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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Earls Court April 11th 2017

IN the 2 days we spent in London, we walked about 14 kms (consequently a foot soak - with or without teabag, would be a great thing right now!). We've had a HUGE couple of days. Slightly saddened to see that the included breakfast was continental, not hot, we filled up nonetheless and headed out on Monday 10th. which was the coldest day we have had so far, tops of 14, with a biting wind. Kinda glad we didnt book a thames cruise really. Our first stop was a coffee at Starbucks (which has sentimental value for Evie as we used to frequent a Starbucks in Hornsby when she was little before they closed down all but 2 stores in Sydney), then walked to Kensington Palace, and walked around the Diana Memorial Gardens, and took in ... read more
Kensington Palace
The Globe Theatre - upper seats
The Globe Theatre - stage during bump in for Romeo and Juliet

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Earls Court July 13th 2015

Our last day in London so we are keen to spend it with Steph. With work commitments in the morning, we catch up around lunch as she comes straight to our place from work. The girls want to go through Kennsington Palace and my moaning protest falls on deaf ears. We walk about 3 kms to get there with me dragging my knuckles all the way. After the palace tour we make time for some tea and scones before walking back. Dinner plans are anything but a London pub, so we find a Vietnamese restaurant two tube stops away and meet Brad there. Our last meal with Steph and Brad is memorable and we part company to head home. Steph is leaving London permanetaly next week and continuing her travels to Portugal to assist students at ... read more
Exploring Kennsington palace with Steph
Steph in the queens bedroom
Michelle at the head of the table

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Earls Court July 12th 2015

With our time in Europe finished, we get the train back to London, to start heading home. Arriving in London and it all seems a lot easier than it did the first time, as we are now experienced travellers. Lol Rather than take a taxi, we opt for the tube which is a bit harder with the luggage but a lot more rewarding. Our accomodation in Earls Crt is close to our first stay, so we found it pretty easy. Looking forward to seeing Steph again, we wait while she is out watching the Wimbledom final. Strolling around Earls Crt and you remember that London is about the pubs, as we have four within an easy walk of each other. Steph and Brad find our hotel and we head to one of those pubs for tea. ... read more
Reunited from holidays
Local pub Earls Crt
Local pub Earls Crt

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Earls Court August 5th 2013

Most travelers to London are diligent about visiting the high-profile sites. They return home with photos of themselves in front of Big Ben and Tower Bridge, and they likely have a little video of the "Changing of the Guard" at Buckingham Palace. If they are smart, they had lunch at Covent Garden and ventured out to Greenwich, Richmond and/or Windsor. What makes me sad is that in their zeal to see the historic sights, many visitors miss my favorite part of London ... The Royal Parks. The Royal Parks are 8 gigantic islands of green in a sea of gray pavement. The Royal Parks are located in both Central London and in the surburbs. They are not owned by the City of London nor by the Government of the United Kingdom. They are owned by the ... read more
Kensington Garden, London
Kensington Garden, London
Kensington Garden, London

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Earls Court August 4th 2013

If you have been paying attention ... it should come as no surprise that I would end my trip, where it began ... in London. It is, for me, something of a homecoming, before my actual homecoming. A chance to visit what has been, and what remains, my favorite city on the planet (it also gives me the opportunity to quote Richard II, and who doesn't love that). From Amsterdam, I took the Fast Train to Brussels (about 40 minutes) and connected on the Eurostar to St. Pancras Station, London (about 2 hours). A word about St. Pancras Station. St. Pancras is located adjacent to Kings Cross Station (the 2 stations share a Tube Stop). It was one of the original 19th century mainline stations in London, but by the 1860's it had been abandoned in ... read more
Big Ben
Eurostar To St. Pancras
Eurostar Arrives St. Pancras, London

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Earls Court May 21st 2013

as the morning fog cleared the relatively young troubadours awoke to the reality that battle was imminent. on one side of the battlefield of demise stood the kangakilts + on the other the pom tea + scones opposing. if it wasn’t unpleasant enough to have woken with an irritable battle of death to fight, it was amplified by a 30hr flight half way round the world + a night full of restless sleep snuggled up inside a sleeping bag on a new bed that felt like the mattress was made in the 50s + greeted by the sounds of local morning traffic blaring past the jittery encrusted window mixed in with the sonic joys of duff duff local radio broadcasting from the laundry to its residential audience + perhaps the dj’s mother.. ahh.. then add the ... read more
the kangakilts of rocherlea
the battlefield
flags of battle

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Earls Court October 28th 2012

Jones and Thornburg's arrived late last night. Roxie and I met them at 9:30 am and walked to the "tube" (train stn). Went and picked up our London Pass tickets and then got on "The Big Bus" (hop-on/hop-off). 1st stop "The Eye." Fun, fun, fun - saw lots of London and surrounding areas. Then got back on the bus and went to "The Tower of London." This is where brutal torture was done and heads cut off. Two of Henry VIII's wives were killed here and are actually buried in the chapel. My first time in the chapel. Saw the crown jewels - WOW - lots of jewels and gold. Got back on the bus and hit the train back to Earl's Court (closest to the hotel) and ate dinner at The Blackbird ( I had ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Earls Court May 24th 2012

OUR HOLIDAY 2012 Sydney - London Well, here we are again – continuing our European holiday. Dad passed away on 31st January 2012. We had been his primary carers for 7 months – not an emotionally easy thing to do but glad to have been there to make his life as comfortable as possible. His house has been sold and the estate has been settled. Tuesday 8th May 2012 It’s 3.45pm and we are flying out of Sydney to London. We will be staying for one week to see if we can sort out the British rego for motorhome and then fly out to Rome, then catch an overnight bus to Otranto, Puglia to collect our motorhome. (We hope it is still in one piece). Wednesday 9th May 2012. After 23 hours flying we land at ... read more
10.5.12 - London - Royal Albert Hall
10.5.12 - London - Royal Albert Hall
11.5.12 - London - The London Eye

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Earls Court September 29th 2011

Hello Well the time has finally come to say goodbye to good ole England and London but we have made the most of our final day here today. After having a much needed sleep in we headed to breakfast to fill up on the British favorites, bacon, sausage and eggs......yum......more lard!!! Would you believe after all of our rainy days in the UK the last one was absolutely beautiful with not a cloud in the sky, everyone walking around in summer clothes and making the most of the sunshine. We made our way to St James park and then onto Buckingham palace to take some photos then back through to Westminster and Big Ben. We are now sitting in The Albert, the quintissental British pub, of which there is may of course, enjoying a few more ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Earls Court August 23rd 2011

From August 23rd to August 28th... read more

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