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Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg May 26th 2019

Nous quittons donc le Danemark pour passer en Suède… Il nous faut donc prendre le ferry afin de nous rendre en Suède pour arriver prochainement en Norvège ! Pour cela, nous prenons le ferry à Frederikshavn pour nous rendre à Goteborg. Nous passerons donc le Kattegat : Le Cattégat, en danois Kattegat, en suédois Kattegatt, qui est un espace maritime comprenant plusieurs détroits au sud et une vaste baie au nord, s'étendant entre le Danemark et la Suède, plus précisément entre la péninsule danoise du Jutland et la province suédoise de Halland. Une traversée qui durera 3 heures ½… et qui se passe calmement dans ce grand bateau… Pas grand-chose à voir durant la traversée… Nous ne nous attarderons pas à Göteborg car y sommes déjà venus. Et pourtant… j’avais adoré la visite de la ville ... read more
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Entrée dans le ferry
notre ferry

Europe » Sweden » Västerbotten May 22nd 2019

Ethiad Airlines were our carrier to Amsterdam, stopping in Abu Dhabi on the way. They we nothing impressive.  Food was very average and there were only toilets at the centre which was very difficult for us seated at the front when the food trolley blocked the isle. For the SAS flight from Amsterdam to Stockholm Tomas and I sat separately. He thought he had reserved a front seat with legroom but it ended up being like any other seat. I sat next to an animated 62 year old Dutch man who was heading to Vilnius with a friend for the week. We shared travel and booking tips the entire way. Apparently there is a "last minute" desk at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam that you can just turn up with your luggage and be heading on a ... read more
Lake House Sunsets: Long days with low sun
Father's Birthday Cake
Walking along the Icy Lake. Within the week all the ice disappeared.

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County May 14th 2019

After thirty-six hours of cruising on the Baltic Sea from Copenhagen, we docked in Stockholm this morning shortly before 9 AM. It has been surprisingly smooth sailing thus far, with sea conditions calm. When we docked, the air temperature was 33 degrees, but it rose to a balmy 60 degrees by mid-day, with clear blue skies and sunshine the order of the day. We had booked an excursion, "Stockholm On Your Own", which provided bus transportation to three separate locations in the city, where participants were free to visit what they wished independently. It seemed like a flexible approach, but as it turned out, there were simply too many sights and too little time devoted to each location. As a result, we came away from today's experience both frustrated and a little disappointed. The first stop ... read more
Vasa Museum
Swedish Parliament
Västerlånggatan, Gamla stan

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County May 12th 2019

The temperature in Copenhagen was a chilly 42 degrees early this morning as we finished packing for our departure. A taxi met us at 11:00 AM, and by noon we had finished the pre-cruise formalities at the port and boarded our ship, the Serenade of the Seas. We ate lunch, poked around the ship, and shortly after the perfunctory emergency procedures drill the ship weighed anchor at 5:00 PM, while we were having drinks and listening to some reggae music. Serenade of the Seas, in service since 2003, is owned and operated by Royal Caribbean International cruise line. Powered by two gas turbines, she is 965 ft long, 106 ft wide, and has a cruising speed of 25 knots. There are 12 passenger decks, serviced by 9 passenger elevators (6 of which are glass and either ... read more
Baltic Sea map
Serenade of the Seas
Preparing to board

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm May 10th 2019

We were up earlyish yesterday to watch the ships progress toward the port of Stockholm. It has to be one of the prettiest routes into port on any cruise stop ever. Stockholm is spread over 14 main islands, several thousand islets, and is surrounded by the Baltic sea and Lake Malaren. The journey to port gave us close up views of some of these islands and islets. Idyllic looking houses nestled amongst the forests which covered much of the landscape and some homes which were perched right up to the waterline. It looked like an amazing place to live but you would need a boat to get around and it would be fairly lonely at times I imagine. Once we had docked, we decided to walk to the city....this was, in hindsight, a possible error of ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Halland March 10th 2019

I got to Munsanze in good nick, no major adventures and no problems bar some slightly hairy places where they were doing some road works, slowly I went past with a zillion brown faces looking at me, there can’t be many muzungis on motorbikes, lots of waving and smiling. I found myself a half decent hotel and just rode a round watching life as it went on, unimpressed by my presence. Basically I’m just making time as not to arrive in Kigali in three days time. Treks are out, according to my surgeon I should be gentle with my new knee, so no gorillas or golden monkeys for me. There are very few wild if any wild animals about, Rwanda’s on of the most densely populated countries in Africa so basically there’s no room for wildlife. ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm February 12th 2019

With Ross on his way to Tokyo the next day - Sunday 6th January - we were up early in time to catch the 8.23am train from Copenhagen to Stockholm which began by taking us across the Øresund Bridge which connects Copenhagen to Malmo and which is the longest combined road and rail bridge in Europe. Having driven over the bridge - which is 8km in length, 4km of which is a tunnel under the water - from Copenhagen to Malmo a few years ago it was interesting to do the journey on the train which was much closer to the water of the Baltic Sea than the road bridge which is above the train line. Arriving in Stockholm, and settling into our hotel - recommended by Nicola and just across from Stockholm's Central Station - ... read more
Notice the koala on the advertisement inside the train
Crossing the Øresund Bridge which connects Denmark to Sweden over the Baltic
Beginning our wander around some of Stockholm

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm October 29th 2018

Cestu cez svedsko som volil len kvoli kamoske lee, ktoru som spoznal cez cs. Raz ma hostila ona v berline a potom ja ju v seredi. Prvy sok zo svedska bol teplotny. Ono ked dojde clovek z 35 do 10 a pritom kazdy den teplota klesa neni to az taka sranda. Hlavne ked moc tepleho oblecenia niet. V meste dost imigrantov ale zdalo sa, ze su domestifikovany. Zvacsa hovorili svedsky a vyzerali normalne. Doprava je v stokholme draha. No teoreticky sa da vozit v metre a vlakmi (nie normalne ale mestke) donekonecna na jeden listok ak clovek neopusti turniket. No ak pride revizor tak problem. Platnost listku je 75.min, pri opustany metra sa turnikety sami otvaraju. Z letiska arlanda odporucam kupit 24hod kartu a do mesta ist kombi busom a primestkym vlakom. Dalsi den sa povozit ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm October 25th 2018

Samozobudenie nieco okolo 7.00 Opat spolocne ranajky. Tentoraz falosne mlieko. Lea opat odchadza odprevadit mileho na vlak. Tam a nazad dokopy asi 30.min. Este motanie sa na byte. Lea kontaktovala daku slovacku ale ta sa neozvala. Tak ideme smer mestecko s…(nevim ten nazov). V plane kupa 24hod karty, no v automate ani u ujka v budke ju nemali (papierova forma). Tak mi ujko predava sl kartu (20s) a tu mi cipuje na 24hod (125s). Po uplinuti tejto doby sa karta da znova dobyt. Lea kontrolule spoje cez sl appku. Mame cas 15.min, tak mensia prechadzka v okoli stanice. Kde nic zaujimave. Ono sme na nastupiste nesli skor bo listok plati 75min. To mozno aj vysvetluje dost sprintujucich ludi na nastupistiach. Na odenplane zmena metra za miestny vlak. Utekame na nastupiste, po dobehnuti casi odochdov nepasuju s ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm October 24th 2018

Nieco okolo 3 rannej ma prebudil prichod lei ale okamzite som zaspal. Definitivne ma prebrala potreba curat a macka co sa dobijala do spalne. Nakonec ranajky mame vsetci traja spolocne. Opat zdravy chleba, falosny syr ale aspon pravy uharek. Lea odchadza odprevadit jonasa do prace. Po prichode mensi pokec, no posielam ju spat. Spala len neake 3hodinky. Ja sa teda pobera na mensiu prechadzku do mesta. Spravil som za 4hod cca 15km. Moj hlavny ciel je odporucany kopcek Skinnarviksberget, z ktoreho ma byt fajn vyhlad na stokholm. Jesennym parcikom cez ktory vedie cyklotrasa sa dostavam az pod most co spaja sodermalm a tuto cast. V tieny je zima tak vyhladavam slnecnu cast. V azii tomu bolo opacne kde som zvacsa vyhladaval tien na ulici. Kukam do mapy a idem prakticky po cervenej trase ( Dostavam sa ... read more

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