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Middle East » Israel » Jerusalem District » Jerusalem December 11th 2014

Today begins our third day waking up in Jerusalem. We have basically the same breakfast buffet. Again they have the small four-inch olive pizzas. This morning the oatmeal appears to be very runny; and, unlike previous mornings the cauldrons on either side of the buffet line are nearly full. I try some anyway, and I detect a hint of burnt oatmeal and this may be why it’s diluted. The first morning I tried the oatmeal, I also thought there was a hint of having been burned on the bottom of the pan. I love the sesame pastries; which, I gather are similar to their larger cousins, an oval shaped sesame coated treat that must be the “donut of choice” for locals. I’m skipping the hot eggs and hot dogs again, and Sharon is going with scrambled ... read more
Statue of Mary as a child with her mother
Pools of Bethesda
Tractor used to bring trash out of the old city

Middle East » Israel » Jerusalem District » Jerusalem December 10th 2014

We met Erin and Dennis for breakfast. By now I know the oatmeal is really good, so I got some of that, skipping the cheese and the deli meats and those little hot dogs that really don’t pass for breakfast sausage. Is it just me? I tried both the triangle shaped and rectangular shaped sesame pastry items to try and determine the difference, and I’m wondering if the triangular ones aren’t flakier. I decided to try some of their cold cereal as well, they have five types from Rice Krispy’s, Corn Flakes, Cocoa Puffs, Raisin Bran and a bran flake nut and fruit mix. They sure do like their Cocoa Puffs over here, because I don’t recall them being this popular in the states. They’ve been at every breakfast that we’ve had in the Holy Land! ... read more
Chapel of the Ascension on Mt. Olives
Want a camel ride with Police escorts?
Courtyard of Pater Noster with plaques of Our Father in many languages

Middle East » Israel » Jerusalem District » Jerusalem November 4th 2014

Hi all Hope you're all fine The working world means I have much less time for holidays....but more money to spend on them! And my latest adventure took me to Israel.Whilst the country is absolutely teaming with history, it also has, as we know, a huge problem with terrorism. Unluckily for me, just a few days after it was all booked, the latest trouble erupted this summer. Fortunately by the time I went, the worst of it was over. But I had done a lot of researching and prepared myself for a lot of questioning and security searching as well have realised that as far as the everyday tourist goes, the risk of trouble isn't much greater than London or the USA. And then two days before I leave....more trouble as a far right Jew gets ... read more
Christ's Tomb
Site of the crucifixion
Via Dolorossa

Middle East » Israel » Jerusalem District » Jerusalem July 21st 2014

Israël, dernier jour. Jérusalem. Après un coucher très anticipé, nous voilà levés de très bonne heure pour profiter à fond du programme de notre dernière journée : la tant attendue vieille ville de Jérusalem. Un petit déjeuner royal (et gratuit) à l’hôtel, et on se met en route. Devant nous, imposants, se dessinent les séculaires murs érigés par Suleyman Le Magnifique. Moi qui depuis tout petit fantasme sur cette ville que je trouve incroyable et fascinante, c’est avec une certaine émotion que je franchis la majestueuse Porte de Jaffa. Alors que l’on commence à déambuler dans les ruelles du quartier chrétien, on repère une pub offrant une visite gratuite des quatre quartiers. Quelques minutes plus tard, on embarque avec un groupe d’une dizaine de personnes et Ryan, notre enthousiaste guide pour une visite de deux heures. ... read more
Corps du Christ crucifié, lavé puis enterré (de droite à gauche)
Dôme du Rocher derrière le minaret d'Al-Aqsa
Façade du Saint-Sépulcre

Middle East » Israel » Jerusalem District » Jerusalem July 20th 2014

16:05 Bus Charleroi-Lille. Belgique. Aujourd’hui, la dernière étape de mon périple : la trois fois sainte Yerushaláyim , Al Quds... Jérusalem. Le bus nous lâche à l’entrée de la nouvelle ville, et nous voilà livrés à nous-mêmes, nos énormes sacs sur le dos. Un coup d’œil à la carte et au soleil, et on se met en route. Sur la route vers l’hôtel, je remarque une large allée sombre et prometteuse : un marché qui me rappelle la Chine. Ca peut être intéressant pour la suite. Nous arrivons à l’Abraham Hostel, conseillé par le Florentine Hostel de Tel Aviv. A peine entrés, on réalise que c’est exactement le même genre : ambiance jeune et très chaleureuse, multiples activités proposées allant de la « rencontre avec des ultra-orthodoxes » à la découverte du site de Pétra en ... read more
Clairement !
Marché Jérusalem

Middle East » Israel » Jerusalem District » Jerusalem June 24th 2014

Advice to anyone coming to Israel anytime soon....spend as much time in Jerusalem as possible As we're sitting on the roof of our hotel/convent on our last night in the Holy Land, we are realizing how hard it will be to leave such a spiritually and historically packed place. We've spent two full days touring around Jerusalem and have one more half day before heading back to Tel Aviv to board our plane to the states. Not only will it be hard to leave behind all the cities and sites we won't be able to make it to, but we'll also miss out on the endless information that naturally flows from every place we've gone. But we've come to terms with the fact that there's always more to see, learn, and experience! We are going to ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Jerusalem District » Jerusalem May 29th 2014

I'm back. It has sure been awhile - five months to be precise, and the second-longest travel hiatus I've had since starting the blog - so before we get started, a brief life update is in order. The last time I wrote, I was unemployed in the middle of winter. I managed to find a job one month later working for an events company where I work on loads of spreadsheets and not a lot else. I didn't have much idea of what my plan was at the time; where I was going to go, what I was going to do, and indeed how much longer I was going to be in London. On top of trying to settle into my new job, this made it difficult to plan any trips. Three months went past during ... read more
Dome Of The Rock
Tile Detail
Written Prayers

Middle East » Israel » Jerusalem District » Jerusalem May 28th 2014

Yom Yerushalayim in Jerusalem is the anniversary of the June 1967 reunification of Jerusalem, when Israel gained control of the Old City of Jerusalem at the end of the Six Day War. We had seen many Israeli school and teen groups by the Wall on the eve of this day, Tuesday night, when we were visiting the Western Wall Tunnels, but when we arrived back around 4:30 pm from Masada it was even more incredible. Huge groups carrying dozens of full size Israeli flags (not the little ones on sticks the way we Americans do on Fourth of July) were headed up the avenue past our hotel to the big rally at the top of King George Street from where a march would happen in the early evening down from West Jerusalem to the Old City. ... read more
Maureen welcomes us to her home
At Maureen's apartment
Music on the roof with Rachel singing and Gila on violin

Middle East » Israel » Jerusalem District » Jerusalem May 22nd 2014

I never really planned to go to Jerusalem. It is not that I planned not to go, but I was just so caught up in travelling around Eastern Europe. However, as my friend moved to Jordan with an invitation for me to visit her, my boyfriend suggested that we also visit Israel. While not on my travel wish list, I will have to admit that as a historian Jerusalem fascinates me. I have spent years studying the cultural and political meeting between East and West and the concepts of identity formation and nationalism through this meeting. One might say that it is in my very DNA to appreciate the symbolism which Jerusalem holds for so many people, and to want to become better acquainted with it myself - though on a less symbolic and more touristy ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Jerusalem District » Jerusalem May 21st 2014

Jerusalem is a dirty town which all Semitic religions have made holy... In it the united forces of the past are so strong that the city fails to have a present; its people with the rarest exceptions, are characterless as hotel servants, living on the crowd of visitors passing through.- T.E. Lawrence quoted in Scott Anderson's Lawrence in Arabia His words, though very undiplomatic, are just as befitting for 2014 as they were back in 1915 when Lawrence wrote them in a WW1 report to the British War Ministry on the situation in the Middle East. The old city, which lies within Suleiman's 500 year old walls, is a city which in many ways lives in the past rather than looking towards the future. Overcramped with souvenir shops selling Chinese produced religious symbols catering to Christians, ... read more

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