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Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid June 12th 2017

About 38 degrees on our arrival into Madrid with Rob and the gps successfully negotiating the streets of Madrid to find our apartment which is well located 50 m from the Gran Via and between Tribunal and Callao metro stations. First stop on Tuesday following the Queen's Birthday PH was to get the replacement for the stolen passport process underway. After the Embassy visit we braved the heat and from the Parc de la Montana could see our next points of interest including the Placio Real where the King of Spain still resides and then the Cateral de la Almudena. This being a major tourist highlight area in Madrid. On to Plaza Mayor and the Market where we ended up having tapas for dinner with what seemed like everyone in Madrid, it was packed. Some good ... read more
Parc de la Montaña
View of the Palace and Cathedral
Temple of Debob

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid May 11th 2017

We made good time on our journey – 23 actual hours had passed from leaving Adelaide on a cool autumn night to stepping out into the warmth of a Spring Sunday in Madrid. When we ventured out for our first walk around the city, every madrileño (about 3 million inhabitants in this city) and their dog seemed to be out walking in the glorious sunshine. The city appealed to me immediately. The fact that we also consumed our first tapas at the charming Mercado de San Miguel, and had our first hot chocolate with churros at Chocolatería de San Ginés, contributed to my favourable opinion. Despite having been on a constant drip fed diet of plane food, somehow, my appetite had resurfaced. After a leisurely Monday morning start, we managed to get to the Reina Sofia ... read more
Market delicacies
Caixa Forum
The hanging garden

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid April 30th 2017

J'essaie de publier ce message à nouveau parce qu'il semble qu'hier vous ne l'avez pas vu. chut! Je pense qu'Omer va changer de religion... Il va passer du Canadien de Montréal au Real de Madrid! Dans le taxi, on aurait cru entendre Roger Brulotte... pareil, pareil! (Corina, c'est une blague pour les québécois). Au resto, même chose! Nous avons un fun fou en Espagnol. Sur ma liste d'immersion: dire à un chauffeur de taxi où nous allons (check 3 fois!) prendre le bon autobus √√, demander comment se rendre quelque part√√√√√√√ excepté quand on nous a parlé de la "rotonda", (un rond point!) ... avoir su! Je commande toujours en espagnol au resto maintenant! On écoute la TV en espagnol, l'oreille s'habitue! Bon, on se calme! Journée de pluie aujourd'hui, on visite à l'intérieur: le fameux ... read more

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid April 30th 2017

Nous voici déjà rendus à la 3e journée. Le temps passe vite! Encore du froid et de la pluie aujourd'hui, ce qui est anormal pour les gens d'ici. On est transis, mais on continue quand même de visiter. Aujourd'hui, nous avons plutôt visité les monuments, les super belles places, mais c'est bien difficile de prendre des photos. De plus, il y a un monde fou! Imaginez-vous que c'est une longue fin de semaine car demain ils célèbrent la Fête du travail (congé férié). Espérons qu'on pourra avoir l'auto! J'imagine que oui, je ne m'en fais pas. Grâce à Danielle, je m'essaie avec les photos! C'était bien le fun de te parler Danielle! La première, une photo de nous deux prise devant le palais royal et la seconde, nous avons commandé une bière et des frites avec ... read more

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid March 21st 2017

Happy Tuesday I have been so busy with school and getting everything together for Jonny, haven't even had a chance to update here. He arrived Thursday afternoon around one and it was such a beautiful day!!! He was tired immediately. Jet Lag is so real. It always hits at some point, and unfortunately for him it hit when it was absolutely gorgeous outside haha! I had originally wanted to go to Valencia, (south of Catalonia Barcelona) for a festival called "Las Fallas" which is supposed to be really cool and fun, but that didn't work out, things were too expensive, hostels were booked. So, when it was official that he was coming over here I planned the trip to Madrid. Madrid, the capital of Spain, includes some of the most authentic experiences of Spain. The huge ... read more
This reminds me of Shrek!!
mmmm sangria after walking all day
Restaurant - La Cueva , amazing salad

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid February 28th 2017

We braved storm Doris to travel from North Yorkshire to Manchester by rail, then onwards, flying from Manchester to Madrid via Heathrow airport. After a flight cancellation and lots of delays we finally made it to Barajas Airport Madrid at 10pm. With only hand luggage for a long weekend and a rapid passport control we were soon out of the airport. Unfortunately the metro link to Madrid centre was closed for maintenance but there is a courtesy bus from the airport to Mar de Cristal metro station where we took line 4 to our hotel location at Alonso Martinez. Total cost of our transfer from airport to city , only 3 Euros. Pleased with ourselves we emerged onto the city streets but could not see our hotel. Finally we asked two young Spanish girls who were ... read more
Feathered friends
City Centre statue
val planning our route

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid September 20th 2016

Mad mad mad Madrid never quite expected it to be like this. I expected bustle, life rush and people but never expected to be ripped off. Work up late after the noise of the night before. It did however go quiet later as the weekenders packed up and left for home. Tents were taken down and a strange quietness descended on Camping International. In fact, it is fair to say it was lovely with a good supermercado that sold fresh milk , ice lollies and lovely hot croissants. Excellent sanitaires , a good bar and restaurant but note to myself never ever come on a Friday nor a Saturday . It is hell. We had decided not to bother with Madrid but as we had time to spare we made the decision that the train station ... read more
Playa Mayor
The things you see when you look up
Playa Mayor

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid September 1st 2016

Here we are in Spain again.... read more

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid August 25th 2016

hola todas! after my parents dropped me off at the airport (3 hours early aka 1.5 hours earlier than i needed to be), a six hour flight, a surprisingly simplistic customs stamp, and a short shuttle ride to the dorm i have finally arrived in La Universidad Complutense en Madrid! i just finished getting settled into my dorm with my suburb lightweight packing all put away, and am currently deciding if travel blogging is for me. i have a full few days of orientation ahead of me and then my first actual exciting event on saturday: a Real fútbol game! will (possibly) keep y'all posted, Ricky... read more

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid August 15th 2016

We’re finally here in Spain!! After 2 loong flights from Australia (14 hours Brisbane to Dubai and 7 hours Dubai to Madrid) we finally made it. After navigating our way out of the very large Madrid airport and getting on the correct train to central Madrid we got to our hotel at 11.30pm. Mind you we were go go go since 2am Brisbane time so to say we were tired is a massive understatement! Today on our first full day we went to meet up with my friend from home Monika who is also visiting Spain. After buying our onward train tickets for this afternoon’s train ride to Sevilla, we made our way to Plaza Mayor to meet Monika for lunch. It was really great to meet a friend so early on our trip. Monika is ... read more
Me and Bill at Plaza Mayor
Plaza Mayor

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