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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Norfolk » Hempstead May 13th 2011

Well, after a long period camper van stories continues. We left Brownhills and I took over the driving nearly killing us at the big scary roundabout where my husband got quite scared, not a good start, and we finally chugged off on the open road again. Not for long. The van started to slow down, a bad sign, so Robert decided to pull into a farm opening and look at the engine. This involved taking out all my useless packing, quite a lengthy task involving quite a bit of grumping. Then he hummed and haahed and fiddled about with the engine a bit, very boring, but I had my sectret weapon - a page turner- a rivetingly rubbishy book. Finally we put everything back and he drove. We chugged off again towards York. We found a ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Norfolk » Hempstead August 11th 2007

Camper Van stories will continue soon having found my rather useless , inane and inconsequential blogs are back in their place! Of all the blogs that nobody would miss these are the ones that could have been happily lost! But there they are in all their glory, restored! So to all bloggers whov'e lost really good blogs, I hope you get them back eventually, not that I expect anybody to read this !!!!! 1 1!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Norfolk » Hempstead May 17th 2007

Last year I had my last big trip in the camper van, an ancient VW with peculiar looking high top roof which looks a bit like an ice cream van from the back. Fortunately before this trip we had managed to get a new roof vent so the green plant tray which looked rather like a dustbin lid from a distance was removed. I felt a little more ordinary after this event. So after some preparation involving me packing loads of so my husband thought useless things 'just in case' ,we bravely set off and of course it was raining. First stop - yes- Morrisons at Fakenham for things I had forgotten, ie food items and a veg knife. As I could buy knives only in packs of 6 I didn't bother. So - onto the ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Norfolk » Hempstead May 25th 2006

Well, the first blog and guess what - I haven't been out of the garden since Tuesday when I biked into Holt for the shopping, a journey of four miles round trip. The countryside looked really pretty and green, when I started my journey the sun shone, but as I met a neighbour on the way and chatted for a bit it was raining by the time I got home.Watch out for a detailed account of my next bicycle trip, it will be riveting!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Norfolk » Hempstead May 21st 2003

The long journey home was sad - I'd really got attached to life in Brisbane - the friends, places lifestyle... but time to move. Plans change, all the time sometimes huge life wrenching changes, going home or continuing travelling in Australia and then South East Asia was for me one of those choices that would lead one way or the other. I choose to use my ticket to go home, see my family and friends and then think again. I had been working on a website over the last few weeks for a company called The Cloud. It turned out that I choose to arrive in London just a few days before the launch of the entire brand. Picked up at Heathrow in a Mercedes taken to a hotel and then made my way to work... ... read more
Cromer Pier
My Dad
The Boys can BBQ

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Norfolk » Hempstead May 24th 2002

I still haven't left. But I'm having a great time in Norfolk - bar the many injections. I've decided to visit South America on my travels. It sounds fantastic - cheap, and breath-taking. The downside is that I have to be injected against just about everything - I need a yellow fever certificate just to get in, rabis, hepatitus B, TB, tetanus, polio etc etc are all recommended - I'm mid way through the course of injections. Hey at least I'll be around for the world cup. I've been visiting friends around Norfolk - some that I haven't seen for 5 years or more, wierd the way with some people you can just pick up right where you left off - just with more stuff to talk about. Here are some photo's of Norfolk - I ... read more
Norwich Cathedral
Cool Sky
Floor Day 1

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Norfolk » Hempstead April 28th 2002

I left Norfolk when I was 18 to go to Uni and apart from the long summer breaks whilst a student I haven't been back for more than a week at any one time. It's a bit strange being back. Hempstead is a small village very near Holt, six miles south of Sheringham. It has the grand total of 72 houses, 1 post box, 1 church, 1 public telephone box and fortunately 1 pub. It's a complete contrast to London - time seems to have slowed right down - I've been back about a week but it feels like a month. The event of the week has been the birth of a foal across the road - the photos here are when it was only about 12 hrs old. Already brave - after I had stood ... read more
Baconsthorpe Castle
Inside Baconsthorpe Castle
Newborn Foal

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