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Middle East » Israel » Jerusalem District » Jerusalem June 23rd 2017

Dear Blog Readers, Alarm clocks were set and breakfast was chowed down to make it out of the hotel for 8am. The plan was to get to the Western Wall as early as we could in order to beat the queues to head up onto the Temple Mount above it - one of the most sacred place for Muslims and Jews in the world. For it was here that the large slab of rock under the golden Dome of the Rock is where Muslims believe Mohammed made his ascent and where Jews believe Abraham prepared to sacrifice his son. Once we paved through the old city, we cut across the area of the Western Wall and were surprised to find no queues. The security guard there just shook his head and said, "Ramadan". Damn! After a ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Jerusalem District » Jerusalem June 19th 2017

Dear Blog Readers, The Sun is setting and the evening prayers are being blasted from the speakers nearby. The evening leaves a dusty haze as the Sun sets which makes a change from the haze of Heathrow induced pollution back home. Another action packed day as I write this post nap before heading out into the city centre for some dinner. The plan of waking at 7am fell through predictably but we were sat down for breakfast at the hotel by 8am somehow. The breakfast buffet here is something to behold. We think it has catered for pretty much every nationality. Just some of the things on the menu include noodles, smoked herring, pickled onions, and my personal favourite, tuna pasta salad. As is White family tradition, we attacked the buffet with gusto but didn't find ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Jerusalem District » Jerusalem June 18th 2017

Dear Blog Readers, We are back! We booked a week away in Israel with no real reason other than Laura missing out on it when she went on a secondary school trip due to political unrest...they ended up going to Syria instead. She sees this as her own personal pilgrimage of one of her favourite musicals. As has often been the case, relatively little planning has been involved but we booked some flights (BA) and a nice hotel (Grand Court) accompanied by a guide book and my Panama hat. We had a couple of lounge passes so decided not to slum it with the plebs at Terminal 5 and went at the buffet for three hours like it was an endurance challenge. The flight over went smoothly, as did the landing, but I struggled to stay ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Jerusalem District » Jerusalem February 14th 2017

The idea of taking a pilgrimage to the Holy Land had been in the back of my mind for years, but something had always stopped me. Whether it was terrorism concerns or wanting to do something more freewheeling and “fun” I had held back on purchasing that weighty plane ticket to Israel. This time was different. I felt God leading me and saying that this year was the time. I was ready. One reason why it worked out so well was because I was not working. I had the time and space to research, pray, and consider what I was about to embark on. For my research, I first bought every guidebook imaginable. What was perhaps the most helpful was reading Rev. James Martin’s book on Jesus and his own pilgrimage in which he wrote that ... read more
El Al
Walls of the Old City
East Jerusalem Hotel Room

Middle East » Israel » Jerusalem District » Jerusalem March 11th 2016

To Jerusalem! We woke up early (as we do, since we get the sun in our face) to head off to the bus station today. Busses run about every 10 minutes from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, so it wasn’t like we had to get there at any specific time. The ride is about 45 minutes, and drops you off near the city center. We walked up to the central market, where Marie took me to her favorite restaurant. We got Beef Azura, which, as far as I can tell, is cinnamon-infused ground beef in a soupy mixture ladled onto a grilled eggplant. They love their grilled eggplant here. Regardless, delicious. We then walked through the market, where we picked up challah bread, dates, and baklava, all of which were delicious. From there, on to the old ... read more
Western Wall
Dome of the Rock
Church of the Holy Sepulcher

Middle East » Israel » Jerusalem District » Jerusalem March 9th 2016

For those of you who have been holding off on coming to Israel because you are world travelers and still have some Muslim countries you want to visit, we can let you know that you don’t have to wait any longer. Israel has stopped stamping passports. When you arrive they print a small sticker the size of many visas we’ve had and hand it to you. They do not affix it to your passport pages; they do not stamp your book. We believe they realized their political and religious issues had negatively impacted tourism or circumstances and they were impacting people’s ability to travel to other countries. So – problem solved. They are not stamping the passports. The amazing thing about having the wonderful opportunity to travel is being exposed to the differences in nations and ... read more
Walling Wall
Viewpoint near St. George Monastery
Jordan River Baptisim

Middle East » Israel » Jerusalem District » Jerusalem February 24th 2016

Our last day in Israel. We leave in the morning for Egypt. We have made friends and bonded with the people that were on the Gray tour bus (or as Diane calls it the Gary bus) and it is difficult to say goodbye. Our guide, Deeb, was excellent and really helped us make sense of so many analogies in Jesus' teaching. Our bus driver, Honey, did an excellent job of getting us from place to place and even fixing the bus when it was broken down. So today was a bitter sweet day. Our first stop was the Mount of Olives where Jesus is to return. You have a beautiful view of the city from there and on the way up. We walked down and the pictures don't begin to show how steep the hill was. ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Jerusalem District » Jerusalem February 16th 2016

Ihr Lieben alle miteinander! Der Count Down läuft, ich kann es gar nicht fassen😳, meine Zeit hier geht mit Riesenschritten voran. Wieder werde ich nicht alles schaffen, was ich sehen oder tun wollte. So ist es! Der Arbeitsalltag ist schon so drin, da gibt es kaum Neuigkeiten, alles wiederholt sich. Obwohl ich schon viel Zeit m Nähzimmer verbringen durfte (ich habe das als Privileg gesehen. Ingrid, ich glaube du darfst bestimmt gerne das nächste Mal mitkommen)!!! Seit einiger Zeit liegen die genähten Bookmarks im Laden und werden tatsächlich gekauft. Wie schön. Aber Br Simon Petrus möchte ja viel lieber Stolen kreieren, weil er sich weiterentwickeln will! Seine Aussage. In dieser Ausgabe werdet ihr auch die Mönche von uns "kennenlernen" mit ein paar Charaktereigenschaften, Vorlieben etc. und anhand der Bilder könnt ihr euch so ein bisschen ein ... read more
Wer kennt den Maler?
Straßenbäume in Tel Aviv
Der Studienraum in unserem Gästehaus

Middle East » Israel » Jerusalem District » Jerusalem February 4th 2016

Throughout my travel life I have always felt that it was important to maintain, as best as possible, an observational attitude towards the places I have visited. I don’t feel it is my place to interject my personal feelings towards the customs, culture or political and religious climate of the places I have chosen to visit. After all, I think one of the wonders of travel is seeing things that are different from your own world. It is what makes travel such a rewarding thing for me. Most travelers would agree that the world is becoming too generic. Inserting your own beliefs or customs can only alter the local culture and contribute to global sameness. I say observational and not objective because it is not always possible to be objective. I know that some things are ... read more
Old City
Jewish Cemetery
Holy Sepulchre

Middle East » Israel » Jerusalem District » Jerusalem January 24th 2016

Hallo ihr Lieben. Zum Teil ist Unter den Bildern nicht der ganze Text zu lesen, bzw. bei eindem Bild fehlt er ganz. Hier der Nachtrag: Bild 10. .......die Seelen der Menschheit wiegt, an diesen Bogen aufhängen und dann entscheiden, wer ins Paradies eingeht. Felsendom Bild 13. Reliquienschrein mit den Haaren Mohammeds. Man kann mit der Hand reinlassen - es wird kräftig Parfüme draufgesprüht. Bild 14. auch wenn Abbuna Schimi'on unglücklich schaut (gemeint ist Bruder Simion) , Beweisselfie aus dem Felsendom muss sein. (Nicht am Mittelpunkt) Bild vom Mittelpunkt mit den jungen Männern: Chris schaut ganz verzückt!!... read more

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