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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Suffolk » Ipswich August 28th 2018

Tuesday August 28,2018 This morning I awoke around 9:30 am and watched some tv before showering and getting dressed. I said “good morning to Aunt Philippa and had a lovely breakfast while spending time with the dog. Philippa went out for about 20 minutes while I finished my breakfast and watched another show. Afterwards, I finished getting ready and organizing my other suitcase and bags. I wrote in the visitors book and Philippa had made me some lunch to take with me. We drove away from their house: Lower Chapters around 12 pm and arrived at Heathrow just about 2pm. I checked in and hugged my aunt goodbye and thanked her for a wonderful visit even if it was short. Went through security, walked around different stores while waiting for the gate. Around 3:10, I walked ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Suffolk » Ipswich August 27th 2018

MondayAugust 27,2018 I woke up around 7:15 am and had a quick shower and then came down, dressed and ready for breakfast. Sally and I talked and then we chatted till it was time to drive out of Poplar Farm House and off to Aunt Philippa and Uncle Jeremy’s house in Portsmouth. It took Sally and I about 2 and a half hours to drive to their house. We hugged and I brought in my luggage and then the four of us had a great lunch prepared by Philippa. Then around 2:15pm, Sally and the dogs drove back to Poplar Farm in Ipswich. I hugged Sally and I told her that I would text or email when I got home the following evening. After Sally left, Philippa, Jeremy and I had a quiet afternoon.We played a ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Suffolk » Ipswich August 23rd 2018

Thursday 8/23-Friday8/24/18 Today Sally and I rested, relaxed, did a lot more errands and laundry. Sally needed to go out for a bit because she does a special “help-line” where folks call in and she listens. I watched tv and a movie and had a nice supper. Around 9:15, Sally came home and had a bite to eat and we saw a tv mystery show. Time for bed! GoodNight Folks! ——————————————————— Friday August 24,2018 This morning I woke up around 9:45 am, showered & got dressed and then came down to say morning to Sally. I had a wonderful breakfast and then we went off to do some errands in town. Came back and ate a late lunch. Then we just relaxed and rested till about 6:30pm. At 7pm, we met Sheri,Jason,Fleur and Millie at a ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Suffolk » Ipswich August 22nd 2018

Wednesday August 22,2018 I awoke late today due to getting in rather late. Sheri came to say hello and ask how our holiday was. After Sally and I went to the town of Hadleigh and did a few errands. We both had a nice simple lunch, it was a quiet afternoon. I took an hour nap which refreshed and restored me. We then went grocery shopping nearby and relaxed until dinner. We were both tired by 9:45pm. GoodNight!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Suffolk » Ipswich August 13th 2018

Monday August 6,2018 This morning, I had a wonderful night sleep and came downstairs and said good morning to Sally! I ate breakfast,took a shower and got dressed to start my day. Then Sally drove me to the Ipswich station to get the 10:08 train to London Liverpool Street station. The train arrived into London Liverpool Street station at 11:40 am. I headed to the tube with the Oyster card from Sally, that I was borrowing for the day! My first destination was: Carnaby Street and it was a cool,quirky and fun area of London!! I walked around for most of the afternoon and checking different stores and settled on Pizza Pilgrims for lunch. The pizza was delicious and it was a nice, quaint restaurant . Afterwards, I walked through Soho and Chinatown. I ducked ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Suffolk » Ipswich August 13th 2018

Tuesday August 7,2018 This morning I awoke to unusual weather and not quite sure what it wanted to do, rain or shine. I had breakfast and showered while Sally went out and played Tennis. around 12:15, Sally and I headed to Ipswich and I walked around the town for an hour while Sally had a haircut and did some errands. We each had an vanilla ice-cream cone with a chocolate wafer on top which was very yummy indeed!! Then we walked around one more store before Sally and I drove home. We just relaxed and hung out for most of the afternoon before it was to meet up with family for dinner and Theater in the Forest-at Jimmy’s Farm. Sally and I drove out of Poplar Farm to the restaurant near the farm called: Oyster’s Reach ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Suffolk » Ipswich August 13th 2018

Wednesday August 8,2018 Today, we did some errands in and around Ipswich and then some yard work in the afternoon. I did a load of laundry for the trip and began to pack for Spain. Sheri arrived and caught up with her news as well, great to hang out with her and Sally. I swam 40 laps in the pool which was great and refreshing! Then I finished packing,organizing and cleaning the room before dinner. Sheri,Sally and I had a lovely dinner and dessert and we just laughed and talked for awhile, which was fun. Finally around 10:15, time to go to bed because Sally and I were getting up around 3:15 am on Thursday to be ready for the taxi which was coming for us around 3:40am. Goodnight!! ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Suffolk » Ipswich April 3rd 2018

Tuesday April 3,2018 Today Sally played Tennis in the morning while I had a good walk and shopped for Yellow Roses for Aunt Penny. I met up with Sheri and the three of us had a cup of tea/coffee and chatted. Then after Sheri left with her black small dog Daisy, Sally and I ate a light lunch. Sally went out around 2 for another tennis game while I chilled and relaxed at Poplar Farm House. Sally just arrived back home around 4:15 and we will do a few things before heading out to see Penny and my cousin Anna &her family. Sally and I left Poplar Farm around 6:05 pm and it only took us 15 minutes to Tattingstone near Higham(Hig-Ham). PennyAnna,Nick and Penny’s dog(Defa) came and greeted us at the door. We chatted and ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Suffolk » Ipswich April 2nd 2018

Monday April 2,2018 This morning -woke up a little earlier to get some things done before our dinner party with a few friends later tonight. Still raining and damp weather here in Suffolk. After breakfast and dressed,walked over to Tesco’s to grocery shop and walk in from the rain. I then walked back and helped Sally before heading off for a nice swim at a private pool near the town of Hadleigh. Lovely and very refreshing indeed! We came back and had something to eat and for awhile I have been blogging and listening to music. Around 6pm,Sally and I got ready for our dinner party and Sally went out to pick up a friend nearby. I helped with making the Salmon Canapés as well as put out the Crisps(Potato Chips) and the nuts for all ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Suffolk » Ipswich April 1st 2018

Sunday April 1,2018 I woke to yet another gloomy and rainy day in Suffolk! After breakfast Sally and I drove towards an Antique Brocante about ten minutes down the road from Poplar Farmhouse. It was great to explore and walk around and try to find some British treasures. Sally found some really cool pieces which were old fashioned. (Old Crimping Irons from yesteryears). We came back to the house before getting ready to set off for Sheri&Jason’s new home. It took Sally and I about 15 minutes to walk to their house, which is Pinewood. We hugged Sheri,Jason,Millie and Fleur as well as Tina and her daughter Tilly, long-time friends. They also have a small black dog named Daisy and two cats(black&white=Marco and Skinny Calico/Tortoise=Olivia. We chatted for a bit and then Sally showed me the ... read more

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