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North America » United States » Maryland » Baltimore November 26th 2016

Geo: 39.2795, -76.5696Think we all slept pretty well and with our pre-packing last night, our check out went pretty smooth. Grandpa up and showered by 7:00, Grandma by 8:00 and Brennan by 8:30. Times may vary but this has generally been the routine all week. We caught the 9:15 bus (#635), right outside the Hotel Novotel. The stop also serves one of the remote parking lots so the bus was full. At the airport, we didn't know if Air Canada was in Terminal 1 or 2. After asking several "Official" looking people, we were sent back and forth in Terminal 1 before finally getting the right info that we were to be in Terminal 2. {As a side note, we think Brennan was a little disappointed that he didn't get to ice skate at the airport ... read more
Chocolate kiss

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich November 25th 2016

Geo: 48.1391, 11.5802Up, out of the hotel and on the #4 by 8:30. We had decided to leave the car and take the bus to old town Salzburg so we would not have to navigate the city streets and find parking.After arriving, we searched for a sit-down breakfast cafe. We were striking out and just about ready to go to Starbucks when we noticed the Afro Cafe. It was perfect! We had coffee from a press, ham and eggs, waffle with fruit and cream and cake. Everything was great, both service and atmosphere.We then visited the beautiful cathedral. It was originally built in 774 by an Irish Bishop; burned down several times; current structure built in 1628, an aerial bomb in 1944, demolished the dome and Mass was not celebrated again until 1959. It is a ... read more
Brennan Riding the #4
Fancy McDonald's Sign in Salzburg

Europe » Austria » Salzburg » Salzburg November 24th 2016

Geo: 47.8005, 13.0444Good night sleep until the bells of the church rang 100 times at 6:00am -- obviously time to get up!Breakfast was included with our room so we enjoyed a typical bread, cheese, hard-boiled eggs, fruit, yogurt, cereal and pastry breakfast. You would think there would be something there Brennan would enjoy, but for some reason he was not a fan. He went back to the room without eating, complaining of an upset stomach. G&G enjoyed a nice breakfast. We made him a ham and cheese sandwich for later.We stopped once again at the larger hotel to check email and headed out to Partnachklamm, a hiking trail through a gorge. We did not have time to spend 1-1/2 hours doing the circuit hike nor the desire to spend over 10 Euro to hike through the ... read more
Most Beautiful Town in the Bavarian Alps

Europe » Germany » Bavaria November 23rd 2016

Geo: 47.4923, 11.0862Grandma got no sleep, Grandpa got about a half night's sleep and Brennan slept like a log!We made great coffee at the apartment and ate lebkuchen and clementines for breakfast. We were out of the apartment by 7:30 because we had a very busy day of touring ahead of us. Our apartment was on a street with a school and we noticed quite young children walking or "scooting", unaccompanied -- nice to see.We arrived at King Ludwig II's castle, Neuschwanstein about 9:15. We purchased a tour ticket for 10:50am. They said it would take 40 minutes to walk up to the castle, but the mile trek took only 20 minutes. We had lots of time to spare so we took in the incredible views, read the signs and took pictures on the one side ... read more
Close up
View from Neuschwanstein

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Lindau November 22nd 2016

Geo: 47.5544, 9.69024We were down for the typical breakfast around 8:00. Typical seemed to be: cold cuts, cheeses, boiled eggs, pastries, cereal and fruit. After checking out, we walked the same route Grandpa and Brennan had done last night. St. George's was much prettier in daylight with light streaming through the stained glass. The men were still busy setting up the Christmas village. The soon to open Christkindle Markt was also busily setting up and businesses were all hanging evergreen garland and lights.We made every effort to avoid the autobahn on the drive to Ulm, which would be about the halfway point on our drive for the day. Ulm brags of the tallest steeple of any church in Germany. It was a visual G&G had from 40 years earlier. Our desire to avoid the autobahn, had ... read more
Selfie in Dinkelsbuhl
Christmas Decorating
Weinmarkt Street

Europe » Germany » Bavaria November 21st 2016

Geo: 49.0689, 10.3202We had to drag Brennan out of bed about 8:30. G&G were not so lucky; woke up about 1:30 and didn't sleep much after that. Breakfast at the hotel would have been 20 euro for the three of us and it didn't look that good (continental plus sliced meat and cheese). We opted to wander and found a nice bakery only a few blocks away. We shared a pesto-flavored breakfast sandwich, a chocolate pastry, hot chocolate and coffee.We headed toward the Bahnhof and the craft market there. Unfortunately, the shops at the market were just starting to show signs of life, so we headed back toward the hotel. The place looked so different from yesterday and last night; people hustling around and stores open or opening. We did stop along the way for one ... read more
Rothenburg, a Medieval Gem
Selfie in Rothenburg
Rooftops from Ramparts in Rothenburg

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Nuremberg November 20th 2016

Geo: 49.4505, 11.0805Two very full flights but pretty uneventful. With a 45-minute delay out of BWI, all it meant was a shorter layover in Newark.On the flight to Munich we had a nice dinner, movies, and Brennan got over three hours of sleep. G&G, not so lucky. Brennan slept through breakfast but we saved a couple of yogurts for him which he ate on the drive to Nuremberg. We got into Munich about 30 minutes early, before 7:00. We had not checked our bags so we were through immigration, customs and car rental really quickly and on our way by 8:00. The Budget rental agent asked if we wanted a GPS for 60 euro, and we opted for it. We would have found Nuremberg without it, but probably not the Jacobmarkt Hotel! As it turned out, ... read more
Altstadt Nuremberg
Lego Santa

North America » United States » New York October 12th 2016

Geo: 40.6355, -73.7808We got up at 4:20am to catch a train to Madrid at 6:00am. Since Dave was never able to go out for groceries, we only had a half sandwich and granola for food to take on the five hour train ride. Because the forecast was calling for rain and the station was a 30-minute walk, we opted for a taxi. The platform had plenty of backpacks and pilgrims to go with them. There was also a biking pilgrim trying to break his bike down, but he had no tools. He asked for help, in Spanish, luckily Dave had his Leatherman tool and the mission was accomplished. That tool has been used everyday, always for food prep, this was the first mechanical application. We pulled out exactly on time, two and a half hours before ... read more
Dinner in Barajas

North America » United States » New York October 11th 2016

Geo: 40.6355, -73.7807This is the day we had planned to get to Santiago which would have given us a couple of rest days. This is why we had a reservation at Hospederia San Martin Pinario, the huge monastery next to the Cathedral. It is now a very nice hotel. So, we checked out of Hotel Horreo and headed to our new hotel. We had not had our heavy packs on since Sunday and now they seemed almost impossibly heavy! Both of us wondered how we ever carried them 775 kms!We were trying to stall in order to ensure our new room would be ready so we walked around, window shopped and had a cup of coffee near the University. Since we couldn't go in any small shops with our packs on, we decided to check out ... read more
Monastery/Hotel Garden
St. James Statue
San Francisco Convent

North America » United States » New York October 10th 2016

Geo: 40.6355, -73.7808Big day, Peregrino Mass at noon! We had heard that the past two days the Cathedral was standing room only for the Pilgrim Mass, so we arrived around 10:30 and staked out seats and individually wandered and admired the church. It was probably 11:15 when we discovered a special roped off area for pilgrims with a credential, we jumped the rope and literally had a front row pew in front of the main altar! We sat, we prayed and reminisced with fellow pilgrims. Before Mass started, the "Singing Nun" tried to teach us the responsorial song - all in Spanish, we just hummed along. She was very animated and at one point threw up her hands in disgust to show that we were terrible! As the grand organ played, a fifteen priests all in ... read more
Fountain Behind Cathedral
St. James Statue

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