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North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary July 15th 2016

Well we are packed, breakfasted and sitting in our our hotel room, ready to set off for the airport and the long journey home. Our final day was spent at Stampede watching the rodeo. If they could sit on it the Cowboys tried to ride it. Not always very successfully. They certainly earned any cash they won. Surprisingly in this country of extremes daily prize money is small. Our abiding memory however will be the horses herding steers. The speed and turning ability of these is quite amazing and is not just for show but has a real use back on the vast ranches. Took hundreds of photos. Joy wonders why so many. She has a point. So we will be back soon. Hope these blogs have kept you vaguely amused. It's been fun!... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary July 15th 2016

15 Jul 2016: I have skipped some short travel days and a few others in which we did comparatively little (He divided the dirty laundry in to two piles before taking them to the laundromat). On travel days, we usually eat out. If we've been on a long drive, we don't do too much the next day. There is more work for me to do given Jeanne's limitations although she has been more active since we left Lethbridge. Due to a scheduling error, we arrived in Calgary (Cochrane, actually) a day too soon so we had to scramble to find lodgings for the night and then had to move again the next day. Today is the first of two days at the "Stampede". It has been raining every day since we got to Canada, as if ... read more
Barrel Racing
Lassoo that dogie
It doesn't hurt until you land

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary July 14th 2016

Late night blog after a day at the Calgary Stampede. Don't know how to describe it. Try to imagine Alton Towers, the Horse of the Year show, the Royal Show at Stoneleigh, Glastonbury and the worlds biggest BBq all being held at the NEC at the same time. We spent about 8 hours there and left well before the end of the days activities. We only scratched the surface. After a wander about trying to take in the scale of the place, we watched an amazing competition of Cowboys on horseback seperating one cow from a herd (cutting). Then lunch of bbq and ribs. Portion size is not a concept understood here. We then took in a cultural trip to the Indian Village, watching their equivalent of Strictly Come Dancing. Jokes about teepees and insomnia fell ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary July 13th 2016

Have reached our final stop in this trans Canadian adventure. We are installed in another high rise hotel suite close to the city centre. Calgary is alive with Stampede fever, lots going on and nearly everyone sporting a great big cowboy hat and riding boots. I shall be buying Joy a Stetson in a few minutes. She can't wait!! We are off to the showground to soak it all up. Chuck wagon racing is the main event. A bit like Towcester but with carts. No doubt I will back a few losers so pinning hopes on Joy finding a winner or two. Finally the majority of the people round here are Canadian which is novel on this trip.... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary July 6th 2016

Day 5 started out at 48 degrees and overcast and looked rainy. We hit the road early as this is the day we must get to Calgary and get Bob's new tire put on. Left at 7 AM and put on my rain gear. Surprisingly enough we dodged the storms all day, or the storms dodged us so that we did not ride in any rain at all. 46 miles to the border and no problems at all with customs. I did get a speeding ticket at Claresholm. Left town with all the other traffic going the same speed but all were over the limit and I got singled out. On to Calgary was on Hwy 2 and nice ride. Traffic was not too bad. Arrived at the dealership for the tire at 12:30 and they ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary June 12th 2016

On Thursday the drive from Regina into Alberta would probably have been bored had I not picked up 2 hitchhikers, Jade and Oliver from Montreal of all places! Actually every traveller I have encountered was from Montreal heading to BC for the summer, I guess it is just a thing we do. Everyone called me crazy for doing that but here is my reasoning, a) they were a very young looking couple, 18, one of which was a girl (I would rather pick up two people than one because what are the chances that two people are murderous sociopaths); b) they had large backpacks with tents and sleeping bags so they clearly aren’t going to steal my stuff because they can’t run very far; and c) I obviously asked them what their travel plans were and ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary April 4th 2016

I can't believe that we are 4 days from our trip. I have gotten my suitcase out of the garage but beyond that I have not started packing yet. It is supposed to be quite rainy in Paris in April so I will have to dig out my rain gear!... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary April 3rd 2016

As I sit at the Vancouver airport with a annoying cold and three bags full to the brim with chocolate, souvenirs and memories, I now get a small chance to reflect on the last week of my special journey. From a last minute surprise trip to the Flames versus Rangers games in awesome seats to having to say goodbye to the wonderful people I have met, the students I have educated and the colleagues and friends that I feel I’ve only just started to get to know. Its not healthy to hold in emotions, but I feel the body is about to burst with the flowing river of tears as I question whether I really want to leave. The great part of this last week is I got to say farewell to the city I have ... read more
My last moments in Calgary Air
New Zealand airport, nearly home
Home sweet home

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary February 16th 2016

Early flight to Calgary so we had spent the night in a hotel near the airport. When I looked out the window just before dawn, a light snow was falling with the forecast calling for it to change to freezing rain.I guess I was the next in line for a more thorough security check as I had to remove my belt and shoes and be subjected to a frisking. From now on, I will remove my belt and shoes before being asked. Tough toenails if my pants fall to the floor. At least I didn't have to go into the glass booth to be penetrated by some sort of rays to see if I had swallowed a bomb. After boarding the plane, it was a game of hurry up and wait. We sat on the tarmac ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary January 15th 2016

Nose Hill Park. This is the place I spend fair amount of time. I watch the deer grazing in the summer time, with their gorgeous colours and innocent eyes. They never come close to me and I never gained their friendship. They run deep into the woods when I walk close to them. The tree leaves hug me when I walk through them; they ask me “where have you been yesterday?”. I gently touch them with my fingers; “Did you miss me”, I ask them. “Yes, don’t do that to us, we feel sad”, the leaves tell me in soft voice. I tell them fairy tales and they love it. The sun goes down and the sky turns into crimson red. “I’ll come tomorrow again”, I smile and climb down the hill. The autumns are romantic…it’s ... read more
In search of solitude
A canopy under the sky
'From here to eternity',

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