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Europe » Sweden September 14th 2020

Finally After my clusterfuck in India there were too many months off-bike, when I finally I got back on the bike again, the first 500 m felt really weird and then I was back. Not to forget Covid 19/ Corona/Gyyna Flu (Trump) A couple of badly cooked bats or pangolins or maybe a stew of both stopped all plans for ventures out into our wonderful world. Lock downs in every country and closed borders and the Swedes due to a different approach were the pariahs of society. Social distancing and very frequent washing of hands got it under control in Europe travel bans were lifted and even Swedes could travel- I asked my friend Stefan if he was game and he was, the plan is to ride some Swiss passes, drink some beer and have fun, ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Jämtland » Åre August 6th 2020

Viking ships (that don't float), waterfall (without water), winter ski resort (in summer), a gun (you can't shoot with) That this blog entry turned out to be filled with contradictions was completely unintentional. Further down we will explain each one of them and, if you care to read it to the end, we hope you'll find it interesting. Åre We'll begin with the winter ski resort. It is called Åre, it is in Jämtland District and is very much a typical ski resort. Tourists have come to Åre for skiing and for enjoying the nature and the fresh air for 140 years or so. Supposedly it is a great place to visit if you are into alpine skiing and other winter sports. We wouldn't know because, as you know, we went there in summer. Also, winter ... read more
The café at Åreskutan
Reindeer chasing Emma

Europe » Sweden » Västernorrland » Kramfors July 30th 2020

Nature, culture and more along the High Coast The district Ångermanland is located along the east coast roughly in the middle of Sweden. This stretch of the Swedish coast is commonly referred to as the High Coast. It offers, among other things, wonderful nature and excellent hiking opportunities. During the last ice age all of northern Europe was covered by a several kilometres thick layer of ice. This ice was so heavy that the land underneath it was pressed down. When the ice melted and disappeared around 12,000 years ago this pressure was lifted. The land then began to rise again. This phenomenon is known as post-glacial rebound and is especially fast along the High Coast. Actually it is one of few places in the world where it is possible to study how t... read more
Full moon over the High Coast
Snowmobile warning sign
Most roads are paved though

Europe » Sweden » Halland » Varberg June 27th 2020

Metallica, UFO, three bridges, a chimney and many talking stones We would like to write a little about five somewhat unusual sites we visited this summer. These sites have very little in common other than all being located in Sweden and that they are somewhat unusual. One of them, the smokestack, we didn't see this summer. That's a photo we pulled out of the archives. But we throw it in here anyway because it fits nicely into this blog entry's theme, which is unusualness (which we of course know is not a word). The Metallica Memorial: Strictly this is a memorial over Cliff Burton who was bass player of the heavy metal band Metallica in their early days. In September 1986 Metallica was on tour in Europe. In the night, just outside the small village Dörarp ... read more
Gate to the UFO monument
The UFO monument
Tree damaged by the UFO

Europe » Sweden » Halland » Varberg June 26th 2020

The only survivor The Grimeton Radio Station is a piece of industrial heritage which is so unique that it has been listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO. Emma is not very interested in old radio stations so when Ake went to Grimeton Emma spent the time at an outdoor recreation centre a few kilometres away. In the 1920-ies it was possible to build long wave radio transmitters so powerful it was possible to send radio signals across oceans. This technology made it possible to send messages from one end of the world to another alsmost instantly. The messages could only be sent in Morse code, but was still far superior to any other communication technology available at the time. In a few years a network of radio stations using this technology was established. One ... read more
Just trying to capture a cool photo
Grimeton Radio Station
The switchboard

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Trollhättan June 25th 2020

"She lived on the wrong side of the river, in a disused dairy store" Most non-Swedes who read this have probably never heard of the town Trollhättan. It is a medium sized city, population of about 60,000, in the southwest of Sweden. Trollhättan may not be famous or spectacular. But there are several things there that we found interesting and that's why we went there this summer. One of the things that draw us there was actually a dairy store that doesn't even exist anymore. We'll get back to that later on. First we will tell you about some more typical sightseeing we did in the city. The river Göta Älv runs through Trollhättan. Göta Älv has long been an important trade route for transporting goods from south central Sweden to the west coast. However, in ... read more
Street art
The river Göta Älv
18th century locks

Europe » Sweden » Värmland June 20th 2020

Some random small towns and villages When we started planning our vacation this year we thought that going abroad was not a good idea. It felt like our best option was to stay in Sweden and make a road trip here. Well, we have not seen much of Sweden so we were OK with that. For various reasons we decided to first take one week off in June and then travel in the south of Sweden and then take three more weeks later in summer and then travel north. Here is the first blog entry from the shorter of the trips. Here comes a short introduction to some of the places we went to this week. => Brahehus Castle - Strictly this is a not a castle, it is a ruin. The ruins of Brahehus overlook ... read more
Brahehus Castle
Brahehus Castle

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County June 10th 2020

It is strange that we, generally, do not appreciate beauty near us and try hard to find it in far away places. Living in Stockholm, which is a beautiful city, I always craved to visit other countries in Europe. Even a long weekend meant visiting some other country, never thought of exploring Stockholm and the places around Stockholm. Due to quarantine, when travelling abroad is not a good idea,I thought "why not explore the beautiful places nearby, which I generally do not appreciate much" That thought made me look for places near me which are beautiful and I came across a name that I had heard so many times, but never ever thought of visiting.... So, just went to spend the day strolling through Nynäshamn and it was,indeed, such a beautiful cozy place.. Nynäshamn is a ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County May 11th 2020

Yes I bought a Swedish phrase book before I arrived. Luckily the Swedes were spared my bravely spewed bits of Swedish as most Scandinavians speak English very well. I remember asking two motorcyclists stopped at a traffic light for directions back to our hotel when the Gamla Stan exit dumped us in a part of town I was unfamiliar. They were so helpful and friendly, addressed me in perfect English, showed interest in my holiday experience there, and my travel companions didn't want me to ask. Our hotel is a bit of a letdown compared with the Royal Christiana in Oslo. This could be her plain-Jane sister, the Scandic Anglais. Our room overlooks an air shaft and has a rather dismal air. Don't let that deter you. To be fair it has been nicely renovated since ... read more
Gamla Stan - Old Town - Stockholm
Gamla Stan street
Stockholm Multiple Images

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Tyresö February 19th 2020

Dear All Greetings! This is my third and final blog entry for my wonderful mini mid-winter trip to Sweden in February. So far I have written about my explorations in Stockholm and nearby Uppsala. In this one I plan to relate my amazing final full day in the country, taking in some seriously beautiful places of nature around the capital, as well as the day of my journey home on the Thursday of half-term week. As I mentioned in my first blog entry, the trip there was a little stressful to say the least. I must admit, I did spend a bit of time on my trip wondering how my return journey would go, half-expecting my flight again to be cancelled, but in the end it wasn’t, and the return journey went just swimmingly, thank goodness! ... read more
Wild Roe Deer
Tyresö Slott

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