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June 29th 2020
Published: July 16th 2020
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Farewell Sole Mio Farewell Sole Mio Farewell Sole Mio

our second home thank you Domenico !
After several farewells in Bangkok and Buriram, with an especially emotional farewell in Sole Mio Restaurant Bangkok, we have packed up and left 28th June with 8 check in bags and 4 hand luggage on Swiss LX 181 to Zurich. An near empty flight allowed us to get away with no extra charges on our 180 kg check in mountain. With us came a cuddly Aussie called 'Neno Baer', Nui's companion of the last 7 years and Nenad's first present to her. After the lock-down and all the Covid craze, going for a commercial flight became a weird experience. An empty Suvarnabhumi Airport, usually teaming with life, fare welled us with wide open spaces and a spooky atmosphere.

Zurich awaited us with summary temperatures. The reunion with Nenad's parents and Carmen was special. Never before was the feeling to be together again more relieving. Especially Nenad realised how much for granted he was taking the unchecked, free mobility he enjoyed over the last 30 years! We established our base camp for our Sabbatical in Nenad's home town Wil, in the State of St. Gallen.

Wil is a 800+ years old Abbey city which belonged to the Bishop of St.
good bye friendgood bye friendgood bye friend

see you in January
Gallen. It became famous for its beer making, "Wiler Hofbrau". The story goes that the clergy prayed and made politics in St. Gallen, but came for parties to Wil. As a 'Wiler Buerger' Nenad does have certain rights in this city going beyond the simple political residency. Here is also where Nui and Nenad, with the permission of 'Neno Bear', decided to get married.

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Thai smileThai smile
Thai smile

Nui's friends make a mighty impression
Isaan gangIsaan gang
Isaan gang

I (Nenad) will miss certain things ....

love lovelove love
love love

Saow Kamare
Sooooo handsome !!!Sooooo handsome !!!
Sooooo handsome !!!

Father and son in law

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