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Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg September 6th 2016

It's been a fabulous few weeks here in Gothenburg, Sweden. Visiting family and getting to know our 18 month old grandson, Oliver. In fact we have been so busy I haven't written a word about all the sights and experiences we have enjoyed since our arrival here in late July. I have taken numerous photos so I have just chosen a few to illustrate the good times, the events and the family fun times we have been fortunate to enjoy. Three good things: 1. Spending lots of time with Oliver, teaching him some English words and actions to his favourite songs - "The wheels on the bus" kept going round and round and round and round! Fortunately the actions mean the same in Swedish and English. Handy song to sing to calm an 18 month old ... read more
A beach amongst the rocks.
Seashore in southern archipelago.
Rocks and weed .

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg July 25th 2016

Gestern habe ich Göteborg erkundet. Dabei bin ich die Haupteinkaufsstrasse zum Yachthafen gelaufen und habe ein Ticket für eine Bootsfahrt zur Inselfestung Nya Aelvsborgs Faestning gebucht. Das war sehr sehenswert. Schweden hat ja Göteborg benutzt, um die dänischen Zölle zu umgehen und die Stadt dementsprechend gesichert. Diese Inselfestung liegt vor der Mündung des Goeta Aelv-Flusses. Dort habe ich auch meinen Nachmittagskaffee mit Kuchen eingenommen. Nach der Rückkehr in die Stadt habe ich noch die historisch erhaltenen Kronhuset und den Dom von Göteborg angesehen. Danach bin ich in mein schönes Hotel und habe im Dachpool auf der 7. Etage etwas gebadet. Von dort hat man eine gute Aussicht auf die Dächer der Stadt. Anschliessend habe ich in einem empfohlenen Restaurant eine schwedische Brotzeit und danach schwedische Koettbullar gegessen. Danach habe ich am Business Center in ... read more
Zentrum von Goeteborg.
Dom von Goeteborg.
Schwedische Brotzeit.

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg July 24th 2016

Gestern habe ich wieder orgentlich gefruehstueckt und dann bei meinem Hotel in Malmö ausgecheckt. Dabei ist mir etwas passiert, was mir sonst nur selten passiert: Ich habe etwas im Zimmer vergessen und zwar meine Zahnseidesticks, die ich auf die nachdrueckliche Empfehlung meiner aus Berlin stammenden Zahnärztin in Muenchen Truedering benutze. Dann muss es wohl die verbleibende Urlaubswoche so gehen. In Malmö habe ich mir dann noch die Festung angesehen, in der sich mehrere Museen befinden. Darunter historische Räume und mal wieder eine Kunstausstellung. Die Festung war bestimmt frueher sehr wichtig, denn dieser Teil Schwedens war lange zwischen Schweden und Dänemark umkämpft. Ich bin dann noch etwas durch den Park und zur Kirche von Malmö bevor ich im Starbucks am Bahnhof auf den Zug nach Göteborg gewartet habe. Ich glaube in diesem Regionalzug war das WLAN eher ... read more
Kanonenturm der Festung.
Dom von Malmö.
Schwedische Käseplatte.

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg May 18th 2016

Volvo Day - We woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed after a good night's sleep. We had a big Swedish breakfast, packed up, and Volvo drove us to the Volvo Overseas Delivery Center. Our Volvo rep was awesome and very professional. We filled out some paperwork (5 minutes) and then she brought out our new XC90. She spent a half an hour going over everything Brian needed to know (because Amy wasn't listening). After a quick test drive, Volvo gave us lunch (Swedish meatballs of course), and then took us on a tour of the plant. It was pretty cool to see the assembly lines. Almost as complicated as an aircraft line. We also had to sign non-disclosure agreements because we were seeing new models, their processes, and other "IP". That reminded us of work, ... read more
The new keys.
Where's the brake pedal?
Proud new owners.

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg May 17th 2016

Amy and Brian's Big Scandinavian Adventure started off without a hitch. The flight from DC to Copenhagen and then on ot Gothenburg was easy and comfortable. During the layover in Copenhagen, we hit Starbucks and the barista told Brian he had a lot of energy after such a long flight (2am DC time). Brian saved a poor old guy. who after his own long flight, dropped his monster chocolate chip cookie. Brian got him a replacement and the guy clapped his hands in glee and made us smile. Our energy wouldn't last. In Gothenburg, a driver from Volvo met us at the airport. He reminded us of the "Transporter"...all business. Eventually, he warmed up to our American charms (no he didn't). In Gothenburg, we walked around downtown along the canals. We visited a famous fish market, ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg October 9th 2015

We can't believe its the final day of the programme where has this week gone??? The group seem to have mixed feelings as we know it's coming to an end and of course a part of us is ready to get back to our loved ones but you can easily get comfortable in this city and the time has flown by. The 2 week period is about right as I am now running out of clean clothes - just as well my favourite movie is Commando!!! Our final formal meeting of the programme took us to the Vasttrafik headquarters in the Folkkungagatan building a 10 minute walk from our hotel. Vassttrafik is responsible for the public transport system in Vastra Gotaland and we were fortunate enough to be able to meet Roger Vahnberg the Vice President ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg October 8th 2015

Our penultimate day of the programme and Robin has been flexing his influence again today by arranging a field visit to the new Angered Hospital where they work with reaching out to marginalized groups in order to provide health care for all citizens. We were very fortunate to be able to join an information session arranged for EuroHealthNet, a non profit partnership of organisations, agencies and statutory bodies working to contribute to a healthier Europe by promoting health and health equality between and within European countries. The hospital is literally brand new and only opened its doors at the beginning of last month and on arrival we could appreciate this as it was a modern build, some of the group saying it reminded them of the New College building in Durham. We started to appreciate how ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg October 7th 2015

Its crazy to think we are now mid way through the final week and as the group suspected the time seems to be flying by but as every day has been so diverse we are absorbing so much information I think by the end of this week we may be at full capacity but the knowledge we have gained throughout the programme is amazing. As the responsible adult (there is a first time for everything) I was given the task of getting us to Lillhagsparken Sodra for our morning session and Robin had left me clear instructions on which bus to take and the correct stop to reach our venue - unfortunately I failed miserably and we ended up getting off a stop too early meaning we had a 10min walk to final meet Robin. I ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg October 6th 2015

We had a cancellation in the programme today and as I have such a caring employer they have provided me with all the tools I need to continue working from here I have taken the opportunity to catch up on things at home - a great example of remote working in full effect. So our apprentices have taken the time to provide their feedback on the programme so far: “The first week in Sweden has been fantastic, seen and done some amazing things! Couldn’t be any more grateful for this brilliant opportunity I have been given. Everything we have done has been so interesting I have many highlights through the trip but the science museum is my favourite activity we have done as a group, I have never see anything like it! I had a great ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg October 5th 2015

The morning schedule took us back to the Rosenlundsplatsen building where we were based for a session last week and we made our way there with ease, I wouldn't exactly say it was early but even at 9am the streets seemed very quiet maybe in this area they like to ease into the week. One of the officers we were planning to see, Rasoul Nejadmehr, must have spotted us on his way in - yes we still do stand out in numbers I suppose, and escorted us into the building. Rasoul based with the Cultural Affairs team was quickly joined by his manager Annika Stromberg to talk to us about the region's work with culture and about broadening the participation in cultural activities. I initially thought the focus would be on the multi cultural society in ... read more

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