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Europe » Switzerland » North-East » St. Gallen November 25th 2020

After our arrival in Base Camp Wil we slowed down quite a bit. We wanted to spend time with Nenad's parents, who at the age of 92 and 87 still live by themselves in a lovely house on a hill. So assisting them with their limited mobility by driving them and with works in and around the house (wherever they would let us), was the plan. And just spending time with them, taking them out to lunches, having coffees and enjoy the Dalmatian wines we brought. Nui discovered a Thai ingredients shop in Wil and started cooking for all the Benko's. She also signed up with the Goethe Institute for an on line German language course, which she tackled with an enormous energy and diligence, locking herself up in the study for hours on end. Nenad ... read more
Hiking in Amden
Cold air clear views
Now that's a cold idea

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » St. Gallen July 3rd 2020

Despite the March cancellation of our initially planned wedding, due to travel restrictions, lock-down and virus dictatorship, we have finally been able to say "yes" on July 3, 11:00 AM in Wil, Switzerland. Nui has decided to be called Butri Benko, keeping her nick name Nui of course. And I have also decided to continue to be called Benko :-). We are pleased to send you some pictures taken at the wedding. It was a small ceremony (bigger ones are not allowed yet anyway) with close friends and family. Alfred Koecher a friend Nenad knows since 1986, acted as Nenad best man, Sirinya Hauser, a university friend of Nui, was her bridesmaid. It was absolutely lovely to see the two Thai ladies being dressed in their traditional silk robes, something the Wiler community does not get ... read more
With Carmen and Thomas
Brunch with the guests
Father and daughter

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » St. Gallen June 29th 2020

After several farewells in Bangkok and Buriram, with an especially emotional farewell in Sole Mio Restaurant Bangkok, we have packed up and left 28th June with 8 check in bags and 4 hand luggage on Swiss LX 181 to Zurich. An near empty flight allowed us to get away with no extra charges on our 180 kg check in mountain. With us came a cuddly Aussie called 'Neno Baer', Nui's companion of the last 7 years and Nenad's first present to her. After the lock-down and all the Covid craze, going for a commercial flight became a weird experience. An empty Suvarnabhumi Airport, usually teaming with life, fare welled us with wide open spaces and a spooky atmosphere. Zurich awaited us with summary temperatures. The reunion with Nenad's parents and Carmen was special. Never before was ... read more
good bye friend
Sole Mio "Americano"

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » St. Gallen September 18th 2018

Our leaving GaPa to make our train connections today nearly didn't happen. We had stood around waiting for half and hour for our train to leave thinking that we were waiting for another train. A couple turned up one minute before leaving time with their bikes and we thought they were cutting it fine before realising that was our train! We moved fairly quickly to get on board just in time. The signs were confusing - well, that is our excuse. On a later train, we got on the back carriage which was being dropped off to another destination. That could have been interesting! Fortunately, the guard checked everyone and moved us out. We said good bye to GaPa at 10.00am and headed across southern Germany using a Bavarian ticket on regional trains. A Bavarian Ticket ... read more
A view from the deck towards the Zugspitze mountain
One of the many painted buildings in GaPa
An interesting old house in GaPa

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » St. Gallen September 18th 2018

After some discussion last night on possibilities for today, we decided to visit Bad Ragaz and the Tamina Gorge. What a great choice it was. Bad Ragaz is a town in St Gallen Canton near the border of the eastern Graubünden Canton. It is a Spa and Resort with supposedly restorative waters from a spring from up the Tamina Gorge. A bus takes you up into the gorge to a large building and chapel and we walked from there into the gorge. What a revelation this was after the Gorge we visited the other day in GaPa. This gorge is narrow too, but has huge, straight up soaring rock walls for 100s of meters. Above you can see where the water has eaten away at the limestone to form a crevasse to the daylight. Way below, ... read more
The tunnel through to the hot water spring
One ot the sculptures in the park
The arched bridge over the narrow gorge

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » St. Gallen September 9th 2017

Aus mehreren Gründen war ich heute in St. Gallen. Zum einen treffe ich morgen in Konstanz meinen Vater und seine Lebensgefährtin und ich wollte nicht am gleichen Tag von München anreisen. Zuerst plante ich dafür eine Nacht in Überlingen verbringen. Zum anderen hatte ich vor, nach meinen letzten Ausflügen in die Schweiz 2011 und 2014 wieder in dieses schöne Land zu reisen und nachdem ich zuerst im Herbst nach Luzern fahren wollte, habe ich nun eine weitere Exkursion ins erweiterte Umland von München gemacht. Und zum dritten habe ich einen Sondierungsbesuch in die Stadt gemacht, weil ich prüfe, inwieweit es als Neuselbständiger möglich wäre, meinen faktischen und Steuerwohnsitz in die Schweiz zu verlegen. Dafür bin ich gestern Abend von München los gefahren und nach kleineren Staus kurz nach der Stadt und bei Memmingen abends in St. ... read more
In der Stiftsbibliothek.
Schloß Vaduz.
Gestern Abend noch ein Käsefondue.

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » St. Gallen June 23rd 2013

Today is raining so not a lot of sight seeing can be done. But, a lot of talking and discussing trips and the different cultural and historical differences we have. We also planned for the time we have in Gersau with Neil and Karilyn which changed from some of our original plans. Some good options. In the afternoon we drove to Rorschach on the shore of the Bodensee to visit a new building a art gallery by Wurth who is a very rich German. The building houses his large art collection which is changed from time to time. Despite it being a workplace as well as a gallery the local people can come and go as they wish. It is a huge glass building with a very spartan design inside - nothing that would detract from ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » North-East » St. Gallen June 22nd 2013

It was a travel day today so not so interesting. We were picked up from the hotel at 8.20 by SMS and transported to Munich Airport where we were met by the Peugeot representative. He ran us through the car controls and we signed the appropriate documents. We were now the :owners: of a brand new car with only 15kms on the clock and registered in France. Straight on to the autobahn¦ Lindsay learned very quickly about driving on the right hand side of the road. I never took my eyes off the road............ Cars wizzed by at extraordinary speeds. Many at speeds of 180kph or more. The general speed limit is 130kph. Linds had to quickly drive much faster than he was used to or he would stay in the truck lane. After following the ... read more

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