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Europe » Spain » Navarre » Olite September 10th 2019

Day 12 Olite to Tiermas We started the day with a walk around the town, it's much quieter this morning, the revelers must still be in bed, or church. The castle looks as if it could be from a fairytale, with its pretty turrets. It was the home if the Royal family of this area in the 1500's. The walled town around it us made up if churches, set in squares with narrow cobbled streets joining them. We're low on food but it's Sunday, the supermarkets aren't open, so when we found a small general store I popped in to buy food for the day. Back at Dream Catcher we plan a scenic drive to take us east further into the mountains. The route passed by rows of grapes all dark purple and waiting to be ... read more
Olite castle
Olite church

Europe » Spain » Navarre September 9th 2019

Day 5 Cloyes de le Loir to NarscBefore setting out this morning, domestic services did some laundry whilst maintenance tightened the alternator belt. Just as we were ready to leave a British camper pulled in and came over to admire Dream Catcher, they were an interesting older couple who had lived in South Africa for around 30 years and of course owned a Land Rover out there, they had toured in Africa in it with a roof tent attached.After the guided tour of the interior, between the wet washing hanging up, we set off, Doris is feeling better today and is set for a dash south on the motorways. We're heading towards Tours and from previous journeys the best ways past the city is motorway, even if us poor pensioners have to pay the tolls. It's ... read more

Europe » Spain » Navarre » Viana September 25th 2018

COMPLETO This is a swear word on the Way, and today I walked 7 extra kilometres because of it. It means full, no beds, go away. That was the hospitality I received in Los Arcos today, and there are no other options. Maybe I could have turn my poncho into a tent, camped out,and hoped that the wild animals of Navarra that eat aged meat don’t mistake my snoring for the last groans of a vulnerable beast. Sansol, a tiny hamlet balancing on the edge of a hill 7 kilometres past Los Arcos, is a place of questionable charm and I suspect most pilgrims stop for a coffee and move on. The Albergue Sansol is a hidden gem located off the main street. The beds have a blanket, so in my mind I don’t need a ... read more
Free Wine Complements Of The Monastery Irache
The Mornings Are The Best
Medieval Castle On A Hill

Europe » Spain » Navarre » Estella September 24th 2018

Today the impact of the 28°c heat was softened by a cool breeze that accompanied me all the way to Estella. It was a varied walk, combining steep hills, lovely villages, long slightly undulating paths and good company. I walked alone most of the time which I enjoyed immensely. I’m back to a good pace and catch up with known accomplices along the Way. It’s a good mix of time to think and time to chat. I spoke to two South African women at a pharmacy today and they were over it. Not quitting, but certainly never recommending the Camino as a good thing to do. I think that approach will change and they are still hurting from the first 2 days. They were there for blister patches, I was there for Cortisone cream. You can ... read more
Puente La Reina Main Eatery Strip
Cirauqui, Navarre

Europe » Spain » Navarre » Puente La Reina September 23rd 2018

Today was HOT. Really hot. After a restless sleep in a hot room with stereo snoring battering me from either side ( it may have been the 3Tenors but obviously I can’t hear myself snore ), I was getting ready at 5.30am. I had organised to walk with a couple of women , so we were finally walking at 6.32. I am probably developing patience here because I don’t feel I can suggest we get moving. It was all good and were joined by Pat, a retired English policewoman, and a young South Korean woman whose name I did not catch. They had no headlights and they are a must for an early morning walk to Alto Del Perdon, a climb on mostly good paths, on the walk to Puente La Reina. Breakfast was at Zariquiegui, ... read more
Donation food stall
Wind Power
The destination in the distance

Europe » Spain » Navarre » Pamplona September 22nd 2018

Last night ended with a recital by a French women’s choir after we had finished our meal. They sang traditional songs, and the harmonies from the 15 or so members was very moving. French people at the meal joined in and added to the emotion that we felt. I automatically thought of someone who would have loved it; sorry Sue, you had to be there. Today we walked through rocky crevices, light filled valleys and oak lined tracks to arrive at Cizor Minor. I walked mainly with John from Colorado and Karema from Brazil. John and I share common views on many things so he was great to walk and talk with. Karema is a delightful young woman with a backpack as heavy as mine, and the shoulder and calf injuries to prove it. She claims ... read more
The oldest church bell in Navarre, 13th Century
The view from St Stephen’s bell tower
Welcome to Pamplona

Europe » Spain » Navarre » Larrasoaña September 21st 2018

THE CAMINO-EAT WALK SLEEP REPEAT. I saw a t-shirt in Roncevalles with this take on a popular novel and film that just skims over a day on the Camino de Santiago. Add talk, help, meet, pain, love, empathy and respect, and you start to appreciate the emotions and feelings that you can expect to encounter, and probably experience, walking the Camino. In a world of ‘fake news’ and false promises espoused by governments and organisations that hide behind contrived values with clever acronyms, the Camino is the real deal. If you expect nothing and accept everything, the Camino can change lives and reset priorities . Cultural diversity, religious and secular differences, coupled with language difficulties encourage us to listen and accept this new community that becomes your family for 5 weeks. I will rely on these ... read more
Never look back.
Orisson, the first stop on the Pyrenees
View from Orisson

Europe » Spain » Navarre » Roncesvalles September 20th 2018

Just a couple of questions first. Is it bad luck if your glasses fall off your head into a communal toilet? Any suggestions on the best way to clean E.coli germs from a pair of multifocals? I wore my sunglasses all day today. If I ever decide to walk across the Pyrenees Mountains again, remind me that today was the most physically demanding day of my life and I never want to repeat it. I won’t be writing much today because my keyboard finger hurts, as does everywhere else. Also I have a pair of glasses to clean. The morning began with fresh croissants and coffee ( sounds good so far) and I walked out of the albergue alone at 7am. Already I’m a better person; no rush, no alarm set. I knew the pack was ... read more
part of the climb

Europe » Spain » Navarre April 20th 2018

Hallo Zusammen Am 14.04. sind wir von Rosas via Zaragossa und Pamplona an die Atlantikküste gefahren. Die Landschaft war wunderschön. Viele blühende Mandelbäume, grosse Rebflächen und Artischockenfelder. Heute sind wir in Frankreich bei den grossen Dünen von Pyla angekommen und geniessen den grossartigen Blick von der riesigen Düne über den Atlantik. Eventuell bleiben wir noch eine weitere Nacht. Das Wetter ist fantastisch und die Temp. liegt bei angenehmen 28 Grad mit einer leichten Briese vom Meer.... read more

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