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Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela May 28th 2016

As this was destined to be a short day of 14 km, we opted for a slow start. The surly Germans left the room relatively early but just to move to the Albergue kitchen to prepare breakfast. This was not before they two of them "entertained" Greg in the communal bathroom as he was trying desperately to fit his contact lens, and not have to endure the "entertainment" a moment longer. We opted for a local cafe for breakfast which was as expected except for a memorable ricotta cake. We headed out by around 0800. Greg with his new knee brace fitted and operational. The trail rose briefly out of Melida and past several lovely medieval churches. The attendant at one was particularly excitable - the church had dominion over an 11th Century baptismal font. It ... read more
The lovely scenary roles on
Iris beside the Camino
Enjoying a jamon meal in Arzua

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela May 27th 2016

We enjoyed the evening and night in the large Albergue in Portomarin, although we had had a few doubts. The Albergue had an extensive communal kitchen and dining area and a pleasant ambiance. The pilgrims were of all ages and languages, though to be fair there was no one who appeared to be a Muslim on this primarily Christian or Heathen pilgrimage. Plenty of boy meets girl for lone travelers and laughter and skylarking within large walking groups. The Albergue itself overlooked one of the arms of the man-made lake and onto the Camino heading west. The dam was a relatively recent addition to the landscape. The earlier town had been flooded in the 60s and the historical buildings moved brick by brick to the new location. Greg sat and sketched outside the church which seemed ... read more
The view over the lake at Portmarin
The abandoned brickworks
Catherine on the Camino

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela April 26th 2016

Et voila nos derniers moments à St Jacques puis nouvelle route surprise.... Suis contente que l'encensoir de St Jacques vous ait fait plaisir... j'espère que vous ne vous êtes pas découragés suite au lien raté du premier blog qui a été rattrapé le lendemain ! Le soleil au jour où j'écris est bien présent et je n'ose vous dire que nous avons un bon 25°, mais où ??? vous le saurez au prochain blog !... read more
une pluie qui ne décourage personne...
et quand elle s'arrête on a tant à se raconter...
musée de la Cathérale

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela April 24th 2016

Une seule chose aujourd’hui : assister à la messe de midi à la cathédrale… Une messe est dite tous les jours ici à cette heure là… On arrive encore à trouver deux places dans le chœur principal pour assister à cette messe entre les pèlerins qui eux sont pour la plupart venus à pied depuis quelques ou beaucoup de kilomètres. Le prêtre commence la messe par remercier les personnes présentes en nommant les lieux d’où ils proviennent. Et nous avons de la chance, car 70 d’entre eux viennent de Corée du Sud… d’autres viennent d’Australie, plusieurs sont venus depuis le Portugal, etc… Avec le groupe venant de Corée, sont venus deux prêtres qui concélébreront la messe avec le prêtre espagnol et c’est à la fin de la messe que nous nous rendrons compte de l’importance que ... read more
un jour de pluie qui n'effraye pas les pélerins...

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela April 24th 2016

et avec ce lien ci, peut etre arriverez vous a ouvrir ??? read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela April 22nd 2016

Moins courageux que ceux qui viennent ici à pied... nous voici avec les quatre roues de Pollux ... Nous avons trouvé un bon camping, où à quelques 200 m de là, un bus passe toutes les 30 minutes pour nous mener au centre de la ville... Mais à notre arrivée il faut tout de même penser de temps en temps à faire quelques courses et c'est à mon grand bonheur que je trouve un Auchan, plus beau que tous les Auchan jamais visités... et pourtant nous considérons souvent que celui de Luxembourg est drôlement chouette !!! Après quoi nous nous aventurons en ville avec le bus où nous aimons rencontrer les locaux... Nous sommes déposés en plein milieu du centre où nous découvrons la Cathédrale et ses ruelles avoisinantes. Il règne ici une ambiance particulière vu ... read more
5 Valdoviño - St Jacques de Compostelle
accueil d'un camping sans accueil... Valdoviño

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela April 5th 2016

Spain has been in the wrong time zone for 70 years and it will be one factor that for a short while at least when we travel through Portugal we won’t have to endure. My sister Kathriona alerted me to the fact that just before WW2 that the country changed it’s time zone to be the same as Hitler who was running Germany at the time and wanted Madrid, a friendly country but not outwardly an allie,to be on the same time as Berlin. Just what his deeper reasons were perhaps is not fully clear but he never got to invade Spain as he did with other Western European countries where he also altered their time zone to that of Germany. All this plays havoc with your mind as the sun is so late in getting ... read more
One of the many semanaries
Church Santa Maria
Steps to the main entrance of the Cathedral

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela April 4th 2016

What can you do when it is raining and you are on holiday? Today we are going to find out. We have been blessed with great, dry weather for the three BBA’s so far and it has always seemed disappointing when one morning we wake up and it’s raining and the forecast says 90% chance of rain for most of the day. At home we would stay in bed longer, as long as it wasn’t a work day, and read the newspaper more extensively than we usually have time for. But we haven’t found an English newspaper on this journey so far. Rain always means though that it is a good time to catch up on the administrative chores and the washing bag was full of clothes to be given the once over in the washing ... read more
Tha Barrio cat watching us down the alleyway
The Barrio
Group of tent structures adjacent to the Barrio

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela April 3rd 2016

Well, we woke OK this morning. No intruders in the night. The weather forecast for the day as we head further west again doesn’t look too promising to be sightseeing but there is not much we can do about that. We had chosen the main route to Santiago for the pilgrims on the Camino Way from Ponferrada.This route included a road which on our atlas was the thinnest red road the atlas shows yet it also had the green dots denoting it was scenic. There were other highway options but not as short as the one we chose and we would be unlikely to see pilgrims on their walk west if we chose any other road. Packed up and down to the Carrefour Supermarket we passed by last night on our way out to dinner. It ... read more
It is starting to snow at Pedrafita
Just following the track
Sunshine and a lunch stop

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela October 13th 2015

13 October 2015, Tuesday Stage 37. A Rua to Santiago de Compostela. We arrive in Santiago de Compostela GPS: 13.22 miles. 5 hours 8 minutes moving. Left Hotel O Pino at 0856. Arrived the cathedral in Santiago at 1620. Then spent 90 minutes in the line to get our official Compostela. Get to our lovely Hotel Pazo do Altamira at 1830. Fitbit: 14.29 miles, 32,712 Steps, 129 Stairs/floors DEDICATION: For those who have followed all, or some, of the stages of our blog, we would like you to know this idea of recording our camino came as we want our two grand-daughters to know adventures, or caminos, can happen at all stages of life. May their own caminos be rewarding and fruitful. God bless both of them. O 'Pino hotel had a nice hot breakfast buffet ... read more
School kids getting off the bus at the school
Our early morning (0930) wooded path
Stone slate plates turned on edge to line the path

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