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Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Midlothian » Edinburgh May 15th 2017

Made it off the train....short cab ride to the hotel, showered, and off to bed :) Day 1, weather pouring rain (no surprise) although the locals told us it had been dry and sunny for the past week! Regardless we treked to the Hop on Hop Off Bus and started our first day's adventure. We were told that the Palace at Holyrood (sounds like Hollywood), the residence of the Queen when she's here, was going to be closed starting Tuesday for a week, so we strayed from our usual ride the bus for a complete rotation first, and hopped off @ the Palace. This was where Mary Queen of Scotts was basically imprisoned in the mid 1500s and beheaded in 1587 by the order of her cousin Elizabeth I (watch the movie). The first structure on ... read more
Britania Crew

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Midlothian » Edinburgh April 28th 2017

Day 2 Rosslyn Chapel & Edinburgh Today is essentially a travel day. We are having issues getting the cell phone to data roam (live maps), the GPS in the car is difficult (being polite) voltage converter failed. So, getting a live map and / or using google maps directions are making things challenging. Thankfully we have been here before so we are both referring to land marks. First stop is Rosslyn Chapel was built as the St. Clair family place of worship in the 1400’s. Construction was started and stopped multiple times depending on the health of the head of the family. During this period of time in southern Scotland there were not many places of worship so Rosslyn became very popular and the Catholic Church turned it into a teaching church (kirk in Scot’s). Then ... read more
Rosslyn Chapel
Gargoyle roof drain
Rosslyn Castle Ruins

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Midlothian » Edinburgh April 10th 2017

A biting chill rides the frozen wind that crosses the esplanade in front of the castle. Visitors tuck closer behind the ancient ramparts hoping to find a protective lee, a moment of relief from the sand-like frozen mist. It proves fruitless as the gusts swirl and twist as though they originate from every direction. The ancient castle is perched high on its volcanic outcrop and looms mightily above the city below. When viewed from the streets of the lower city on stormy days like this, the castle appears to be floating in the clouds, sometimes visible and sometimes not. The sound of a lone bagpipe carries strongly upward from the streets of the New Town far below. Its distinctive sound, so engrained in the culture of this part of the world, can fill the heart with ... read more
Dean Village
Victoria Street
Edinburgh Castle

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Midlothian » Edinburgh March 28th 2017

We had a bit of time to kill. The appointment at the Palace of Nicola was not until 11 am. The events of the week in London suggested security would be tight, so we decided to give ourselves plenty of time. Check out complete and bags stored at the hotel, we set off for a stroll round the New Town. The city centre of Edinburgh is in two distinct sections, Old and New. The Old Town is dominated by the imposing Castle, perched high on the crag. The Royal Mile runs from the Castle to the Palace of Holyrood lower down the hill. A series of lanes and alleys runs off the main drag in a cluttered, unplanned system. The New Town is the complete opposite - planned on a grid. The masterpiece of town planning ... read more
Scottish Parliament
Scottish Parliament
Scottish Parliament

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Midlothian » Edinburgh March 25th 2017

It was a beautiful day and a complete contrast to the weather yesterday. We were at Portobello - Edinburgh by the Sea. I am sure in the mind of A N Other this is the Scotland Premier Seaside Resort and on a day like today, there was no finer place to be. I sampled another mouthful of my pint of Alechemy Ales Rhapsody Extra Pale Ale bitter and gazed out across the Firth of Forth. The bright lights of Kirkcaldy were clearly visible. The sea was flat calm. The sands were golden. There was not a breath of wind. The bar of the Dalriada - Edinburgh's Bar On The Beach - was scruffy, but pleasant. It was faded glory, with a beautiful tiled floor entrance, quality ale and a big bay window or outdoor seating to ... read more
Leith Docks
Leith Docks
Leith Docks

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Midlothian » Edinburgh March 23rd 2017

The haunting vocals of Katie Stelmanis boom out across the small room where Canadian electro band, Austra, are showcasing their new material. "There is only one way" "Future Politics" The new album was launched on the same day a revolution in populist politics came into power across the Pond and a President decided to become engaged in an argument about the size of an inauguration crowd, as opposed to anything meaningful. I don't know whether the choice of the title track of the album was coincidence or indeed the launch date. The timing to be in Edinburgh on a day of potential political significance was also spooky. The worldwind that was and is Brexit looms large over British politics and this week was to have seen the latest quest of the Scottish Nationalists to push for ... read more
Royal Mile
Royal Mile

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Midlothian » Edinburgh January 17th 2017

Happy New Year from Edinburgh, Scotland It’s been a while since I put pen to paper or should that be fingers to the keyboard so grab a beer and sit back for a read. When I last wrote we were in Alice waiting for Garry and Kaylee to arrive for the Masters Games. We had a great week together with them playing golf and touring around Alice to check out some of Kaylee’s old haunts from her youth. The Darts Comp was held in the Golf Clubrooms so we were privileged to witness some fine looking athletes in their prime. On the second day of the singles I managed a Bronze Medal in the B Grade and then on the third day Caroline scored a Silver Medal in the B Grade so a successful first Masters ... read more
Winners are grinners
Australia v Scotland

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Midlothian » Edinburgh November 17th 2016

Had a very entertaining trip to airport courtesy of Stephen and Fred's left tonsil! Chockey still coughing but not complaining. As we promised ourselves ,had champagne breakfast at Edinburgh airport. Will attach photo when we suss out how to do this. Next stop Heathrow!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Midlothian » Edinburgh September 15th 2016

I spent a couple hours on Monday night updating this blog from the 5th forward and got an Error 500 when I clicked Save. Lesson learned: set up the text in another file, Save, then Copy and Paste. The Conference has finished. Now we're prepping for our airport shuttle at 7:00am (here) in the morning. I will get us caught up, but now after I get home (from Denver). Thanks for your patience. Again.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Midlothian » Edinburgh September 15th 2016

Our closing day began at 9:00am. I wasn't sure when the laundry was being picked up, so I sat in the back of the room. Roger felt worse than the day before, so he stayed at the apartment. During the 11:30 break I got a text from the laundry service. He arrived in his BMW SUV about noon. Roger needed some OTC medication. While getting that I also picked up a couple small boxes and packing tape to get new purchases sent home. The final conference speaker announced the next ISBA gathering would be in Iceland in 2018, and just like that the 10th Annual was over. Goodbyes all around. I'd see one of the delegates in Colorado the following week. At the apartment I packed the boxes and filled out the paperwork for international shipping. ... read more
Bureaucracy gets in the way
Typical Edinburgh taxi
Fishers Restaurant

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