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Middle East » Israel » North District » Golan April 5th 2018

Thursday afternoon we got ready for the closing day of the Passover festival. This specifically celebrates the splitting of the sea when the Israelites were freed from Egypt. Led by the musical Rabbi Shlomo Katz, we sang the 'Song of the Sea' while looking down across the Kinneret. Although the Sea of Galilee is in the north of Israel, and the original crossing was far south of the holy land, the scene and emotion were still inspiring. . We finished our holiday with the seventh day of Passover on Friday, followed immediately by the sabbath day. Then on Sunday we drove home after a spiritual and restful week in this beautiful area. Amazingly we encountered even less traffic than our way up, and made it home in under two hours.... read more

Middle East » Israel » North District » Golan April 4th 2018

Wednesday we went on an another outing led by the local guide Shouka. Again about 5 families drove their own cars, following the guide's car with flags clipped to windows. Our objective was to visit the sites of two ancient synagogues, or as they are called 'bet knesset' which means 'meeting house' in Hebrew. First we went to Dir Aziz. The entry to this synagogue has a large stone arch. This leads to a portico with pillars. Much of the base structure has been preserved or reconstructed by archaeologists. The second bet knesset was at Ein Keshatot. In this case the pillared portico leads to an arched doorway into the synagogue proper. Most of these external pillars have tumbled. Inside it is clear that the front part is largely preserved or reconstructed. Likewise the interior pillars ... read more
Synagogue interior at Ein Keshatot
Pool of natural spring in Ein Keshatot
guide Shouka showing Ein Keshatot spring structure

Middle East » Israel » North District » Golan April 2nd 2018

Monday we went on an outing led by a guide. Families drove their own cars in convoy, following the guide's car. We had flags from the resort clipped to our rear windows so they were visible above the cars and we could stay together. There were about 5 cars in the tour group. Our guide Shouka was one of the original members of the Ramot moshav. He showed us their avocado orchard with its delicious looking fruit. The moshav also built the Ramot Resort where we are staying this week. Shouka continues to be a member of the moshav community and a part owner of the resort. The first stop was at a spot with with four tanks of different kinds: an Israeli, an American, a Soviet, and a British. As it was a family-friendly exhibit ... read more
Well from abandoned Circassian village

Middle East » Israel » North District » Golan March 30th 2018

We were in the Golan at Ramot Resort for the Passover holiday week. We drove up from home through the green hills and valleys of the southern Galilee. Traffic was lighter than expected, probably because we managed to leave about 10am. This despite a bit of drizzle or light rain which diminished as we proceeded on our way. We drove around the northern shore of the Kinneret - the Sea of Galilee - and reached our hotel on the rise above the northeastern shore. after checking in and having a light lunch, we went out to look over the sea. The weather continued to clear. Before our final preparations preceding the Passover seder, we took a picture of the sun about to set over the western shore. For the seder Rabbi Stewart Weiss and his wife ... read more

Middle East » Israel » North District » Golan October 11th 2017

Hello again from Israel. would you believe in 12 days we will be back in th old USA 😁 Today we are in the far northeast of Israel. We drove up into the Golan Heights. We were able to see into Syria see where the Israel- Syria war happened.. The roads are narrow and you do see signs of the war. We made a loop and went up to the Lebanese border but could not get to the border. We drove up the east side of Lake Galilee AKA Kinneret "Lake of the Harp" as from the air it is harp shaped. All the meaningful area near the lake are on the west side. Tiberias, Ginosar, Tabgha, Capernnaum. etc. Here are some images from today always Lowell... read more
Rest stop on route 99
Ein Quinine  A Druz village mostly inhabited  by Syrians who are Israeli citizens
Ein Quinniyye

Middle East » Israel » North District » Golan October 11th 2017

Sorry folks ther's an adendum On the Golan blog images 9,10,11 is NOT Syria 😲 It is the Yavne'el Valley. Images taken from across the street from where we are staying Lowell... read more
Never got finished,  across  from where we are staying

Middle East » Israel » North District » Golan October 1st 2017

had breakfast at our hotel in tiberius Aviv for the last time and packed our gear to go down the road to Annats house bnb which is closer to the sea we unloaded our bags and headed to Gamla called massadah of the north because it withstood a siege for 7 months from herod and then 2 roman legions came and defeated them but with heavy casualties however all 9000 Jews were either killed by the romans or fell from the cliffs to their deaths. this is an amazing area of the Golan heights and in the winter has an amazing waterfall but it was dry this time of year. Apparently Flaius Josephus was here during the revolt and may have even been a leader but he escaped and was later caught near Nazereth. we then ... read more

Middle East » Israel » North District » Golan October 19th 2016

I planned this trip because I just love the trail. One of the most beautiful in Israel. Late Tuesday morning we gathered at the Dvora Falls parking lot and left one car there. Then we went to the Jilaboun parking lot. Most of the hikers start this trail at the Dvora waterfall, follow the valley downstream to the Jilaboun waterfall, and then climb out of the valley to the Jilaboun parking lot, but to save us the arduous ascent at the end of the trail I decided to do it the other way around. So we waited a little until all the group’s participants arrived, 13 in number, and we set off. The group consisted of six adults and seven children, ranging in age from four to seventy-one, including my son, my brother and his two ... read more
Group photo
Down into the Zavitan

Middle East » Israel » North District » Golan July 22nd 2015

today we had to drop off Abraham who is leaving us to go to India but first we headed to Arbel cliff which is only a 5 min drive from where we are staying the Arbel guest house, this place is mentioned in hosea 10:14 Betharbel here the romans threw the women off the cliff with their children from Arbel cliff top you get a very good view of the sea of gallilee and the surounding area almost 360 degrees we dropped Abraham at the bus station and bid him farewell and drove to Bethsaida where some of Jesus disciples lived and there are extensive ruins there even dating back to 700bc then to the Golan heights where we stood in view of syria and could here the shelling from fighting within syria the place where ... read more

Middle East » Israel » North District » Golan July 21st 2015

Headed off this morning at 8am and went past the sea of galilee and northward we are close to the Lebanese border and the Syrian border here as we enter the Golan heights region and we notice more troops doing exercises and tanks covered in camouflage off to the side of the road. We stopped at rosh-pina a small town near the Lebanese border where in 2006 during the second war with Lebanon they were targeted with many missiles one man who lost a son in the war has set up a memorial and he tells the sad story of his sons death when his tank was hit by an anti tank missile he has set up the memorial at a high point on the hill with a spectacular view over the ha-khula valley , from ... read more

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