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This is my first attempt at a travel blog so here goes! Having spent the last 2 weeks feeling rather sick at the uncertainty of the Virgins Pilot strike threat, I went back to my crazy super excited self yesterday when the strike was called off! Yay, we will be going to WDW in 3 weeks! Our Disney reservation came in the post yday and also our 2 day Universal ressie. We have: Deluxe Disney Dining Plan -CHECK 3 week Disney Ultimate tickets - CHECK 2 park Universal tickets -CHECK Seaworld tickets -CHECK Passport -CHECK Passport photocopies -CHECK ESTAS -CHE... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Huddersfield July 12th 2010

Welcome to Ben and Jack's Tour Blog a diary of where we have been and what we have seen on our year long tour of Europe in our Globebus Motorhome. We are scheduled to start on Tuesday 17th August 2010 when we drive to Hull and cross the North Sea to Rotterdam on the overnight ferry. Call back here to to keep up to date on our progress. ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Huddersfield July 11th 2010

In advance of departure we have set up a blog for interested parties to follow our trip. Its address is - Hopefully you will be able to follow our progress and share this once in a lifetime trip with us. ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Huddersfield July 11th 2010

Only five weeks to go and lots more to do before we set of via Hull and Rotterdam. ... read more

Today is not very nice. We woke up to find it raining and very grey and cool. Originally we were going to go shopping at Tesco and the various stores around the Reebok Stadium precinct but decided to head off straight to Huddersfield instead. We travelled over the M62 in pouring rain. During this part of the trip we actually crossed the highest motorway in the UK at Saddleworth Moor. A high point in a crap day. We carried to Huddersfield and I took the wrong exit for the second time in two days. Such is life. Anyway, we went for a round about drive and ended up at Robin’s place eventually. Strangely enough, we went through the town that we were having dinner at later that evening - not that we knew that at the ... read more
01 Dave and Gill's Conservatory
02 Back garden
03 More back garden

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Huddersfield June 25th 2009

Today is rather momentous 1. This is my first blog entry 2. I have installed skype onto Netty 3. BT have accepted my resignation 4. Mum and I had a little cry this morning 5. Christian was home for tea on time ;o) 23 days until 'launch'... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Huddersfield September 3rd 2008

OK, so I lied a bit in the description, and I am writing something here before I go. Just thought I'd make sure this thing all works properly before heading off. Fail to prepare and prepare to fail and all that. With that said, I do feel hideously unprepared considering that next Monday I leave the country for the best part of a year. There still feels like a million and one things that I need to buy/do and not nearly enough time to do them. Including getting a new Ipod. Sadly, the battery life of my trusty old warhorse is now around 1 hour. Considering some of the bus journeys around South America can be upto 20 hours, I don't quite think it will hack it. And then there are other little important things like ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Huddersfield August 19th 2007

The Countdown With only 12 days to go, it's getting a bit nervy..have I got enough socks?! ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Huddersfield July 10th 2007

Hi Sam, Ian, Maggie, Jo, Sharon, Vince and all at Mecca Oldham - These last few weeks have been difficult, working out of Wakefield (no offence to the Wakefield team I'm sure they know). Going through the smoking ban without you, but I was thinking of you anyway .... Just to let you know - my dogtag is still in place - I'm Mecca Oldham branded through and through - BUT - I will have to remove all jewellery when I get over there, even my silver chain necklace that hasn't left my neck properly since I was 12 - but I have a plan ! I'll keep my necklace with my dogtag threaded through a belt tag on my trousers / shorts - so you'll always be with me ! And of course I'll always ... read more

UntitledCarolyn PerkinsHi all, bought my rucksack today - one of the last things I had to buy. My bike is serviced, new tyres, new chain and sprockets, new head bearing thingys .... ok it's not clean yet but will be before I head off to leave it in Spain ! I fly out to Guatemala City on 29th September but between now and then I'll be in Spain for most of the time - coming back to UK last couple of weeks in Sept to spend some time with Alan - hopefully he still won't be in denial ! Anyway, I'm still working for Mecca Bingo (am based in Wakefield at mo) for one more week. Then ... that's it - 17 years for one company and goodbye !! I get my last rabies jab this ... read more

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