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Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Cardiff May 22nd 2013

Yesterday was very busy. We visited a crafter's guild in Bovey Tracey and were able to purchase some of their creations. Just like anywhere else the skill and natural talents of the artists result in extraordinary creations. Lunch was served to us at Blackmore Manor, a working dairy farm; they milk 200 cows in a parlor, 12 at a time. Blackmore is also a B&B and for 50 quid per person you can spend the night in the manor that still is for the most part completely original. Modern bathroom facilities have been added. You will receive breakfast in the great room which will be prepared with local food. In the evening we had dinner at Cardiff castle, dining on distinctive Welsh dishes and entertained by the beautiful sounds of a harp, a mc/host with quick ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Cardiff May 13th 2013

An diesem Tag bin ich zur Cardiff Bay. Dort gab es viel Kultur und ein weiteres Starbucks.... read more
Cardiff Bay.
Cardiff Bay.
Cardiff Bay.

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Cardiff May 12th 2013

An diesem Tag bin ich von Bath nach Cardiff gefahren. Unterwegs war die Zugverbindung einmal unterbrochen und es war ein Bus organisiert. In Cardiff bin ich zuerst in ein Starbucks und danach zum Hotel. Anschließend habe ich mir Cardiff Castle angesehen. Leider hat es an diesem Tag geregnet, aber das soll ja für Großbritannien nichts außergwöhnliches sein.... read more
Cardiff Castle.
In Cardiff.
Starbucks in Cardiff.

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Cardiff November 25th 2012

If there's a country in the world that is as fanatical about rugby as New Zealand, it's Wales. The All Blacks usually play the Welsh in Cardiff most Novembers and having seen on television the fabled atmosphere of the Millennium Stadium, I have always told myself that one day I would have to experience an All Black-Wales game there for myself. Well, five years after moving to London, that day has finally arrived. As with most big events in the UK, one has to have their eye on the ball to get tickets, which is a good thing we had Sag. His research and organisational skills managed to get us twelve tickets! I had marked this year as the year I would finally go to Cardiff for an All Black-Wales game and it seemed I wasn't ... read more
St Mary Street
Me & Corb
Cardiff Castle

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Cardiff November 1st 2012

Today was our last tourist day in Wales. No set wake up time so when we got ready the guesthouse manager called a cab, which took us to Cardiff Castle as the cab driver didn't know about the tea room we were looking for. Once ensuring we knew where to go, we walked back to Pettigrew Tearooms for breakfast. Roxie had a couple of items with coffee and I had hot chocolate with a crumpet and we both had a Welsh cake. I've come to really like these Welsh cakes ( Yum!! Then we walked back to Cardiff Castle (, did a guided tour and then walked around on your own. Had a display of falcons and 3 different types of owls. Got very cold and windy so went in the gift shop and browsed a ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Cardiff October 31st 2012

We began the tour with a visit to Britain's most preserved Roman town - Caerleon - "Fort of the Legion". Explored the amphitheater where gladiators fought to their death, the bath house around which much of a Roman soldier's life revolved and tried to visit the National Legionary Museum, which didn’t open until late due to a children’s Halloween program. The gift shop had a small display of artifacts we looked at and then we went next door to St Cadoc Church of Wales first started in the 15th century. We also drove by lots of other Roman ruins – this area was occupied by the Romans for some time. We drove through Caerwent, which was once a thriving market town and saw more evidence of invader occupation 1900 years ago. We then went to some ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Cardiff October 14th 2012

As you might have read in the Roar to Rio, my record of Scotland 0 was maintained with some comfort for the recent visit of the Serbs to Hampden. The Tartan Army clearly don't hold grudges for too long and my presence at another game was deemed no problem to their prospects of success on the continued rocky road. Whilst my previous incursions into the world of Welsh international football in 2002 hadn't resulted in a victory, it had resulted in me actually seeing them score. Top quality opposition too! Argentina had decided that the minnows of world football - ranked 101st in the world - would make a suitable warm up for the 2002 World Cup. The Millennium Stadium with a closed roof was a perfect replica of the indoor Sapparo stadium, but they hadn't ... read more
The Last of the Welsh Mohicans
Wales 2 Scotland 1
Spikey the Dragon

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Cardiff September 18th 2012

This is it. We're off again. Three days left at work. Eleven in the country. As before it all feels unreal with stomachs churning with a mixture of excitement and fear. That being said, Britain's respulsive winter weather has reared it's head and that's at least one very good reason to get out.... read more
Pineapple Ring
Sir Tom

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Cardiff August 12th 2012

Cardiff is all about Doctor Who. The current filming at Roath Lock Studios, the spin-off Torchwood , the rift, well, everything really. And now it is home to The Doctor Who Experience at Porth Teigr. I sighed with anticipation when I found out. Graeme seemed to think that we were only going to Cardiff to see the bronze medal Olympic playoff between the Korean and Japanese football teams. Truth be known, they wouldn't have been my choice of teams to view anyway, but hey ho, they're young teams and probably full of pizzazz. But all that was going to be after a cycle around the Bay, fortuitously passing the Doctor Who Experience. Cardiff Camping Ground at Pontcanna Fields wasn't the most scenic of camping sites but adjacent to the glorious Bute Park bordering Cardiff Castle just ... read more
Penarth Pier
Korea v Japan
Lunch stop in Penarth

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Cardiff May 25th 2012

Right, so another brilliant day – honestly, Wales is running neck and neck with Iceland for my favourite destination. Full day today – started off by going to Caerphilly Castle, about 20min north of Cardiff. (I do love their transit system here – it’s crazy easy to get everywhere) The castle is over 700 years old and is one of the best restored ones I’ve seen... and it’s huge!! The castle is surrounded by a moat, so I walked around the edge of that first and then into the castle itself. One of the towers has becoming a “leaning tower” so to speak – it looks quite sharp. Other than that, it was just nice to walk around the different empty rooms and climb up the tower for a nice view of the land. They also ... read more

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