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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Ealing June 3rd 2015

Hello there Well today we had planned on getting out early but it wasn't to be, we went to the city on the bus and two trains to arrive at the London Eye, yesterday was cloudy and raining so today is a better day to go, Malcolm had pre booked it so the wait wasn't as was still a while, we did that then went on the river cruise and had a cuppa with Queenie then through the Green Park to wait for nearly an hour for our bus to come to take us to Harrods we went to Tower of London had a snack then got train to Shepards Bush for some shopping, finally found some boots because it has been so cold here, raining and freezing cold wind, they keep saying it's going ... read more
Kate Winslet
David Beckenham
Neighbouring pod

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Ealing June 2nd 2015

So it is off to London this morning to get on the city bus (hop on hop off) to do a circuit of the city, we get to Trafalgar Square and oh no I have left my camera card behind... So I can't take any photos it is about 1/2 hour to get back to our hotel room on the train, so we go searching for a camera shop what it is nearly impossible to find one in a city that you have no idea where you are haa haa. We find a pharmacy and yes they sell them yay... So off we go again and finally get on the bus and it goes one stop then has to wait to change drivers now it is 2pm and we are finally on our way then they ... read more
The Ritz
NZ memorial
Marble arch

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Ealing May 3rd 2014

Am Vortag war ein letztes Meeting mit wichtigen Informationen, aber richtig losgehen tut es erst heute. Um 7.00 waren wir alle beim ACE Cafe - und die Nähe zu diesem Cafe ist auch der Grund, warum wir in Ealing in einer ziemlich heruntergekommenen Gegend ein Hotel bezogen haben. Das ACE Cafe ist sozusagen das Mekka der englischen Motorradfahrer, sie treffen sich dort teilweise schon zum Frühstück und ich habe ganz den Eindruck, dass manche am Abend noch da sind. Es gab ein kräftiges "cooked breakfast", da bin ich dann immer satt bis spät am Nachmittag. Dann marschierte die ganze Truppe hinaus zu den Motorrädern für ein Abschiedsfoto, es hatten sich auch recht viele eingefunden, um zu winken. Darran (Transamericas) war gekommen und Nigel (High Andes) und Kevin Hammond, der um 4.00 in Norfolk weggefahren war, bei ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Ealing April 4th 2012

Feeling teary today. I said goodbye to my second mum and dad, (Vinka and Mike) this afternoon, which made me really sad as I need regular doses of them to keep me sane. Flight panic has set in, as has digital switchover day. Dad is upset as some of his channels have moved about. Technology eh? My intention is to keep youall up-to-date with my adventuires and mishaps over the next three months (assuming customs let me in the country!) We fly at 11.30 tomorrow morning and shouldland in San Fran at 2.30pm their time.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Ealing October 2nd 2011

Today we slept in until 8 or so. We had a small snack, then Jop drove Susan and I to Susan's Aunt Mary and Uncle Dennis' house, in Uxbridge. Mary is Susan's maternal aunt. We got there about 10:45 and had coffee and a nice visit. They live in a nice area, further out from London. The house was built in 1931. While we were there we looked at many family photographs and Dennis showed us his Olympic torch. He was a torch bearer at the 1948 London Olympics. After our visit we left for the Italian restaurant where we all had lunch (Rucola, in Uxbridge). There was Mary and Dennis, Susan and I, Carol Ann, Jop and the three kids (Jacob, Lavinia and Harry), Greg, Margaret, and their son James. It was a very nice ... read more
Uncle Dennis with his 1948 Olympic torch
Susan, Aunt Mary and Uncle Dennis
Uncle Dennis, Aunt Mary, and Lori

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Ealing September 30th 2011

Greetings from London! It's 10:15 pm London time, 12:15 am Istanbul time. I miss Istanbul already. I also miss the hotel routine; after several weeks travelling you get into a routine, and now it's quite different being in someone's home. But we are incredibly fortunate to be able to stay with Susan's cousin Carol Ann here in London, and it will be really nice to meet more of Susan's family, and for Susan to see members of her family she hasn't seen in many years. Susan's cousin Gregory kindly picked us up at Heathrow and drove us to Carol Ann's house. Carol Ann is Gregory's sister. Carol Ann and her family have this big rambling house in Ealing that used to be a home for retired nuns. We have a big room, which has a sink ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Ealing September 4th 2011

BATH TO LONDON (EALING) Not much to report for today, travelled across from Bath to Ealing (London) to get settled in for the big England v Wales Euro 2012 qualifier at Wembley. The drive was very good, traffic constant but not too heavy and we plodded along in the slow lane and left everyone else to it. Our only problem was right at the end, The Fox and Goose where we were staying is just past a massive roundabout and we missed our turn off. We had to loop around and come back on to the roundabout again– we had no idea where we were going but somehow this time we managed to get it right. I think it’s fair to say that an Ealing post code wouldn’t rate amongst the top 5 in London! It’s ... read more
Wembly Stadium

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Ealing March 19th 2011

George’s sister and her husband visited today and took away the last of the boxes that she will be storing for us. We all went to lunch and a small shopping trip into Southall where George used to work. Spent some good quality time together, but it was time to say goodbye all too soon. Had a decent curry for lunch. George’s sister and her husband will be the first to visit us in May ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Ealing November 19th 2009

This isn't really travel blogging but about a project I'm working on for University at the moment, an audio-visual piece taking the ideas from a piece called "Different Trains" by Steve Reich and recreating them using electronic sources, with video to accompany, and a narrative about European Rail Tourism. This documents the production of the project and gives you a preview at the end. The completed product will be with you in December! Part 1 Part 2 Hope you enjoy :)... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Ealing November 9th 2009

So, now I’ve had every vaccination under the sun - even a dose of swine flu! and am on the brink of giving up the glamour of Mayfair, I look set to take off next weekend to Nairobi for the first of three overland journeys: November to February Nairobi, Kenya to Cape Town, SA February to April Kathmandu, Nepal to Tokyo, Japan May to Sept San Jose, Costa Rica to Mexico City, (& Barbados, baby!) As several of you have warned me, I expect my plans will change - and if the preparation period is anything to go by, the trip’s going to be exciting, challenging and unpredictable. With this in mind, I begin in Kenya, so that I can be sure to visit two charity organisations that have made a real impression on me over ... read more

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