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Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela November 2nd 2021

We made it!!!! And it was great having our niece Courtney meet us Pics are from the last couple of days. Will post more pics of SdC in another post. Plan to go to Pilgrims mass tomorrow. A bit disappointing the botafumeria appears to only be done on special holidays. But the city is gorgeous. We arrived in a slight rain. But hope to take some pics tomorrow. All and all. A great experience and so grateful we had the opportunity and health to do it!!! ... read more
So beautiful.  And just for a minute some blue sky
Such a beautiful walk this morning with a slight mist

Europe » Spain » Galicia October 25th 2021

Ok. This blog will be mainly pics. We are now in Cervantes, 16 km s of Ponteverde, and about 4-5 walking days left. We have had gorgeous weather. But it looks like it is about to change tomorrow evening with rain the next 4-5 days. It truly has been an amazing adventure with both of us enjoying it. We continue to average 15 -18 km per day. Endurance is great, legs are holding up. Feet, well they are still adjusting! A blister or 2 a day, wondering when that will stop. Scenery changes - farmland, villages, pine and eucalyptus forests with the occasional major road crossing. Now that we are within the 100 km (to allow one to get their compestella) we see many more 'pilgrims'. Our accommodations have been small guest houses and each completely ... read more
Today's beautiful walk - actually a couple of days ago
Following the shell
Yellow arrow tells us to go left.  Not sure of the meaning of the rest

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela October 21st 2021

Nachdem ich durch den gestrigen 4:0-Sieg des FC Bayern in guter Stimmung war, habe ich heute Santiago de Compostela erkundet. Die wichtigste Sehenswürdigkeit ist natürlich die Kathedrale und die Plätze und Gebäude drum herum. Dabei entdeckt man viele Pilger, die zu Fuß den Jakobsweg gelaufen sind. Einer hat sich auf den Platz vor dem Gotteshaus gesetzt und genehmigte sich genussvoll eine Zigarre. All das sieht sehr schön aus und ich erinnere mich an meinen Besuch im Jahr 1991. Dabei habe ich heute auch in einem Café mal wieder einen Cappuccino getrunken. Leider gibt es ja in der Stadt kein Starbucks. Mittlerweile bin ich wieder im Hotel. Dort telefonierte ich mit der Heimat, bereitete meine weitere Fahrt morgen in südlicher Richtung vor, schreibe an meinem Blog und gehe gleich nochmals mit dem Firmenrechner online. Später werde ich ... read more
Spaziergang durch Santiago de Compostela.
Spaziergang durch Santiago de Compostela.
Spaziergang durch Santiago de Compostela.

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela October 20th 2021

Nach dem Frühstück und dem Check-out habe ich mich auf den Weg nach Santiago de Compostela gemacht. Dabei besuchte ich auf dem Weg zwei ehemals römische Attraktionen. Zuerst die Goldminen von Las Medulas, die zu den größten im römischen Reich gehörten (ich dachte immer, dies wären jene im heutigen Rumänien, die später verloren gingen). Dazu gibt es in dem kleinen Ort eine Tourist-Information, die mir sagte, wie ich zu einem Aussichtspunkt und einer Höhle mit Galerie komme. Das schaffte ich auch, kurz bevor letztere in Siesta ging. Man gab mir sogar einen Schutzhelm für die Besichtigung. Wieder am Tageslicht genoss ich von besagtem Punkt die Aussicht. Das Gold hier wurde durch Sklaven und Wasser abgebaut. Danach setzte ich meine Fahrt fort zur zweiten Sehenswürdigkeit des Tages: den römischen Stadtmauern von Lugo. Die sind nicht schlecht und ... read more
Die ehemals römischen Goldminen von Las Medulas.
In Lugo mit seinen römischen Mauern.
In Lugo mit seinen römischen Mauern.

Europe » Spain » Galicia October 4th 2019

We had a lovely apartment right on the Camino route in the old city. While the apartment was very modern, the back wall of the second bedroom was the wall of the city, dating back to the Middle Ages. We really felt steeped in history. Unfortunately, an unintended consequence of being right on the route and just down the street from a number of active bars was that overjoyed revelers were out in the streets once the bars closed and they reveled at high volume. Until 4:30 AM. Right under our windows. Despite double paned glass and thick stone walls, nothing could block the buzz of loud conversation and yelps. Note to self - if you decide to do another lovely, contemplative Camino, DO NOT book your final nights inside the city walls. We rose, rather ... read more
My Credential With Stamps
Quite Beautiful Compostela
Waiting for your Number to be Called

Europe » Spain » Galicia October 3rd 2019

Today is it! We are making our final hike of this Camino into Santiago de Compostela. Because it’s a long hike with a daunting hill, we get up early and have a cup of cafe con leche at the cafe next door, where Dom Pepe, the proprietor, calls out “Bom Camino” and “guapo” (good looking) to every passing hiker. His unfailing good humor is a lift at 6:30 AM. Dom Pepe insists on giving us a square of homemade apple breakfast cake (Wife made. Mother’s recipe) and it is yummy. By 7:30 we’re on the road and are well into the hike before it’s light out. The entire morning is a gradual uphill, enough to break into a sweat. As has become our habit, Katherine pulls out in front of me on the hills, while I’m ... read more
Beautiful Stretch of Path
First, Distant View of Santiago

Europe » Spain » Galicia October 1st 2019

Today was a relatively short and pleasant “Goldilocks” hike - a longish hike and not too many hills. We started out at around 8 AM, which with the wacky Spanish time zones meant it was still dark out. This meant we were up the hills before we were really awake. As has been typical, there was heavy fog and we walked for several hours before the sun burned it off. Once the sun came out, the walk was wonderful—much on comfortable paths through vineyards heavy with grapes. We neared Caldas de Reis, which didn’t initially seem promising. What we saw was industry along the river, and high rises. But like so many of the towns along this route, its interior is a polished gem, despite the rough exterior. The gem-like part of the city centers on ... read more
Caldas Buddies
Atmospheric Taberna O Moino
UK Dinner Partners

Europe » Spain » Galicia September 30th 2019

We took a rest day in Pontevedra and enjoyed walking through its twisting medieval streets. The apartment we were in was a modern duplex built on the shell of an ancient stone building in the center of Pontevedra’s historic district. It was also directly on the Camino de Santiago. Increasingly, as we walk this route it’s clear how the towns and villages along the route supported the pilgrimages of hundreds of thousands of pilgrims over the millennia. Here in Pontevedra, there is a tiny, shell-shaped chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary, who is the patron of pilgrims on the Camino Portugues. It is memorably beautiful in part because it’s so intimate. People recognize that, with your hiking boots and clothes, you’re on the Camino and wish you a “Bo Camino.” There’s a deep reservoir of good ... read more
Intimate Interior of Chapel.
Beautiful Squares in Pontevedra
Nighttime View of Central Square

Europe » Spain » Galicia September 28th 2019

An early rise and Jesus knocked on the door at 7:30 with breakfast. We had learned the night before that he had summited 5 Himalayan peaks of 18,000+ feet in one year (1996), with his brother António. No sherpas, no oxygen. They had made their Everest summit just before the fated expedition that Jon Krakauer reported in his book “Into Thin Air” and had helped with the rescue operations. Hard to believe that this wiry, elfin 53-year-old had led such an adventurous life. We had our good, strong Spanish coffee, yogurt, toast and juice, then took a few pictures with Jesus. He drove us to the outskirts on Porriño and sent us on our way. The morning featured thick fog, the kind that leaves droplets in your hair. We walked out on the shoulders of roads, ... read more
Our Host: Jesus Martínez Novas
The Path Going Up, Up, Up
Great View Towards Redondela

Europe » Spain » Galicia September 27th 2019

We started hiking at 7:30 AM in Valença, Portugal and crossed the bridge over the Minho River into 8:35 in Tui, Spain. A five minute walk and two different time zones. As we had a cafe con leche in a cafe near the medieval Tui Cathedral, a light rain started to fall. I had put my rain jacket at the bottom of my pack, superstitious that putting it near the top would encourage the rain. That ploy didn’t work and as the rain got heavier, I dug down, pulled it out and put the rain cover on my pack. We stopped into the Cathedral and collected a stamp on our credential, then followed the route that ran through the ancient old city. Soon the path passed through forests of giant old eucalyptus and oak trees, following ... read more
Tui Cathedral
Cathedral Interior
Forest to left, vs. Industry to right

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