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North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary July 3rd 2022

Calgary, Alberta, 3 juillet Après ces deux années où l'exploration était quelque peu limitée géographiquement, il est bon de parcourir à nouveau les vastes étendues du continent. Plus d'une décennie plus tard, je retrouve avec grand bonheur les paysages magnifiques de l'Ouest canadien. C'est par la route, en empruntant en partie le côté américain de la frontière, que nous gagnâmes la métropole albertaine, Calgary. Ces 4 500 kilomètres de route (en cinq petits jours, bonne moyenne!) nous menèrent d'abord aux sources du fleuve Saint-Laurent que sont les Grands Lacs, puis aux immenses plaines du Dakota du Nord et du Montana et finalement aux contreforts des Rocheuses. En chemin, nous fîmes halte au parc National Theodore Roosevelt, dans les "badlands" du Dakota du Nord. L'ancien président des États-Unis (1901-1909) y avait un ranch et y a développé ... read more
Route 94
Route 94
Route 94

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary June 16th 2022

So today we move just that little bit closer to Emma - a flight to Calgary with a stopover in Seattle. It’s a boring and uneventful day, with nothing of real interest to report; the flights were even on time - so instead, some observations to pad out the entry. It seems that our beloved carrier, Alaska Airlines, has developed a novel way of boarding its guests. It gets the people sitting closest to the front to board first. Yep, of course they then all take their time standing in the aisle getting organised, so when they let the people like us sitting up the back on, we can’t get past, which just holds up the whole process. I can’t think of any logical reason for doing this, unless they were at risk of leaving early ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary February 25th 2022

In bright sunshine we resumed our quest of a couple of weeks ago to find the former house of our good Skrastins friend, Wally, who passed away in early 2020. From the public parking lot in Inglewood, a dozen walkers set out on the Bow River Pathway, marvelling at the striking scenery covered in soft snow. The downtown high-rises were a mere backdrop to the sculptural dark trees and the slashes of open water in the deep blue river. Climbing to Centre Street, we angled west up the path to Crescent Road. Huge new houses greeted us, but our leader Sheila confidently led us along the escarpment to the intersection where Wally’s former house stood peacefully amongst other traditional homes. For a few minutes we reminisced about his exploits as a fearless hiker and contribu... read more
Flyover Park
East Village
Bow River

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary February 18th 2022

This week Toby, a lively black poodle, took Dee and sixteen others on a race through the first-class dog park in url= HigginsPark. Well, Toby raced and the group found a more reasonable pace. While the dogs had the run of several differentiated paddocks, we humans kept to our fenced corridor and made our way onto the Bow River Pathway. Under thick cloud, the rushing water of the river reflected the steel blue of an imminent storm. Actually, the air temperature warmed appreciably, and a shrouded sun lit the bare trees. High in one such distant tree perched a Bald Eagle that occasionally turned its face towards our hopeful cameras. We climbed up a slightly icy ridge and turned to see magnifice... read more
Sue Higgins Park
 Pathway between the dogs' parks
Bow River framed by winter trees

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary February 11th 2022

Although the sky was blue and the sun shining brightly, a frigid north wind blew away our planned walk. Amongst the trees and heritage houses of Inglewood, we found more sheltered pathways. The slushy shallows of the Bow River accommodated hundreds of Canada Geese. At first, there seemed to be only a few by the shore. Gradually my eyes saw that the napping ones blended invisibly into the stone strewn shoreline. As we stood by the river, the raucous cries drew our attention way up where more geese soared above us, gliding into their V-shaped flying formations. Turning into the neighbourhood, we posed for a group photo in the new Inglewood Pump Bicycle Track where we might have used our skateboards, if anyone had thought to bring one. No children joined us to play. Further along ... read more
Nellie Breen Park
Geese disguised as rocks
Geese perching on thin ice

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary February 4th 2022

Promised a look at the url=, sculptures in Chinatown, we gathered at Pumphouse Theatre for our gentle 10 km trek. The Bow River Pathway was cleared of snow and ice, allowing our minds to wander and conversation to flow. With the chinook developing behind us, trees and bushes were silhouetted black against the frozen white of the river. The detour around the flood-mitigation work near the Centre Street Bridge brought us to the huge Waterfront Condo development. In acknowledgement of its proximity to Chinatown, Waterfront has insta... read more
Year of the Tiger
Louise Bridge under Chinook clouds
Louise Bridge

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary January 21st 2022

To make our day easier, we first hiked the steep and steady path up to the top of Nose Hill Park (from the John Laurie entrance). For quite a ways, thickly compacted snow on the path challenged our stamina and our icers. The reward at the top was staring at a pair of distant coyotes surveying the dried grasses and patches of snow, no doubt seeking prey. One of our group recommended that we follow the path round, and then follow round in another direction, then round, and then come around by returning to our starting point. We all agreed to this free-form plan. In a couple of places, the path descended more steeply than the ski jumps at Canada Olympic Park, and we detoured to safer ground. Turning back towards the west, we revelled in ... read more
Canada Olympic Park
View of west Calgary from Nose Hill
Coyotes on Nose Hill

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary January 14th 2022

Winter sunlight filtered through the tall poplars of Carburn Park. The sheen on the far edges of the swiftly flowing Bow River revealed ducks and geese floating, dipping and walking on thin ice. Easily punching through the crusty snow with our boots, our group lined up on the shore to watch the antics of the birds basking in warm winds. Traipsing through the woods on well-trodden paths, we came to a tree selected by a porcupine for being well out of the way of predators and the curious. Curled into the fork of the trunk and a large branch, it occasionally opened its eyes to check if we were gone or not. Our leaving was precipitated by a couple of young deer, attracted to the birdseed offered by hand. Really, the bird seed was for the ... read more
Porcupine comfortable up a tree
Grasses in the morning light
Swans on the Bow River

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary August 9th 2021

Le 9 août 2021, Aujourd'hui, la journée est consacrée au zoo de Calgary. Un immanquable en famille! Et, à mon avis, un immanquable tout court quand on est dans la région pour quelques jours! Quel bel endroit! On arrive sur place pour 9:00 tapant, à l'ouverture. Nous louons un chariot pour la journée, afin de transporter nos effets et de pallier aux coups de fatigue éventuels de la plus jeune. C'est tout de suite le hit pour les filles: elles s'empilent par dessus la glacière et les gilets, ça promet pour nos sandwichs du midi... C'est parti pour aller visiter les pingouins. On doit se mettre en file, c'est quasiment étrange car le zoo est presque désert à cette heure. Mais une fois entrés dans le pavillon, on comprend pourquoi... Nous circulons dans un étroit passage ... read more
Dragon de Komodo
Ça, c'est une aire de jeux pour enfants!

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary August 8th 2021

Le 6 août 2021, Après un vendredi fort occupé avec les derniers préparatifs de voyage, on récupère en vitesse les filles au camp de jour et à la garderie. Puis,on prend la direction de l'aéroport, par un beau vendredi soir, tout juste après le repas. Les vacances commencent! Grâce au travel hacking, nous nous permettons le petit luxe de dormir directement à l'aéroport, au Marriott, afin d'éviter la cohue d'un départ en avion au petit matin. La chambre est superbe, avec une vue directe sur la piste de décollage. Ça démarre bien! Le 7 août 2021, Un réveil à 5:00, c'est toujours difficile, et ce matin ne fait pas exeption, même si c'est pour s'envoler vers Calgary. Au moins, nous n'avons qu'à refermer une valise et à prendre l'ascenceur pour se rendre au comptoir enregistrer nos ... read more
Du gros fun à prévoir
Ça donne le ton
Joli musée

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