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Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm July 16th 2019

Je volerai de Dublin à Stockholm. Je voudrai rester dans un hôtel classique. La nourriture est chic et je essayerai de le manger. Je voudrai visiter le Musée Vasa et Monteliusvagen. Je verrai la Vieille Ville de Stockholm et le Palais de Stockholm.... read more
La Vieille Ville de Stockholm
Le Palais de Stockholm

Europe » Sweden June 26th 2019

6 - 26 June Oslo had proved a wonderful cultural experience with museums and stunning old and new civic buildings. We soon realised that our journey into and through the fjord area west of Oslo would be a radically different adventure but I don't think either of us had an inkling of how challenging it would prove. We set of on the E18 through the outer sprawl of the city enjoying the feeling of escaping the busy capital and trusting Kate, our Sat Nav, to do all the hard work for us. She was doing fine despite the thunderstorm and very heavy rain until near Drammen and less than a mile from our turn-off when there was a sign saying the tunnel ahead was closed. Immediately the traffic ground to a standstill on a high flyover ... read more
A hot day at Dalen
Dalen site
Difficult to see view through mist and low cloud

Europe » Sweden » Skåne » Malmö June 21st 2019

When your contracts run out at work and you are to be unemployed for the next 3.5 months, perhaps choose somewhere cheap to celebrate no longer receiving a salary. Or, go to Scandinavia. And live off falafel. Sharing a single beer in four days. The flights were cheap. Edinburgh to Copenhagen return costing about £50. We could pop straight over to Sweden for a couple of days then have the second couple of days in Copenhagen. But why there? I may have previously mentioned parkrun in these blogs ( This free weekly 5 km run/walk/jog is great but can become a bit of an obsession. We are not even close to the levels of obsession some people have though we do choose to wake up at 7am on Saturday mornings – we get up ... read more
Malmo Town Hall
Malmö Ribersborg parkrun start line
National Sweden Day celebrations in Malmo

Europe » Sweden » Skåne » Malmö June 6th 2019

Not a good night’s sleep. The hotel has my pet hate; the flimsy bed/mattress topper combo. Every time the old man turns over, it’s like riding a small tsunami. And don’t get me started on the ripple effects from his farts. And there’s no a/c so we have our own personal Swedish sauna. Today is Swedish National day, which means parkrun on a Thursday. The start is 2 miles away, so first I have to work out how to get there when walking is such a chore. Google maps suggests an electric scooter. I consider it, but can’t work out whether to lead with my good or bad leg. So opt for a good old fashioned bus. I leave in plenty of time in case anything goes wrong, which it does. My card is declined and ... read more
Ribersborg parkrun

Europe » Sweden » Skåne » Malmö June 5th 2019

We’re off to Scandinavia for a long weekend of parkruns. We booked it before I fell over in Poland and smashed my knee. It seemed like a much better idea when I had 2 working legs. But I reckon it’ll just about be manageable with the correct amount of painkillers and alcohol. The cheap tickets out of Stansted at stupid o’clock aren’t so cheap when you add fuel, an airport hotel, car parking and the taxi to the terminal. Security is high. They’ve invested in new scanning equipment (presumably something to do with Donald Trump’s arrival) and they’re determined to get their money’s worth. With my dodgy knee I can’t spread my legs wide enough to stand on the designated foot markings for the body scan, which means I need an old fashioned pat down (she ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Halland May 30th 2019

I was snoozing away at full speed this morning when it was abruptly interrupted by some rather loud thunder, has the American People yet again made a revolution and are they now manning the barricades? Nope it was a a normal run of the mill thunder storm with some rather heavy rain, what a way to start a day, well it finished after an hour or son. I did not have any pressing engagements with nubile wenches clad in shimmering semite anyway so I sat it out together with all the other guys riding bikes in this heavenly part of the world. Yesterday I went over to the Mexican restaurant across the road for dinner, I got an American portion that was far too large so I got a doggy bag. Almost all the hotels and ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg May 26th 2019

Nous quittons donc le Danemark pour passer en Suède… Il nous faut donc prendre le ferry afin de nous rendre en Suède pour arriver prochainement en Norvège ! Pour cela, nous prenons le ferry à Frederikshavn pour nous rendre à Goteborg. Nous passerons donc le Kattegat : Le Cattégat, en danois Kattegat, en suédois Kattegatt, qui est un espace maritime comprenant plusieurs détroits au sud et une vaste baie au nord, s'étendant entre le Danemark et la Suède, plus précisément entre la péninsule danoise du Jutland et la province suédoise de Halland. Une traversée qui durera 3 heures ½… et qui se passe calmement dans ce grand bateau… Pas grand-chose à voir durant la traversée… Nous ne nous attarderons pas à Göteborg car y sommes déjà venus. Et pourtant… j’avais adoré la visite de la ville ... read more
EUROPE-MAP-clic (1)
Entrée dans le ferry
notre ferry

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm May 24th 2019

Het was Erik en mij gelukt om 5 weken verlof te krijgen om onze dromen in het Noorden te verwezenlijken. Buiten het weer gerekend natuurlijk…. Op 24 mei 2019 vertrokken we richting Duitsland, na een koffietje samen met Enya en Rob die ons uitzwaaiden. De files werkten niet erg mee, zowel in Nederland als Duitsland. Toch bereikten we onze eerste ferry van Puttgarden naar Rodby, Denemarken, nog dezelfde avond. Met een groene Nele als gevolg. Duidelijk nog wat oefening nodig met boten… We sliepen op een kleine parking 20min van Rodby vandaan. Op sommige camperplaatsen is inbraak en diefstal veel voorkomend, dus oppassen voor degene die deze tocht aanvangen. We kozen voor de snelste tocht naar Lofoten (Noorwegen) via Zweden. Dus de volgende dag passeerden we de mooie stad Stockholm met geen enkele file. Zalig! Op ... read more
Zweden 80km

Europe » Sweden » Västerbotten May 22nd 2019

Ethiad Airlines were our carrier to Amsterdam, stopping in Abu Dhabi on the way. They we nothing impressive.  Food was very average and there were only toilets at the centre which was very difficult for us seated at the front when the food trolley blocked the isle. For the SAS flight from Amsterdam to Stockholm Tomas and I sat separately. He thought he had reserved a front seat with legroom but it ended up being like any other seat. I sat next to an animated 62 year old Dutch man who was heading to Vilnius with a friend for the week. We shared travel and booking tips the entire way. Apparently there is a "last minute" desk at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam that you can just turn up with your luggage and be heading on a ... read more
Lake House Sunsets: Long days with low sun
Father's Birthday Cake
Walking along the Icy Lake. Within the week all the ice disappeared.

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County May 14th 2019

After thirty-six hours of cruising on the Baltic Sea from Copenhagen, we docked in Stockholm this morning shortly before 9 AM. It has been surprisingly smooth sailing thus far, with sea conditions calm. When we docked, the air temperature was 33 degrees, but it rose to a balmy 60 degrees by mid-day, with clear blue skies and sunshine the order of the day. We had booked an excursion, "Stockholm On Your Own", which provided bus transportation to three separate locations in the city, where participants were free to visit what they wished independently. It seemed like a flexible approach, but as it turned out, there were simply too many sights and too little time devoted to each location. As a result, we came away from today's experience both frustrated and a little disappointed. The first stop ... read more
Vasa Museum
Swedish Parliament
Västerlånggatan, Gamla stan

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