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Europe » Sweden » Halland August 18th 2019

The next morning it did not rain, at all! So i went to Vilnius taking back roads as suggest by Mssrs Garmin, sometimes they do manage and I had a nice ride to Vilnius and a decent hotel. Vilnius is nice, I prefer it to Riga and Tallin, as it’s a bit off the beaten track for the cruise ships that plagues the Baltic. You have to sit in bus for a few hours to get there. Anyway I looked at the sky when I left the hotel and thought about a rain jacket, but no, the sky looked nice. Well 5 minutes later it laughed me in the face and let go of some rain, it did stop quite rapidly and the sun came back to stay, I just wandered around and enjoyed the splendour ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm August 15th 2019

Today started with a 4 hours train journey to Stockholm and a 3 night stay at the Hotel Lilla Radmannen. After check-in & lunch we headed out for a brief orientation walk around the medieval city that is arguably Scandinavia's most beautiful city. Gamla Stan, (or Old Town), is one of 14 islands that makes up the city & is its vibrant heart due to its historic architecture, narrow cobblestoned streets & home of the Royal Palace. However being expensive & crowded with tourists we had dinner & drinks in the emerging Sodermalm district. Next day the girls went to the ABBA museum & had a really good time while I visited a number of Stockholm’s underground stations. The subway (Tunnelbana) system of 100 stations is huge for a city of less than 1 mil & ... read more
Riddar Holms kyrkan .
Entrance Arch to pedestrian walk
Typical Street scene

Europe » Sweden » Dalarna » Mora August 12th 2019

Woke to a grey showery day & a 5.5 hr trip by private bus to the Swedish border & on to the village of Mora & a two night stay at the Hotell Fridhemsgatan. The outlook was mostly pine forest with a scattering of small communities. Just over the border is the village of Sälen, known for its huge ski fields & slopes. The Vasaloppsleden Trail runs from Sälen to Mora (approx 90 kms) & is the course for huge annual races for cyclists in summer & cross country skiing in winter. The course has an important place in Swedish history as 500 years ago Gustav Vasa escaped invading Danish forces but later successfully led an uprising against the occupying power and became King. The trail follows the escape route & the races take place to ... read more
Cathedral & spire
Cathedral Bell Tower
Dala horse sizes

Europe » Sweden August 2nd 2019

Never been there , never done that and now it was time to see what it looks like. Finland, oh yes ,the land of a thousand lakes, most you don’t see because of all the trees. Fun fact here though, Sweden has about 40000 more lakes than Finland which goes to show who the braggarts are, yes yes they did make the Nokia 3210 Finland once a Swedish colony and a neighbouring country has yet to have had the pleasure of my presence. A hole in my working schedule got me two weeks off and off I took, to Stockholm and then the ferry to Turkku. The ferry is one of those big floating buses/bricks with too many staircases and corridors, a bit of a maze. I spent some time on the rear deck watching the ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg July 31st 2019

Je prendrai un train pour Göteborg. Je acheterai et manger dans différents cafés. Je verrai la ville, Haga. Je visiterai le Jardin Botanique de Göteborg et Liseberg. Je verrai comment les gens vivent parce que je veux m'y installer.... read more

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg July 31st 2019

Spent the morning wandering around Copenhagen before a 1 hr train trip to Malmo. The line is a combined road/rail link via an 8 km Oresund Bridge that partly spans the strait separating Denmark and the Scandinavian Peninsula. The link then descends a further 4 km by tunnel to reach Sweden’s 3rd city. Unfortunately the spectacular above ground look of the bridge is completely unseen from the train deck below. After a brief wander around the cobbled Old Town streets of Malmo its was back to the train station & a 3 hr trip to Gothenburg & a 3 night stay at the Le Mat B&B. The bridge has spurred a tremendous revival of Malmo from an industrial economy to a service economy dominated by IT & education whilst Gothenburg has prospered by retaining its traditional ... read more
Apoteket Lejonet
Apoteket Lejonet.
Malmo old town street

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm July 16th 2019

Je volerai de Dublin à Stockholm. Je voudrai rester dans un hôtel classique. La nourriture est chic et je essayerai de le manger. Je voudrai visiter le Musée Vasa et Monteliusvagen. Je verrai la Vieille Ville de Stockholm et le Palais de Stockholm.... read more
La Vieille Ville de Stockholm
Le Palais de Stockholm

Europe » Sweden June 27th 2019

W czwartek 27 czerwca wybrałem się na 4 dni do Vålådalen, pięknej doliny w najbliższych Uppsali górach. Ponieważ Szwecja jest duża i płaska, ażeby dojechać do najbliższych gór trzeba jechać z Uppsali około 6 godzin (ok. 500km). Dlatego pierwszą noc spędziłem w bardzo przyjemnych górskim hostelu w Vålådalen (łazienka w pokoju była sporym zaskoczeniem). Jeszcze w czwartek wieczorem zaczął padać deszcz i nie przestawał przez kolejne 4 dni. Pogoda była beznadziejna, chmury zawisły bardzo nisko i nie było widać praktycznie nic. A widoki powinny być wspaniałe. W ciągu czterech kolejnych dni zrobiłem pętelkę, nocując w trzech górskich chatkach. Wszystko wygląda bardzo podobnie jak w Norwegii. Niemniej jednak powiedziałbym, że rzeczy są dużo bardziej zorganizowane w Szwecji. Być może dlatego, że Szwedzi mają jedynie szczątki prawdziwych gór (... read more
Widok na dolinkę
W Gåsen
Chatka Gåsen

Europe » Sweden June 26th 2019

6 - 26 June Oslo had proved a wonderful cultural experience with museums and stunning old and new civic buildings. We soon realised that our journey into and through the fjord area west of Oslo would be a radically different adventure but I don't think either of us had an inkling of how challenging it would prove. We set of on the E18 through the outer sprawl of the city enjoying the feeling of escaping the busy capital and trusting Kate, our Sat Nav, to do all the hard work for us. She was doing fine despite the thunderstorm and very heavy rain until near Drammen and less than a mile from our turn-off when there was a sign saying the tunnel ahead was closed. Immediately the traffic ground to a standstill on a high flyover ... read more
A hot day at Dalen
Dalen site
Difficult to see view through mist and low cloud

Europe » Sweden » Skåne » Malmö June 21st 2019

When your contracts run out at work and you are to be unemployed for the next 3.5 months, perhaps choose somewhere cheap to celebrate no longer receiving a salary. Or, go to Scandinavia. And live off falafel. Sharing a single beer in four days. The flights were cheap. Edinburgh to Copenhagen return costing about £50. We could pop straight over to Sweden for a couple of days then have the second couple of days in Copenhagen. But why there? I may have previously mentioned parkrun in these blogs ( This free weekly 5 km run/walk/jog is great but can become a bit of an obsession. We are not even close to the levels of obsession some people have though we do choose to wake up at 7am on Saturday mornings – we get up ... read more
Malmo Town Hall
Malmö Ribersborg parkrun start line
National Sweden Day celebrations in Malmo

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