wasn’t for the fires. We left our hotel at 7:35 and 54 degrees and headed east on Canada Highway 1 only to find the beautiful scenery hidden behind a curtain of thick smoke. I am posting examples of what it should have looked like as well as photos of what it actually looked like today. (I stole them from my files, of the last trip through here.) The first part of the drive passes between a wonderful, very long lake on the left, ... read more
Watching the train with Dad
This is what the photos should have looked like today
And this, too

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary August 1st 2017

Hello everyone! As you may know, Annika, Erika and I are traveling to Europe next week. In order that you can follow our adventures, I have decided to try a travel blog. Shocking - I know. But my email is always full and I don't want to fill yours with photos and videos, so lets give this a try. My posts will be private only. Stay tuned!... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary July 16th 2017

Sunday was Finley's last day with Poppy and Grandna. Finley chose to visit the Calgary Zoo. He loves nature and animals. They have added a lemur experience where you are guided to an up close encounter with the lemurs. He seen lots of exotic animals but his favourite was the the Canadian wildlife section where he got to see captive versions of the mountain sheep, grizzly, elk and his favourite the bison. On Monday Finley flew home to Halifax. It was his first time flying alone but he was quite excited. Finley travelled with us for 19 days. He would have liked to have stayed longer but his mom, dad and sister Zoe were anxious to have him home.... read more
New Lemur Exhibit
Grizzly Bears

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