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Peter Edwards

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Legian February 16th 2012

A nice relaxing day this morning, had breakfast and a bit of a swim. This afternoon we had a long walk along the beach to Legian. We must have walked 6 kilometres in the heat of the day. We just keep saying to ourselves that it’s good exercise. We had a look in a few shops on the way and had a late afternoon lunch at a Lebanese restaurant. Very nice food; a Lebanese pizza and samosas but with Middle Eastern spices. After that we headed back along the beach to the hotel to watch and photograph the sunset. Always nice to watch when the sun sets over the ocean. This evening we went for a massage to ease the body from the day’s toils of walking in the tropical heat and humidity. After the massage ... read more
01 View from our room
02 Legian Beach
03 Legian Beach

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud February 15th 2012

Today started off pretty much as we anticipated. The driver we had arranged to collect us did not arrive. Up to last week everything was all right until I asked him the price and I had not heard from him since. Anyhow we arranged another driver from the pool at the hotel and we went on a 6 hour tour of central Bali, primarily to places that paid commission. I just wonder if an extra Rp100,000 tip to the driver would prevent that happening. In six hours about the only non-commission paying place we saw was some terraced paddy fields and that was at our request. We were just amazed at the urbanisation of South Bali. When we went to Jimbaran on Sunday it was pretty much urban all the way and today we headed east ... read more
01 Bali traffic
02 Carved doors
03 Silver shop

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta February 14th 2012

Today we spent the morning around the hotel and in the pool. We have been blessed with sensational weather since we arrived and a morning swimming in the pool is a great way to prepare us for the afternoon walk. In the afternoon we headed into Kuta to have a good look around and walk the streets. We started off by walking along the beach again which is much easier than having to fight the traffic and pedestrians on the road. It’s also very pleasant and there are also a few stall holders along the way, all with the coldest drinks in Bali. The plan was to go to Poppies Lanes, two narrow streets that run from the beach to Jalan Legian, the main night club area. These two streets are full of shops and places ... read more
01 Shrine at hotel
02 Bar at Pool Area
03 Kuta Beach

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Nusa Dua February 13th 2012

Today was a rather relaxing day. In the morning we had a swim and a laze around the pool for couple of hours before lunch. We then went for a walk along the beach boardwalk, really a paved path, towards Kuta. This was a really nice walk and surprisingly we were not hassled by vendors. There were a few, but a shake of the head and they accepted it quite well. Our intention was to get a massage and we went to place called Melasti Spa. We had a one hour massage which they called a Melasti massage, a combination of Balinese, Swedish and Shiatsu techniques. How can someone so small inflict such pain? The massage was great and we will be going back there again. It only cost Rp115,000 or about $12. Such good value. ... read more
02 Kuta Bay
03 At the Boardwalk Cafe
04 Lunchtime drinks - no alcohol

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Jimbaran February 12th 2012

Today we decided just to relax and go shopping before heading off to Jimbaran Bay for our sunset dinner. It is, of course, our 35th wedding anniversary today, the reason for our trip. We had breakfast at the hotel and then went for a swim in the pool to occupy a few hours. After this we went to Carrefour for a bit of a look around the store. There are a lot of small shops in the complex so we looked at them before heading into the hypermarket itself. As usual we forgot to eat lunch so by the time late afternoon came around we were starving and ready to head down to Jimbaran. The afternoon was just sensational and the bay is beautiful, with the exception of all the rubbish on the beach, mainly plastic. ... read more
01 View from our room
02 The hotel pool
03 Statue of Hindu God

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta February 11th 2012

We had a great start to our holiday. The gods and wind were on our side today and we flew straight to Bali without having to stop for refuelling in Darwin. In the end we arrived about 2 hours earlier than expected. On arrival at Bali we cleared customs and of course, because we were so early our lift was not there. In the end we decided to get a cab to the hotel. It nearly broke the bank costing the grand sum of Rp50,000 or $5. We checked into the hotel and we got our ground floor room as requested which opens up into beautiful tropical gardens and the three pools. The gardens lead down to the pool area and then onto the beach with the boardwalk running along the beach to Kuta itself. It ... read more
03 - Indonesian Islands
04 - Indonesian Island with steep cliffs
05 - Our first view of Bali

Asia » Indonesia » Bali February 10th 2012

Here we go again. Off to Bali for the first time on Saturday. The dates are a bit messed up, on the trip because of the UTC times but all will be well. Look out for uddates on a daily basis.... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon June 20th 2010

This is our last full day in Hong Kong so it’s flat out full time shopping and sightseeing. Our first stop was to take a walk up Nathan Road to check out a few shops on the way to Mong Kok. We had to go into Chungking Mansions, a place of ill repute. There is a rabbit warren of shops in this building but a lot weren’t open early in the day so it wasn’t real busy. There are nearly 2,000 cheap rooms available here in various guesthouses. Have a look on Wikipedia for a lot more information about this rambling building. By the way, Mansions is a gross exaggeration. We continued up Nathan Road looking into the windows and dreaming of being able to afford some of the items in the jewellers windows. Most of ... read more
02 YMCA and Peninsula next door
03 Kowloon Mosque

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » Stanley June 19th 2010

Today we decided to spend most of the day on Hong Kong Island as we had previously only spent a short time there. First off all we got the MTR to Central and then walked up these big hills to the base station of the Peak Train. This is a funicular railway which goes up to the Peak, a bit of a misnomer as it’s actually in a pass between two hills. There have been a lot of changes here in the last 12 years as there are now a lot of shops and the ability to go to the top of the Peak Tower. The Sky Terrace is 428m above sea level and the view all over the island is amazing. It was well worth the additional HK$20 to go to the top. We spent ... read more
01 The Peak and Tower
02 The old way to travel
03 At the Peak

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon June 18th 2010

This morning is a bit of an orientation day as we get ourselves a bit organised. The first plan is to go for a walk and get an Octopus card each for our travels around Hong Kong. We went for a walk down to the Star Ferry terminal and along the waterfront of Victoria Harbour where we found a Starbucks and had a cup of coffee. I thought we may be able to get the card at the ferry but couldn’t find an outlet but we went to an information centre instead. They have a walk of the starts along the waterfront celebrating Chinese movie stars but the only ones we recognised were Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. We continued walking along the esplanade and crossed Salisbury Road and found a shopping centre called Win On ... read more
00 Victoria Harbour
02 Hong Kong Island
03 Boat on harbour

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