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Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Leeds September 20th 2010

During September we made some trips locally to Hull, Haworth and East Riddlesden Hall. I have been to Hull and Haworth before but it was nice to visit East Riddlesden Hall, a National Trust Property, for the first time. Hull My Dad and I made a trip to Hull one afternoon to visit The Museums Quarter and check out the maritime heritage that Hull is renowned for. On our arrival, we made our way to Hull's Old Time and to the Museums Quarter and visited the Streetlife Museum of Transport. At the museum we look around the exhibitions that celebrates 200 years of transport history including a short film; climbing on a bus, tram and signal box; walking down a 1940s high street; and finally rode in a stimulated carriage. I noticed the Green Cross Code ... read more
The Main Street
East Riddlesden Hall
Hull City Centre

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Leeds September 19th 2010

Sickness starts to increase on the bus - Cathy is sharing her bug which she caught on her European tour and Margot vomits. Lovedays are still OK. Pass through Jedburgh (Beale ancestry) before crossing the English border. Pass through more scenic Northumberland National Park. View a section of Hadrian's Wall, the Roman coast-to-coast defense against the northern tribes. York is atmospheric ie drizzling when we arrived - visit the York Minster (a cathedral where clergy are trained) huge and very heavenly, The Shambles a narrow medieval street where the second stories nearly meet, and the famous "Betty's" (not the mother in law) Tea Rooms where you you can have high tea and a "Fat Rascal - a scone with dates and sultanas.... read more
Section of Hadrian's Wall
Walled City of York

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Leeds September 12th 2010

Lotherton Hall During August, I recently spent an afternoon at Lotherton Hall, a stately home and estate, in the outer east Leeds and near the North Yorkshire border. I caught the irregular summer bus from the city centre that goes directly to the estate. I had a look round Lotherton Hall. It was the home of the Gascoigne family from the early 18th Century until 1968 where they gave it to Leeds City Council. It is worth looking around the Edwardian home for its unique collection of paintings and furniture. Look out for the Francis Wheatley Painting and furniture, 'The Irish House of Commons' in the dining room and the Shanks Independent Patent Spray Baoth in Colonel's Gascoigne's bedroom. There were objects in the house indicating that the Gascoignes were well travelled. At the entrance of ... read more
The Grand Theatre & Opera House
The Grounds at Lotherton Hall

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Leeds July 22nd 2010

Now this is becomeing more of a diary but i wanted to write something about how graduation coz i want to remember everything! It was such a lovely day. What with P2P i kind of hadnt thought about it....apart from my lack of outfit. Turns out on the day i was well excited. It began with me banning dad from wearing his jeans and him changing into his green chariity shop trousers reluctantly, coming back downstairs dragging his heels like Kevin the bloody teenager! When we got there and started seeing everyone, Sarah, Laura and the Malaysia girls it was brilliant. Bizarre really, i just never thought of actually getting to this point! Randomly real nervous though, had to have a little drink beforehand to osteady the old nerves! Anyway, the ceremony thing was....erm, long but ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Leeds July 20th 2010

I've known about this trip since January when I first got accepted onto the CELTA course. I've spent the past three days frantically preparing! It would seem that the old lazy habits I had in university are alive and doing very well! I have, however, finally purchased a flight home (BA, don't you go striking on me again!) made lists of things I need to buy, got all my paperwork together and thought about the gazillion things to do before Friday morning. Travelling's a funny thing. Once i'm there, as long as I have a guide book to hand which gives me basic info about things to do and options available, I can quite happily just go with the flow. Beforehand I will plan and plan and plan. Research the hell out of routes to/from the ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Leeds July 18th 2010

My parents and I like to travel around Yorkshire and visit its attractions. We are members of the National Trust, a conservation charity in the UK. Being members, we go and visit the National Trust properties in the region and we made visits recently to two of their properties: Nunnington Hall We drove up to Nunnington, a village between York and Thirsk in North Yorkshire. We spent the afternoon at Nunnington Hall, a former family home that sits on the banks of the River Rye and the hall blends in nicely with the village. I enjoyed looking round the period rooms and learning about how former residents lived. It was a glorious day and we explored the grounds including the sheltered walled gardens. At the property, there is a cafe where afternoon tea is served. The ... read more
Fountains Abbey Ruins
Studley Royal Water Gardens
Temple Newsam Park

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Leeds July 11th 2010

On Sunday mum and dad went home. We packed up the caravan as Andy had planned a birthday surprise. As we waved goodbye to a wet and windy Hull i was informed that after our night away i would be much more cultured. On arrival at our hotel i found a book that was full of all the things we could do. We decided that maybe the dangerous entertainment in Leeds might be too much for us and that we would rather relax for the evening. In the morning we were woken by music coming from outside. On inspection we found the local sandwich van which plays batman music announce its arrival. It went like this .. dina dina dina dina, dina dina dina dina BAP VAN! According to the van they are fighting hunger on ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Leeds May 8th 2010

Well I have been rather slack in getting the latest blog up as things have just been so busy and now it's down to a matter of weeks until I fly out of the UK and not coming back, at least not in the near future. What a wierd feeling and with the fantastic summer the UK is having, it does make me a little nostalgic. But anyway i'll back up a bit to just after Ireland when I had one of the highlights of my entire OE. As some may know, I am a huge Leeds United fan, even more so since coming to the UK, and since I have been here they have twice narrowly missed out on a promotion to a higher league, closer to where they belong. This season, they started off ... read more
The Tunnel
Me in the Changing Room
Giving an interview

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Leeds May 6th 2010

This is just some of the comedy memories we wrote at the final picnic day... Mill Street Comedy • Never getting bored of playing coinage, spoons, hula hoop game • Ems comical cooking and Carls despair of it • Carl - hiding his cornflakes and loo roll • Nick, how he’d sit in his blue shorts with his breakfast in a can and the way he’d inhale his food. Also his down syndrome baby questions and foot fetish were pretty weird. • Going to Blackpool pleasure beach and being so hung-over - the southern boys getting ripped off by the street seller. Then watching Knocked up when we got home ;-) • 4 pint challenge • Heather. Generally. And how she pulled Rach on the first night. • Aoife with her ‘wee noodle on her head’. ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Leeds May 1st 2010

During April and at the beginning of May I made two day trips to Durham and Newcastle. Durham My parents and Angie dropped me off in Durham on their way to Edinburgh. Durham is a wonderful historic city between Darlington and Newcastle. Durham is quite small compared to York and Edinburgh. It took me only half a day to look around the main attractions. I had a walk by the River Wear where you can look up to Durham Cathedral, the city's impressive landmark when everyone sees when arriving in the city especially by train. Then I visited the cathedral which is an impressive building. The cathedral was built from 1093 to 1274 AD and I took the opportunity to climb up the tower and got great views despite the weather being overcast. After visiting the ... read more
Newcastle City Centre
View of the Castle from the Top
Market Square

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