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North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary August 26th 2019

8:30 am. It’s going to be a long 24 hours as we are flying Aeroplan Edmonton, Toronto,Glasgow. 🥴. Landing at 6:30 am so hope we can sleep on the plane. Tired already so shouldn’t be a problem. Waiting Waiting Waiting. Life’s good. 11:00 am. Boarding for Toronto. First time at the Edmonton International Airport. Brief time there but seems like a pleasant organized place. Another leg of the journey to begin. 6:06 pm Toronto time. (4:06 Calgary) flight delayed 2 hours. Guess we can’t complain too much. Hard to just sit around when you want to just get on with it. 7:08. Boarding soon. That’s pretty well it for today. Only 8400 steps or 6.15 km. But tomorrow we should make a few more. Now for more sitting. Cheers... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary August 4th 2019

Smooth 14 1/2 hour flight to Vancouver which, contrary to Shaun’s misgivings about Air Canada was very comfortable with good food, plenty of leg room and friendly staff. Then a couple of hours at the airport with time for a snack lunch, then another hour and a half flight to Calgary. Met at the airport by our BnB hosts then half an hour in the car to our accomodation. Very nice place on the edge of the city. So we are nicely settled in and there’s a knock on the door - Shaun and girlfriend had decided to surprise us by driving 3 hours up from Medicine Hat. Great surprise. Then we all headed off to grab some groceries and later went for a great meal at a nearby Italian place. It was helpful that Shaun ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary July 28th 2019

Today promised to be a feast for sore eyes, and it didn’t disappoint. Having a long drive ahead of us, and knowing that we would lose an hour when we crossed the time line on the border of British Columbia and Alberta, we were up at 5:30 AM and out the door by 7:30 and 60 degrees. (Seems we could do this faster, but with the dog and a required routine, that is about the best that we can do.) We drove from Kamloops, the “Tournament Capital of Canada” to Calgary through the Canadian Rockies. We even crossed the Columbia River once again. And that had me scratching my head, but I discovered that the Columbia River begins in the Columbia Lake in British Columbia. Makes sense to me, I guess. I just never thought about ... read more
Canadian Rockies
Valley Lake Chateau
Valley Lake Chateau

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary June 22nd 2019

Up bright and early this morning (19th June) for our onward journey to Calgary. Our flight was at noon from Toronto and whilst the drive should take under 90 minutes, we weren't sure how the traffic would be, so we were aiming to be on the road by 7 am and surprise surprise, we were (!)...........bill paid, checked out and car collected! We did have one last look at the Falls beforehand and it always somewhat amazed me, to open the curtains each morning and see the river still crashing over the falls; I almost expected the water to be 'turned off' overnight and restarted again in the morning - the theme parks around the world have got a lot to answer for - at least for wierdos like me! The drive was pretty uneventful. We ... read more
The Barn at Bearspaw 1
The Barn at Bearspaw 2
The Barn at Bearspaw 3

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary March 3rd 2019

We say sky is the limit! It is indeed! Yes, this is a short video clip of my bucket-list to reach those limits and have some fun! Anything above the ground, it excites me like a kid. I did my first sky dive in Calgary. And my colleague Chad was my Guru. He already has over 200 jumps under his belt. Each time we used to go out for coffee break invariably he would ask me, “Tab, when are you going to jump?” I said, “Forget it man, why do I pay for something that I am going to have nightmare every night? I grew up having milk and cereal in the morning and a home-made dinner at night. I don’t need these hassles!” Chad used to laugh, but never gave up. He said, “Boss, when ... read more
Free fall outside Calgary
Drifting over the Rockies
Over the Rockies

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary July 31st 2018

To paraphrase the 1960 Johnny Horton song North To Alaska: “Where the river is windin' adventure they're findin'; North to Alaska go north the drive is on.” After months of planning and weeks of anticipation, cousin Marilyn and I finally set off on the biggest adventure I have undertaken since The Great Adventure began in 2010. I had general plans to make an Alaska trip in 2019, and Marilyn had wanted to drive the Alaska Highway for years but had no specific plan or dates in mind. When we learned of each other’s desire to visit the great northland, we decided to take the plunge. What really got us going was a magazine advertisement Marilyn received hawking a bus trip through the Canadian Rockies and a cruise from Vancouver, British Columbia to Anchorage. Marilyn had been ... read more
… Corn Appeared – Now, Is that Iowa or What?
A Fella Could Sit for a Week Waiting for This Photo – Timing Is Everything!
The Workmen Did a Stellar Job During the Refurbishing of the Exterior

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary July 15th 2018

At least I understood the chuck wagon racing. Very few guys in Hawaiian shirts.... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary June 11th 2018

Checked out of the Blue Horizon Hotel this morning, has been a lovely stay - the room was quite spacious, cafe had great food and was reasonably priced, and it was very conveniently located. Flight to Calgary was short - 1 hr, nice views of Vancouver as we left (and of course the sun is shining), and over mountains (not sure which ones) along the way. Checked in to the Westin in downtown Calgary, (have gone upmarket, but downsized) then decided to go for a walk to Prince's Island Park, a short distance from the hotel. It is on an island in the Bow River, lots of trees, ducks and ducklings! Then we had to attend a welcome reception for our bus tour, drinks, pretzels and chips, and the 39 other people on the tour. It ... read more
Bow River in Calgary
Ducks & ducklings
Prince's Island Park

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary April 25th 2018

Hello Blog, I have to get used to blogging on a regular basis and I already learned the hard way about not saving when I exit from this blog platform. We hit the airport in Calgary on Monday the 23rd at 1905 Hrs and the international end of the airport was dead. We flew with British Airways from YYC to Heathrow LHR and our flight was not until 2200 Hrs. We hit security and there was literally one other couple going in at the same time as us. So instead of this being a quick zip through, the security guy wanted to practice his skills and ripped my bags apart looking to test every one of his sensors. He just loved telling us that normally this was such a good thing as he would then take ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary April 13th 2018

God is already showing up! Yesterday we moved our flight from 445 to 1220 in a last minute panic. But 3 of us couldn’t. Find out at 230 that the original flight got cancelled but they managed to get seats on the 325 which allows them to make our connecting flight to London. Thank you to the 2 people who gave up their seats for them! Thank you Air Canada for giving travel vouchers to encourage it. And thank you God for being on our side!! ... read more

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