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North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary October 29th 2015

Just finished my last day of work until 2016! I will be doing some final organizing tonight and enjoying a beer in the cold on the top deck so I remember to appreciate the warm weather I'm lucky enough to get for two months! I fly out first thing tomorrow morning, and I've got 24 hours of travel until I arrive in Hanoi so it's going to be a long haul. I do land late at night so should be able to adjust to the time change pretty quickly. Bon voyage! See you on the other side of the Pacific!... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary October 17th 2015

As I mentioned in my previous post I have an ambitious packing plan: to fit everything into carry-on. This means I had to be pretty strategic in choosing what to bring. Not only so that I would have what I needed, but that I also didn't have MORE than what I would need. I probably still do have more than I need but anyways.... I do think there is room for improvement! Realistically, everyone has their own style and preferences for travelling - some people will pack less and buy things there, others won't bring as many luxury items etc. I think this is a good balance for me, particularly considering it's my first attempt at lighter travelling! So here is the full list of my stuff that I am taking, photos of everything also accompany ... read more
The contents
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North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary October 12th 2015

True colours-Coeur de Pirate I feel really weird anytime someone else tells my story, especially when I am around. Because they make it sound like it’s brave, or unbelievable, or harder than it truly is. I still have some difficulty putting words on the why and how, but the way I live and experience life isn’t that fantastic. It’s just how my personality met the ‘I want’ of my heart and made it happen while caring for my brain and happiness. Because I am not on vacation or just ‘out for a break’, I am living life my own way. It involves moving a lot, instability and way more than one description. I cannot say ‘hi, I’m Hélène and I do this for a living, or I work for this company’, but I can talk about ... read more
Seeley lake, before the Cougar encounter
Columbia Mountain
Highway 5, that moment where it all made sense

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary October 9th 2015

September has been a busy month, not for the amount of travel I have done, but for getting back into work at Fairview. Interestingly enough, it has been the busiest I have felt at work and with the added responsibility of training and coaching games of Volleyball, 2 to 3 times a week and the later finishes, it feels as if the days are longer and that there is less chance of doing activities after school. I did, however, manage to do a couple of hikes in late September, as well as go see my first Stampeders and CFL game for the year. I was also part of the Calgary Wolves inaugural grand final where the game was televised on Shaw TV. STAMPEDERS GAME After an interesting first week at school of giving out uniforms, assigning ... read more
View from our seats at Stamps game
Me trying to evade Liam in the Wolves vs Cowboys game
The spoils of winning a premiership

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary September 26th 2015

Bar eleven years when I returned to the Caribbean to rejoin my previous employers, my family and I have lived in this wonderful city and best kept "secret", Calgary, Alberta since 1980. This blog in no way covers every aspect of life here but is meant to be a teaser. I remember vividly when we got our first glimpse of our new home in Canada. The aircraft descended from aloft and lined up to approach the city from the south. Slowly and steadily, the lower we went, our corresponding anxiety rose, eyes peering out the windows on either side, each of us wanting to get the first view. It was evening time and the sky had already turned to a dim blue color - Fall had just arrived. Gradually, lights began to come into sight as ... read more
Friendship bridge.
Downtown in the Fall looking eastwards.
West-end condos downtown.

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary September 8th 2015

My last night in Calgary is here! Tomorrow is the big day. I'll be flying Calgary - Vancouver - Auckland - Cairns. It's a 27 hour journey total. In Cairns, I'll be staying with my friend Hilary for a few days (she is going to dental school there). Cairns is known as the backpacker capital of Australia and has a reputation for it's beaches, the great barrier reef and rainforests. General outline for the trip: Cairns - Sydney (hop on, hop off greyhound bus) - This is about a 3500km trip down the East Coast of Australia. I'm planning on doing it in 3 weeks. Yes, this is the same route as Finding Nemo (starting at the Great Barrier Reef and ending in Sydney). Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. From Sydney, flying to Darwin to ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary September 3rd 2015

Well it's 5° outside so I started packing. Trying to figure out how to add photos. (I think it worked, let me know if you can't see the photo.) Canada represent! Still have a long ways to go on the packing. Spent the day researching Cape Tribulation, Port Douglas and Atherton Tablelands.... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary August 29th 2015

Good Day. We are on our way. Sitting in the Calgary airport waiting to board. I thought I was very prepared until this morning. All of a sudden this morning I felt a panic thinking about all the things I should have done or needed to do. Guess it doesn't matter any more. I have my visa and some cash so what I didn't do doesn't matter any more. What I didn't bring won't matter either. Boarding to start. Son. Ttys... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary August 29th 2015

Hello everyone. I'll be traveling to Australia and New Zealand for 3 months (September 8th - December 10th) and am going to keep everyone updated on this blog. Hopefully I'll be posting pictures and a little blurb about what I've been up to. Feel free to follow and check back whenever you like, make suggestions, ask questions, whatever. Joel... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary August 25th 2015

Up early after a very comfortable night in the "trailer" - then very tasty muffins made by by Jonathan & Wendy's 11 year old daughter Lexie for breakfast.The atmosphere around Cochrane was very smokey from the bush fires in Washington State - 1100kms away! Sad to hear that some firefighters have lost their lives fighting the fires. Left Cochrane with Jonathan we are 4! The route he led us on was similar to one I had plotted but with some extra loops. We did "Indian Graves" road (remember that washout road Keith?) This time we got all the way through reaching 2030m the highest we have reached on this trip. Once again above the snowline - snow in among the trees beside the road. More enjoyable gravel roads saw us at Crowsnest Pass to gas ... read more
Kootenay Ferry
Bikes & smoke on Fauquier Ferry

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