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Middle East » Israel » Jerusalem District » Jerusalem May 10th 2022

The best part of my job while working on a cruise ship is, that once in a while I get to escort guest tours. Since I started cruising again last December I have been able to add a few new countries to my travel list. Yesterday I had the chance to visit the city of Jerusalem, a place that was not really on my list, but I was really excited to see the city. From Ashdod were our ship docked it was a 2 hour drive to the city of Jerusalem. The tour itself would take about 10 hours. We covered so much much during this day and a lot of walking was involved. We had 33 guest on board of the bus and while our tour guide was leading the tour I was staying in ... read more
View of the city of Jerusalem
Western Wall
Jewish cemetery

Middle East » Israel » Jerusalem District » Jerusalem September 1st 2020

A large number of Persian Jews who came to Jerusalem at the end of the 19th century arrived in vain, and the lowliness of their situation led to an attempt to expel them from the country. The writer of the newspaper "Havatzelet" 12 Shevet 1894: "A spectacle of terror we saw on Wednesday of this week in our city, a play that irritates the heart and soul. Many of our brothers, the children of Israel, residents of Persia, came this month to seize our city, to escape it from the heavy exile that rests on our people in the cities of Persia. The public will love them, and the alms that were collected from us - the residents of Jerusalem, revived their lives. Suddenly a decree was issued against them by the exalted government to leave ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Jerusalem District » Jerusalem July 14th 2020

There are many cities in the world, big and small, noisy and quiet, for business and leisure, but there is not a single city in the world that looks like Jerusalem. Jerusalem is the cradle of three religions – Jewish, Christian and Muslim. Its atmosphere is saturated with the rich and ancient history of the universe and the birth of humanity. Only in Jerusalem can you feel the power of history and the vulnerability of man to time. In this city, you can see how the ancient past and the turbulent present touch. "Jerusalem, you are a city built to unite all» This is what king David called the capital of the Jewish people and their state in Psalm 122. What makes Jerusalem so special in our eyes?Bible researchers have counted 70 names of Jerusalem: The ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Jerusalem District » Jerusalem January 19th 2020

Following breakfast, we boarded the bus, but for some reason there were no wake up calls so several people were late. It was rainy and cold. Our agenda today was to get to the Dome of the Rock. This is the huge gold dome that you see in just about any picture of Jerusalem. The dome is under Muslim control and they can and do close it often, so it is tricky getting to go there. This is my fourth trip to Israel and I have only been there one time until today. Today we were successful!! The Dome of the Rock is considered a most holy site by Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike. It is the third most holy site to Muslims following Mecca and Medina. It is built on Mt. Moriah, the site where ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Jerusalem District » Jerusalem December 2nd 2019

2019 11 Israel 11-13-2019 Jerusalem, Israel Thu do cua Israel la Jerusalem . Voi 9 trieu dan ma 74% la Jewish, 21% laArab, va 5% la nhung sac dan khac. Nuoc Do Thai la nuoc co ton giao phuc tap nhat voi 74% la Judaism, 17% la Hoi ngiao, 2% la Catholist, 5% la nhung ton giao khac. Rong 20,770 km2 nho hon Viet Nam khoang 12 lan. Moi dau nguoi kiem duoc khoang 40,000 do lo /nam. Israel la country nam o Western Asia giap ranh voi Dai tay Duong va Red Sea. Phia Bac giap ranh voi Lebenon, phia Dong Bac voi Syria, phia dong voi Jordan, trong do co Palestines o Gaza va West bank o phia Dong va Tay con giap voi Egypt phia Tay Nam. Dan Israel ngay xua den tu ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Jerusalem District » Jerusalem October 27th 2019

Sain nukuttua hyvin: klo 21 - 6. Hain kaupasta leivän ja kosher-kahvilasta kahvin. Ostin netistä huomiselle päiväretken Kuolleellemerelle. Lähdin asunnolta klo 8.40. Juna lähti lentokentälle klo 9.09 ja sieltä oli vaihtoyhteys Jerusalemiin klo 9.31. Juna ajoi pysähtymättä suoraan Jerusalemin uudelle asemalle, joka oli syvällä maan sisässä. Olin etukäteen miettinyt erityisen paljon liikkumista Jerusalemissa. Ulkoministeriön matkustustiedote kirjoitti ( "Vältä julkisen liikenteen ja Länsi- ja Itä-Jerusalemin läpi kulkevan Light Rail –raitiovaunun käyttöä mahdollisuuksien mukaan." Aloin sitten etsiä netistä tietoa siitä, mihin tuo perustui ja ilmeni että vuonna 2016 oli tapahtunut jotain ratikkalinjan pohjoisella pääteosuudella, joka on Itä-Jerusalemin puolella. USA puolestaa kieltää käyttämästä busseja, mut... read more

Middle East » Israel » Jerusalem District » Jerusalem December 15th 2018

"Non è la prima volta e non sara' l'ultima. Ma ieri e' corso il sangue dentro la Basilica del Santo Sepolcro dopo che l'ennesima disputa tra pope greco -ortodossi e monaci armeni e' degenerata in una rissa da saloon, a calci e pugni, ceri branditi come bastoni, tabernacoli rivoltati, inseguimenti e agguati nella penombra delle navate, i pellegrini in fuga terrorizzati. Con intervento finale della polizia israeliana in tenuta antisommossa e arresto di due tra i piu' focosi contendenti." No, non e' la prima volta e non sara' nemmeno l'ultima che il Mercante vi racconta cazzate ma in questo caso e' tutto vero: il virgolettato e' preso parola per parola da La Repubblica del 10 Novembre 2008 e comunque questo genere di "battibecchi" sono davvero frequenti. Ma come siamo messi quest'anno in vista del Sacro Natale? ... read more
Cupola della Roccia
Muro del Pianto
Tel  Aviv vista da Jaffa

My last day of I had signed up for a tour of Masada and the Dead Sea. One of the house guests also signed up so Florent and I set off to experience this tour. Florent is a young Frenchman, working in Moscow that is here for holiday too. Out the door we went to the Hotel down the hill to get picked up by the tour bus...the whole thing was a bit confusing at first but a hour later and a transfer of busses we were off to head out of Jerusalem to Massada. Our first stop was marked by the sign indicating we were at see level and heading further down. Into the desert we often do you get to see camels when looking out your window? Camels! We then came to ... read more

Today my host (friend) set up a meeting for me with her friend to get a special, off the beaten path, view of Jerusalem. I met Sara downtown Jerusalem and spent the next several hours experiencing this city she loves through her eyes and her stories. I could not believe the pocket neighborhoods hiding in this big city. Absolutly beautiful! Sara was so sweet during the next couple of hours and was very concerned that I wasn't asking any questions. I couldn't because I was just soaking everything in. Again, here I was experiencing something special that another tourist would never get. I have been consistently humbled to have received the many gifts that Isreal has given to me! After several hours of walking and listening to Sara, she invited me back to her home for ... read more

This morning I was accompanying Lori back into the Old City so she could walk Via Dolorosa. She had never done so. It was also an opportunity to enter into the Old City through a different gate. We walked through an Arab cemetery to get to the Lions Gate. From there I was able to impart what I had learned on my tour and has the pleasure of visiting the stations again. However, before we began, we spent some time in the Church of St. Anne. Not only was this church amazingly beautiful in an understated and simple way but the acoustics are amazing. People come from all over to take their turn singing in this beautiful church. Lori and I sat through several groups of people from several different countries/languages listening to their devotional offerings. ... read more

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