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Europe » Spain » Asturias » Cudillero May 24th 2017

This day starts with the best breakfast yet, I am the only one in this B & B. but the local folks come here the start their day. All kinds of good stuff to start your day, eggs, french toast, ham cheese, fresh O. J. fruit, toast, home made jam, pastries. The walk is still in what I would call, the Beverly Hills of Spain. What this area must have been like in its prime. The old and sometimes abandoned stone Mansions are so great to see. The rock walls, and iron work around the properties are astounding! There are no highways around, just one lane paved roads and forest trails. This is my very favorite kind of walking. Only nature sounds, cows munching grass, sheep bleating, chickens clucking, geese honking, its perfect walking weather again, ... read more

Europe » Spain » Asturias » Cudillero April 25th 2017

25th April Well the forecast was correct & it rained in the night on & off & we woke to rain too. Plenty of vans have left again probably to head south or for the ferry. The rain eased so we walked down to town to the shop for something to do in the heavy cloudy weather. On the way we had 4 frights – large/guard dogs barking through gates, fences & jumping up at walls...Anyway, in the town we found a little shoe shop that also sold some hiking gear & we bought 2 extending walking poles with pointy ends, protected with rubber ferrules. We feel a little better now. It started to drizzle again just before we arrived back. Remember when I mentioned big eucalyptus? Check out the one photograph. So, not much to ... read more

Europe » Spain » Asturias » Cudillero April 24th 2017

24th April Spoke to the lady from the mountains last night; they apparently had sold their house last year, bought a big van & toured Europe for a year & were about to go home. They wanted 3 weeks at home, go off again, go home, sell the van, go to Oz next year then come home & then they’d ‘probably’ have to go back to work again. I asked where they would live. The reply was we have 2 grown children... quote, pay back time! Looked at the forecast last night & it seems that today was going to be the last hot day before some mixed weather for a while so we decided to do some washing in the morning to ensure getting it dry. Once we had hung it out we jumped on ... read more

Europe » Spain » Asturias » Cudillero April 23rd 2017

23rd April Happy St. George’s Day And yes, Mr. & Mrs. Boring from Goring (Chester) have left, hooray! We had a lie in & then had breakfast outside in the warming morning although there was a heavy dew. A few people left & a few arrived including a couple who had stayed at the site in the mountains. Off on the bikes to Cudillero & the chap on reception told us the last part was very steep. It was all downhill & about 3km, the first part a gentle descent, then steep & then suicidal – we got there within 10 minutes with our brakes glowing red...I lied about the last bit. The street got narrower & narrower & then opened out onto a big area full of tables & chairs for the very busy restaurants. ... read more

Europe » Spain » Asturias » Cudillero June 13th 2014

What a lovely campsite this is. This morning even more lovely as the rather noisy (but have to say totally harmless, just a bit excitable and therefore rather loud) 4-some in the campervan across the way packed up and left after a loquacious outdoor breakfast at 8am. We got going a little bit more slowly and went out on Kisbee to the town at the bottom of the hill. And what a hill it was, seemed to go on and on for ever. Even after we had reached the start of Cudillero with its rather narrow main street we still went down and down for another ½ mile until at last we emerged into a slightly wider entrance to the harbour. We parked the Kisbee, in what we later realised was a definite no-no of a ... read more
Cudillero lovely balconies
Cudillero harbour entrance
Cudillero Market

Europe » Spain » Asturias » Cudillero June 12th 2014

After an excellent night’s sleep in our large cabin we breakfasted on coffee and Danish pastry then went on deck to watch our arrival into Gijon harbour. Very much a working port and no ferry facilities, just a landing dock which was obviously awkward to access as it took 30 minutes to complete the landing. We passed the time by watching a container ship unloading onto an endless supply of trailers which arrived one by one just as the hoist lifted and dropped each load. No problem getting out the dock, we simply drove off the ferry and away up the road. There seemed no alternative route so we took the motorway which runs a mile or so back from the coast. The coastline here is rocky with high cliffs and lots of inlets so we ... read more
 Gijon working port
Don't know what this is but we've seen lots round this Asturias region
Playa de Aguilar

Europe » Spain » Asturias » Cudillero May 7th 2013

On Saturday we left Galicia to drive 212 kilometres east into Asturias. It was three hours of beautiful scenery, first mountains and then the coast of the Bay of Biscay. Our campsite is a few kilometres east of the old historic fishing port of Cudillero and the scenery is sensational. We thought it didn´t get any better than Galicia until we walked out of the campsite a few hundred metres down a winding country road and were met by a view that took our breath away; a series of sandy bays and sheer cliffs stretching into the distance and the waters of the Bay of Biscay at their calmest, benign and blue. Our photos do not do it justice because the light wasn´t particularly good and there was quite a damp mist rolling in from the ... read more
Like camping in a park!
Cudillero harbour
Cudillero lighthouse

Europe » Spain » Asturias » Cudillero May 7th 2013

Well it rained steadily all night and most of the morning. The sky was dismal, no breeze, humid, not cold just depressingly dull! We had planned to pack a picnic and have a hiking day today but decided it might not really be much fun; wet dogs, wet grass, slippery coastal paths and hazy mist instead of the promised panoramic views. So we decided to have a lazy morning and then drive around to see what we could find of interest towards lunchtime. We found San Estaban de Pravia, an old and historic port, still very gentile, with graceful old late 19th/early 20th century houses bordering the harbour and some very smart tapas bars. The tapas themselves were not truly brilliant (the squid was a bit tough) but the service and ambiance were very nice indeed! ... read more
Elegant harbour-front buildings
The old railway station by the docks
Old coal docks

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