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North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary July 23rd 2021

Day 22. 4729Km. Cochrane, Alberta I didn’t sleep well last night. I’m sure my subconscious was going over all the things left to do in the morning despite my best efforts to pack up as much as possible before bed. An easy breakfast of PB on toast and a dish of yogurt with raspberries makes for minimal dishes left in the sink for the evening. Water hose, electric cord and drain the holding talks was about all there was to do but I still think it was 7:45 before I got on the road. The Trans Canada Highway to Calgary offers some spectacular views leaving BC for Alberta. Again the smoke ruined all of them but I snapped some photos anyway. The smoke did lighten up the further I got into Alberta allowing for some clearer ... read more
Nice rock cut

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary December 4th 2020

The sun shone on us with autumnal warmth, even while the calendar said winter. The Calgary Greenwaystretches 138 kilometres around the city. We gathered at 16 Avenue and 68 Street NE to explore on foot a section that is usually ignored when we speed by in our cars. As we rounded a curve from 16 Avenue, we began to parallel Stoney Trail, albeit from a good distance. Neighbourhoods full of two-storey houses bordered the other side of the path, and it seemed that each neighbourhood had its own path onto the Greenway. Indeed, more than on any other walk, we encountered people striding and strolling for their daily exercise. We all waved and “helloed”. One couple stopped to talk to me. They wanted to know where we were from, possibly thinking we were a tour group. ... read more
Man on slough
Calgary Greenway, Monterey Park
Aspen stand

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary November 6th 2020

The storminess of the day held off long enough to give us a picturesque walk along the Bow River and into the Inglewood district. We met at Pearce Estate Park and immediately headed down to the Bow River. The delightful smell and sound of crunched leaves accompanied us through the wooded part of the path. The clear blue river was calm enough to act as a mirror for the trees and high rises in the distance. Bridges were geometric exclamations: Nose Creek (CPR) bridge, the Zoo bridge, the George C King bridge, and the memorial to the St George’s Island bridge. We paused at the confluence of the Bow and Elbow Rivers, talking about the First Nati... read more
Pigeons enjoying Harvie Passage
Bow River Pathway, Inglewood
CPR Nose Creek Bridge

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary October 30th 2020

After gathering at the Pumphouse Theatreparking lot, we fifteen walkers were immersed in the crackling, fluttering brown leaves of late fall - both the ones that had fallen onto the grass and those futilely clinging to the trees. Under a full sun, the river reflected vigorous blue, presenting a classic panorama of sky and water. The dappled light over the pathway let us forget the snowy cold of the past two weeks. Our leader, Nancy, surprised us by moving away from the pathway, leading across 14 Street to watch kids swooping up and around in the skateboard park. Innumerable times I have driven past the skatepark, but at 60 kmh, only tiny glimpses were possible. On foot, we had fun admiring the twists and tricks exec... read more
Prince's Island Park
Mountain Ash
Persistent leaves

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary October 9th 2020

Our meet-up in Edworthy Park brought together 17 C hikers for a brisk day draped in vibrant fall colours. Following our leader, Dee, we warmed up in the sunshine as we walked through the park’s playground out to the pathway along the Bow River. The deep yellow grasses were punctuated with sparse, bright-red leaves on Saskatoon bushes, mostly stripped of their dark-blue berries by now. At a different life-stage, bunches of red berries adorned Elder bushes, still draped in pale green leaves. Suddenly our reveries were startled by the blaring horn of a freight train that roared and rattled close beside the walking path. At the bottom of the escarpment, we meandered through nameless woods. Golden leaf-litter led us into magical scenes of reds, oranges, and yellows affixed to dark branches and light pop... read more
Beaver activity
Edworthy Park
 Grassy trail

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary September 29th 2020

In the fall, Calgarians seek out the larchesin their shining golden hues. Every year I have gone to the mountains, where the larches are far away, shining against the dark evergreens and the grey granite mountain slopes. This year, a friend invited me to go with her to Baker Park for a walk. She gleefully surprised me with the brilliant yellows of magnificent larches – surrounding the parking lot! I have never been so close to these uplifting trees! Their colour enhanced the very sunlight. Close to the Bow River, they have the moisture to grow wide and high into the sky. In the distance was the other attraction of the day – the twinning of Stoney Trail bridge over Bowness Park an... read more
Growing roadway
Larches in Baker Park
Nature's artistry

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary September 11th 2020

In the bright sunshine of a glorious summer’s day, Skrastins C hikers gathered in Spruce Cliff at the parking lot by Pie Junkie (temptation for later). Following our leader, Jay, we walked a short distance on the street to Quarry Road Trail, and a short distance downhill on that trail to Douglas Fir Trail. Fall was just coming into its natural garb, with flickering yellow leaves, tall pale grasses and tiny ripening berries. A few hikers chose to take the infinity of stairs up the looped path on the escarpment. The rest of us meandered along an easier path to the top of the same stairs. From our height on the escarpment we could see the downtown towers over the pointy pine trees (no Douglas Fir). Far below was the river... read more
Bow River Pathway
Downtown from Spruce Cliff
Douglas Fir Trail

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary September 4th 2020

A sprite invaded my mind and persuaded me to walk to the Crossroads Farmers Marketto fulfill my minor need to buy the cauliflower I forgot last Sunday. The sprite argued that this was one of the last warm days of summer, and furthermore that the distance was certainly no greater than the walks I do when hiking. Plus, the route was mainly along park-like streets and paths. The mid-morning air was a delightful blend of freshness and promised warmth. I walked through the spreading trees of 2 Street, skirted the park on the escarpment, angled along Meredith Road, crossed Memorial Drive, and moved into the green-ness of the river pathway. The relative absence of potentially infectious fellow strollers and bikers allowed me to notice how the Bow bounced in its blueness, reflecting the happiest of prairie ... read more
Crown Surplus
Smithbuilt Hats
Inglewood sign

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary August 28th 2020

On the last beautifully warm day of summer, a good number of C Hikers from the Skrastins club gathered on the eastern edge of Nose Hill Park. Ann led us round the gentler slope of the park, avoiding the unnecessarily aggressive stairs to the top. Grasses waved golden heads around the Scotch Thistles, which were fuzzily going to seed, as so many plants were at this time in the season. Most attractive were the orange-red rose hips, just beginning to ripen. One last Alberta Wild Rose shone in the sunlight. Deeper into the park, we walked through groves of Trembling Aspen, enjoying the cool air as a respite from the sun’s heat. The path dipped into ravines and small coolees. A few flowers still shone through the grasses, especially mauve Wild Geraniums an... read more
Nose Hill Park
Wildflowers on Nose Hill
Wild Rose

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary August 21st 2020

The Bebo Grove Stormwater Pond in west Fish Creek Park spread its sunny hillsides in welcome to the C group. Although the pond was modestly filled after a dry spell, our leader Suzanne showed us how far and wide it flooded under the onslaught of July’s rain and hail. As we walked along the close-by path, Wendy’s keen eyes caught sight of a wading bird picking through the mud for edibles. A few steps away, ducks bobbed and dived for luscious underwater greens. We wandered through a hundred shades of green; most of the wildflowers have pulled back and gone to seed, already preparing for fall. From full sun we passed into a cool, deeply shaded woodland leading us up a stiff hill to the ridge of the escarpment. The view of Fish Creek itself was ... read more
Nonbreeding Spotted Sandpiper
Fish Creek
Geometric deadfall

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