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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Durham County » Durham September 26th 2008

Looking forward to this weekend as we are off to Yorkshire. I still need to check the paperwork for the trip.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Durham County » Durham September 13th 2008

The paperwork seems to be complete now so all I have to do is check the details, so thats a job for this weekend. Since I last updated this blog I have been concentrating on my photography a very kind person heard that I was starting to take some photos and provided me with an old tripod that he no longer used. Were going into town today to try to get a part for it. These are the photos that I took last weekend during our trip to the Dales ... read more
Crossing the ford

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Durham County » Durham August 13th 2008

We both decided we needed a day out. We had heard from our fellow expats that Durham was just the place for that. After sleeping until mid-morning/afternoon, we got up and headed to the train station. Durham is just one stop over. Durham is quite the place to see. Beautiful cathedral, breath-taking castle, and lots of window shopping. This is definitely a place we are going to take our family and friends when they visit. Upon completion of climbing over 350 steps in a very narrow, steep tower of the cathedral, we were able to get a picture-perfect view of the city. Videos and pictures are included! Pictures were prohibited in the cathedral; however, here is a link for a virtual tour for those interested... Unfortunately, the castle was closed due to a wedding. We ... read more
Durham skyline

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Durham County July 22nd 2008

England take two! So, back to England we go. This time it’s to Durham, England. We arrive around midnight in Newcastle (northern England) and drive to our hotel about 20 minutes away. We enjoy a nice night’s sleep and awake to meet everyone for breakfast a 9:30 am. I went with Jeroen, Gene, Joe, Julie and Tony (who had met back up with us) for a walk after breakfast. We ventured to the town cathedral and castle. We ended up taking a tour of the castle. It was very interesting to see. It is now the university in the town. The whole area is absolutely gorgeous. The castle and cathedral were both constructed in 1093. I had received an email before we arrived from my mom… in which she remembered that 30 years ago, or so, ... read more
amazing old streets
the cathedral
and more!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Durham County » Durham July 21st 2008

Over the weekend I decided to also dedicate this trip to raising money for the charity "Cancer Research " in memory of my mother in law Ann Overall, I set up this link so that anyone can see the money raised so far. Today I am humbled by the support that I have received so far, from people I barely know commenting on the trip and their words of encouragement. ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Durham County » Durham July 19th 2008

At last I 'm Booked, I 'm going to spend some time in Australia visiting the places that I have only seen in pictures. It 's July and raining again here in the UK but my mind is on the places that I will visit in Australia I won 't tell you where I 'm going until I get there. I 'm so excited it 's going to be great, it 's my life begins at 40 trip, we 'll I 'm not 40 yet but well I 've got to have this goal. So when I update this blog you should get an update. ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Durham County » Durham May 28th 2008

Photos from our trip 'abroad'... ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Durham County » Durham May 27th 2008

Day 6 Durham - Newcastle We decided to take a lazy day in preparation for our night out. Later in the afternoon, Fiona and Adam wanted to try out their new kite. Flying a kite ... yeah we can do this !!! We walked over to a wind farm near their house and gave this kite business a try. Even on a wind farm, we did not manage to get the darn thing up in the air. I now have more admiration for those boys in The Kite Runner. After a 2 hour nap, we got ready and left for Newcastle. We went out to this place called World Headquarters, Curtis Mayfield House. Apart from having a bi-polar DJ, we had a great time. We closed down the bar at 4 and took a taxi back ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Durham County May 25th 2008

Well after more than a week of being sick with a very nasty bug, both adrian and I are finally on the recovering end... we were pretty much bed ridden for the entire time, it was like the worst hangover ever but without the alcohol... however we did tread on, and with a lot of horrid cough medicine and plenty of paracetamol, we are on track again. It's always crap being sick, but worse when you're on supposed to be on holiday. I missed out on the beautiful medieval banquet at Lumley Castle which the guys from Chester Le had organised way before we arrived. They had all planned a surprise for us on Friday night with a formal medieval banquet at the castle where Adrian and I were supposed to be the Baron and Baroness ... read more
Looks like proper english to me
Skimming Rocks..

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Durham County » Durham May 24th 2008

Day 1 Heathrow - Durham (Northeast England) My flight went according to plan. Smooth sailing all the way. I took a bus from Heathrow to Downtown London. Slept all the way there so I still have no clue what London looks like. Figured out my route to Durham then had to pay 20p (40 cents) to relieve my bowels. Everybody always complains on how expensive England is well I got a good first taste of it then. The bus stations in England and the bus stations in Canada are not that different (Canadian trash vs English trash -pretty similar). My bus ride was long (longer than my flight by an hour) but I slept like a baby thanks to Air Canada (I stole a pillow and blanket on my way out of the plane). Durham I ... read more
The living room
The fire place

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