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Middle East » Israel » Center District » Ra'anana May 15th 2018

After 15 hours in the air we finally arrived back in Israel very tired but pleased to be home. We had visited San Francisco, flown via Houston to Quito, toured the Galapagos Islands by yacht with flights from Quito and back, flown via Houston to a Cabo San Lucas resort at the southern tip of the Baja peninsula in Mexico, and now we made it home again via San Franciso long haul. Including indirect connections, our total flight distance was over 27,000 miles / 40,000 km - farther than once around the world. The next day we would start to reflect on our experiences of the past 21 days ! There was one positive side-effect of our travel weariness and jetlag after the 9-10 hour timezone shift. A couple of days later we celebrated the ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Center District » Ra'anana March 15th 2018

We had a brief wait in London Heathrow airport before boarding our final BA flight to Israel. We looked at each other, shook our heads and said how much simpler everything could have been if we had originally flown El Al from Tel Aviv to Newark with code-share on AA to Chicago and back, rather than using British Airways. At least last night's flight from Newark would have taken us directly home instead of this stopover in London. Our last flight from London was on time and we made it back home - just two days later and one serious diversion from our original plan. Glad to be back, but at least we finally saw all Don's family even if it took two location stops. .... read more

Middle East » Israel » Center District » Ra'anana January 24th 2016

Our adventure nearly didn't get started as despite having had a flu jab, I (Lesley) went down with the flu on Tuesday. On Sunday morning the doctor agreed that I could fly. We spent Sunday packing and went to the airport to meet up with the group only 10 minutes late. But we weren't the last.We checked in and made for the lounge. From the lounge window we could see the beginnings of the storm due to hit Israel after our departure. We seem to have picked our vacation times well because during the last storm we were away and missed the flooding in Raanana. As we settled down and I was taking my evening tablets I remembered the half sleeping tablet given to me by the hospital when I had my hip op. I had ... read more
Our touring zone in Africa

Middle East » Israel » Center District » Ra'anana June 12th 2007

It is important to note, for my American readers, that Israel has an odd sense of "weekend". The weekend lasts from the middle of Friday until sundown on Saturday. So Sunday, in Israel, is really the same thing as Monday in the states. So that's why everything is open on Sundays here. Sunday, I amazed my grandmother my declining her offer to take me to the mall. Instead, I requested that we go to the Diaspora Museum located on Tel Aviv University's campus. The Diaspora Museum is one of the largest museums in the world related to the Jewish people and their history around the world in various communities in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to take pictures while I was in there (a security guard admonished me loudly), but I ... read more
Path to the Sea
Sharon Beach
The Mediterranean

Middle East » Israel » Center District » Ra'anana June 9th 2007

I arrived in Israel after 8 long hours in the Charles DeGaulle airport. All I really have to say about that experience is that you better have two hours in between your flights because getting from terminal to terminal is a job and a half, and you also better figure out a way to smuggle your own water, because the freaking French try and charge you 4 euros for a bottle of water. And it's not even a good ole 20 oz American size bottle of water. It's one of those socialist bottles of water that is in some metric weight that I don't even know how to read. And they don't have any restaurants in the "secure" terminal. My four and a half hour flight from Paris to Israel was aboard some crappy Airbus plane ... read more
Herzliya Marina
Herzliya Marina Again

Middle East » Israel » Center District » Ra'anana May 28th 2007

Dictionaries are a wonderful thing. If anything, when you're highly bored or slightly out of your mind from the pain in your take a look and see what's really in that magical book. A quick glance in the "B" section gives me "biological warfare" (לחמה ביולוגית) or "to build air raid shelters" (למקלת) which in reality that last ת should be a ת sofit, but I can't figure out how to do that on my keyboard at the moment. Then comes the distinction of "to get someone pregnant" which is not equal to "to make pregnant" however it all looks the same in Hebrew; להכניס להיריון. Which come to think of it....who the hell says "I come to make you pregnant now." It sounds like some creepy command that a guy makes and the ... read more
It's not the size of the boat...
This better not be me...
Oh man....

Middle East » Israel » Center District » Ra'anana May 5th 2007

I would like to dedicate this entry to my nose, my stuffy head and my general unpleasant-ness that accompanies those parts of my anatomy. You America, I had asthma. I mean, I still have asthma (praise G-d if moving to Israel cured me of that), but I have never had any allergies except the stuff I was umm...allergic to. Meaning, when I say I was allergic to cat dander that meant that when I came into contact with cats, I would have an allergic reaction somewhat. Not that Israel has ANY shortage of cats….. Or when I say I'm allergic to bee stings, I would have to be stung in order to go into anaphylactic shock (lamans terms: swell up, lungs close, pretty much my whole body starts to die). But never just more ... read more
I model him.
Damn Mosquitoes

Middle East » Israel » Center District » Ra'anana April 29th 2007 I wrote this blog on the 23rd and it's now.....the 29th. But who's counting? :) Oh come on now. Cell phones are killing bees? Bees???. Give me a break. Upon picking up the International Herald Tribune, I came across this ridiculous article. First, people think that talking too much on cell phones are frying their brain cells and it leads to brain cancer. They even made these ridiculous band-aid looking things to attach to your cell phone so that it "blocks" the harmful death rays your cell phone apparently emits. Now that that crazy fad has passed, the newest harmful thing is that we're actually killing nature's bees. They even quoted Albert Einstein (a great Jewish man by the way) when he said that "If bees were to disappear, the human race would follow suit ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Center District » Ra'anana April 11th 2007

So each day I start out with a list of things that I have to do that day, like most normal people do. Sometimes if I'm motivated, I'll even write it out but most of the time I just rely on my usually coherent mind to actually remember the stuff I need to do. A lot of the things I need to do center around the basic needs of a human being... 1) food (always an adventure here in Israel) 2) shelter (a never ending battle to make my apartment look more homely) 3) hygiene ( one likes a dirty girl - unless you know ....wink wink) Of course there are other "needs" such as education, people contact, and love. But let's go with the basics first. In my next to last post, I talked ... read more
Thick and Hawaiian
Toilet room

Middle East » Israel » Center District » Ra'anana March 27th 2007

OK so this is going to be a short blog, but I wanted to share this story with you. So we get food paid for us at work during the night shift. Depending on how many people are working depends on the food we get. Tonight in particular we had 11 people working which meant to only be able to spend 100NIS we had to come up with a cost effective way. Hence the idea to go to the supermarket and get cold cuts, cheese, salads, and bread. We even threw in some barukahs (potato filled pastries...not periogies but actual pastries). Delicious, right? Well............................................ This is apparently the busiest supermarket EVER in Israel, and it doesn't help that Pesach is almost here and that means that people are cooking for their whole family and their ... read more
Cart Hell

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