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Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid January 7th 2016

Hi, We are having so much fun and I really don't feel like taking the time to blog, lol. If you want to see photos just check out my Facebook or IG accounts, LOL. Angela... read more

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid January 5th 2016

Hi Everyone, I'm going to make this quick because yesterday was just a day of travel. We left So Cal about an hour late and started our 13-hour flight to Moscow. The flight from Moscow was also late so we got into Madrid at 1:30am and to our apartment until about 3am. We actually had some pretty fun stories but everyone is almost dressed to go out for the day and I still need to brush my hair/teeth and put on my face. I'll update this tonight and fill in the blanks. Love you all, Angela, Allison and the kids... read more

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid January 3rd 2016

Susan and I are smart but not smart enough to figure out this stupid heater. It’s cold. We try all the settings. No luck. We just give up. Everything is closed but we finally find a churros place that is open. So we had churros and pastries for breakfast. Nicky and I had the hot chocolate that is as thick as chocolate syrup (thicker I think). We didn’t see the orange juice machine so we thought they didn’t have the fresh orange juice. Susan ordered juice and got good fresh juice. I think I ordered wrong. So one thing I’ve learned is to not walk behind Tim. He walks over the poles in the street and if you are behind him, suddenly a pole is in your path and he has simply walked over it. Just ... read more

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid January 1st 2016

We had breakfast as our same little pastry shop them walked around the “flea market” junk sale in the square. There was one book’s salesman that really wanted to sell us some books. Tim really like him. We returned to our hotel, finished packing and then got a cab to the train station. Well, you know it’s bad when you know enough Spanish to know that the kids are talking about you but not enough to know what they are saying. “mucho Americano’s dos” then blabber, blabber, blabber to the taxi driver. We still don’t know what the blabber was. We arrived at the train station early and found a seat and continued chatting. Our train was quick and quiet and we arrived in Madrid. Nicky and Tim found that one of the metro lines went ... read more

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid December 27th 2015

I split these cities up, for a special reason.* I went to Barcelona first for a couple days, then bused it through the countryside to Madrid for a day and a night, then back to Barcelona in time to celebrate my birthday with all the BCN NYE hoopla in the main square with fireworks and a live band. First, Madrid was grand, in a word. Things are larger here and the styles are also slightly more grand than Barcelona and Lisbon. The roadways and layout are quite large, so I could sense that way back in the day when there were horses instead of cars, there was plenty of room to allow for a bustling, metropolitan city. I absolutely loved the giant Buen Retiro Park where I spent many hours wandering and admiring. There was even ... read more
Best xmas lights
BCN Arc de Dorkus
2015-12-29 17.18.08

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid December 12th 2015

Meillä on pitkä vaihto Madridissa. Ollaan yötä lentokentän lähellä hostellissa Bajarasissa. Hintaan kuului kyyti kentalta ja takaisin. Kaytiin syomassa laheisessa ravintolassa seka illalla etta aamulla.... read more

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid December 8th 2015

Still waking early – so made the most of it and headed out for an early morning run (Just me, the street cleaners and the homeless under the bridge out and about at 6:00am) Indulged in some more bridge-spotting and made a circuit down to the Puente de Toledo across the Rio Manzanares. (Quite a nice Baroque style bridge from the 1700s – now just pedestrian access). I had written Madrid off, in hindsight a little unfairly, as just another big city with nothing more of interest than a few museums (which are not normally that big on our agenda anyway). Therefore, the plan for Madrid was to spend just a few days and move on quickly. Today, we planned a reasonably easy day with a stroll down the Calle Mayor, taking in some churches, the ... read more
Church of Sacramento - Madrid
Church of Sacramento - Madrid
Church of Sacramento - Madrid

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid December 7th 2015

Despite my weariness, I was awake sparrow-fart and tossed and turned until finally giving up the dream of sleeping like a normal person around 5:30am. Kohen managed to sleep longer (ahh…the blessed ability to sleep through anything that we seem to lose with adulthood). Anyway, we were all soon up and about and looking forward to checking out the Spanish capital. The apartment was nice and spacious, with everything we could want and views forever. Best of all, Kohen had his own room and a real bed (not always the case with some apartments we’ve had before). We were told at the airport that our luggage would be delivered between 2-6pm, and we would need to be at the apartment to take delivery. Major bummer – this would put a big hole in our opportunity to ... read more
Catedral de la Almudena
Original Layout - Catedral de la Almudena area
Catedral de la Almudena

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid November 13th 2015

Non pas que je n'ai rien à raconter ou que je suis surchargée, je n'ai tout simplement pas pris le temps de poster. Ma vie n'est pas non plus hyper passionnante mais ça va, tranquillou. Je prends le temps de vivre on va dire. La semaine passée, je suis allée à Madrid pour le boulot. Nous étions dans un super hôtel du côté de las Ventas (quartier des arènes) et ma collègue m'a fait visité quelque monuments le soir. Je n'ai pas réussi à tout prendre en photo à cause de l'éclairage (ou du non-éclairage parfois). J'ai été choquée de voir que l'arrêt la puerta del sol s'appelle Vodaphone sol. Quelle horreur. A quand le rebatême de Bir-Hakeim en Bouygues? J'ai revu deux collègues d'Oviedo, ça m'a fait plaisir (c'est que je suis une personne importante ... read more
palais royal

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid November 4th 2015

Qui a dit qu'il faisait beau toute l'année en Espagne? Après une traversée de la Castille avec notre nouvel ami Fernando, notre conducteur infatigable avec qui en 8 heures de trajet nous avons pu refaire le système économique/ politique/ social de l'Europe, ainsi que voyager à travers le monde entier grâce aux anecdotes folles de Fernando; nous sommes arrivés à Madrid sous un froid de canard chez Anna et la famille Nicolau! Accueillis encore une fois comme des rois, le voyage a encore des goûts de luxe! Vous pensez bien qu'on ne seraient pas partit sans faire la fête? Sinon c'est mal nous connaître! Encore une retrouvailles, au alentour du tribunal de Madrid: Marina. Lorsque Marina est là, la soirée ne peut qu'être bonne. Ainsi soit-il! Cette fois il est temps. Vous nous croirez pas si ... read more
Amigo Fernando
El Jamon
Octopus Tapas

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