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Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg July 31st 2019

Je prendrai un train pour Göteborg. Je acheterai et manger dans différents cafés. Je verrai la ville, Haga. Je visiterai le Jardin Botanique de Göteborg et Liseberg. Je verrai comment les gens vivent parce que je veux m'y installer.... read more

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg July 31st 2019

Spent the morning wandering around Copenhagen before a 1 hr train trip to Malmo. The line is a combined road/rail link via an 8 km Oresund Bridge that partly spans the strait separating Denmark and the Scandinavian Peninsula. The link then descends a further 4 km by tunnel to reach Sweden’s 3rd city. Unfortunately the spectacular above ground look of the bridge is completely unseen from the train deck below. After a brief wander around the cobbled Old Town streets of Malmo its was back to the train station & a 3 hr trip to Gothenburg & a 3 night stay at the Le Mat B&B. The bridge has spurred a tremendous revival of Malmo from an industrial economy to a service economy dominated by IT & education whilst Gothenburg has prospered by retaining its traditional ... read more
Apoteket Lejonet
Apoteket Lejonet.
Malmo old town street

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg May 26th 2019

Nous quittons donc le Danemark pour passer en Suède… Il nous faut donc prendre le ferry afin de nous rendre en Suède pour arriver prochainement en Norvège ! Pour cela, nous prenons le ferry à Frederikshavn pour nous rendre à Goteborg. Nous passerons donc le Kattegat : Le Cattégat, en danois Kattegat, en suédois Kattegatt, qui est un espace maritime comprenant plusieurs détroits au sud et une vaste baie au nord, s'étendant entre le Danemark et la Suède, plus précisément entre la péninsule danoise du Jutland et la province suédoise de Halland. Une traversée qui durera 3 heures ½… et qui se passe calmement dans ce grand bateau… Pas grand-chose à voir durant la traversée… Nous ne nous attarderons pas à Göteborg car y sommes déjà venus. Et pourtant… j’avais adoré la visite de la ville ... read more
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Entrée dans le ferry
notre ferry

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg August 18th 2018

Here we are in Gothenburg. Such a delight to meet the new granddaughter and catch up with the 3 year old grandson too. It’s only our first few days here and already we have been walking, swimming, meeting up with the extended family over delicious dinners - and of course we had to visit the tap room at Beerbliotek. Getting around Gothenburg is easy once you get the hang of traveling by tram, bus or boat. Buy a tram card, top up with SEK (Swedish Kronor), download the Reseplanerare app (Vastraffik) and plan each step of your journey. It even estimates the time needed to walk to the tram or bus stop. Senior Tip: If you walk slower than our speedy (fit ) Swedish family members, allow yourself more time for the walking part! In Gothenburg ... read more
The bridge
Under the Bridge
1998:365 Fishing huts

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg June 27th 2018

June 23 we flew from Venice to Gothenburg via Brussels, and were met by Wayne's second cousin, Anders, about noon. He drove us the approximately two hours to Stromstad, a pretty seaside town on the west coast. Along the way we stopped by a roadside cafe for some Swedish fast food: a smoked salmon plate and a shrimp salad. If you don't like seafood, you may be unhappy in Sweden, because it turned out that we ate shrimp and lox at every meal with Anders's family. We enjoyed it, especially one "torta" (cake) made with a dark bread crust topped with shrimp, egg, and salmon in a cream cheese sauce. Anyhow, back in Stromstad we met Anders's wife, Monika, and two children, ages 7 and 4. We all got into their small outboard boat for the ... read more
Anders and Wayne load the boat
The cottage on Oddo
View from the front lawn

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg July 19th 2017

Göteborg ou Gothembourg (nom français mais peu usité), est la cinquième ville des pays nordiques et la plus grande qui ne soit pas une capitale. Göteborg est la deuxième localité de la Suèdepar l'importance de son poids démographique ainsi que par son industrie et ses activités économiques. La ville est située à mi-chemin entre Oslo et Copenhague, sur le fleuve Göta älv à quelques kilomètres de son embouchure dans le Cattégat, dégagé des glaces pendant l'hiver. Dans ce voyage, ce que j’adore c’est nous arrêter là où nous ne l’avions... read more
à Lidköping

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg November 5th 2016

The group have done an amazing job maintaining the blog throughout the trip but I have hijacked it this morning for a quick entry that is relevant to the future of our organisation in line with the Inspire Programme. Our hosts have moved to a new temporary accommodation providing a base for a number of different teams, the new base holds approx 200 staff and they have implemented a variety of new ways of working similar to what we are looking to do within our organisation. They have further long term plans to move to an even bigger location looking to accommdate many more staff, this location has been given the name of 'The White House' - maybe this reflects the power the new base should provide for them. The temporary base is being used to ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg November 4th 2016

We cant believe how fast the two weeks have flown over. Today has been our last day of the programme and its been a interesting one! Up nice and early to lots of lovely rain, we headed out for the bus to cross roads. Took us about half hour to find our stop but we got there in the end. When we arrived we met with Tanya Zhyla and Denisa Sava, who were both lovely! They talked us through their amazing work that they do for all different types of people at their base. Their base is a walk in for Eu Migrants. They have helped over 1184 people in their years, 25% of this figure being female migrants. We were shocked to hear the range of different nationalities that have migrated to Sweden, people from ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg November 3rd 2016

We were due to meet with Moa Boethiüs Lind this morning who works in the Department of Business and Regional Development but unfortunately Moa was unwell and unable to attend so the session was cancelled. Abby was a bit gutted as she was looking forward to this session as it deals with some of the same issues her team deal with back in Durham. Thankfully we were sent some information with more to follow and did some research ourselves to find out a little more around this area of responsibility. We found out that the region places an important focus on developing and supporting businesses not only to enable the business to grow and prosper but also to help the region as a whole to improve its quality of life for residents and attract visitors from ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg November 2nd 2016

The morning began early setting off a 10 past 9, we went to meet Helena and Thomas who work with Communications and External Relations. They work together in different units dealing with different teams, Thomas explained they all want the same goals and objectives and working together dealing with internal parties to have a better attitude and getting people to work together with better understanding and to also move forward with different projects within their organisation. Thomas spoke about how they work to be transparent and make sure that they give information to anyone who requests it (with the exception of patient information and information regarding national security) and he also mentioned with any information that they give they must give it within 24 hours or at least give a response within that time frame that ... read more

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