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Europe » Spain » Aragon » Jaca September 13th 2019

Just to let you know that all future blogs will be on our Facebook page This is due to being unable to load photos on here. Hoping you will follow us on the above page. ... read more

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Jaca September 10th 2019

Day 13 09/09 Tiermas to Jaca I spent the morning trying to put the blog onto the website, but for reasons beyond my reconning, I couldn't get any photos to load, so frustrating! In the end I conceded and I'll have to wait until I can find Wi-Fi. Maintenance was busy changing the engine thermostat to stop the engine overheating as we climb into the mountains. We then gave Dream Catcher a good sprucing up as everything was still dusty from the desert. After lunch we left our reservoir stop over heading to Anso, we spotted a castle on a hill and took a detour into Binies a very sleepy hill top village dominated by a castle. The castle appeared to be a private residence. The drive took us up a beautiful deep sided gorge along ... read more
The tunnels in the rocks
Lovely cottages at Anso
Inside Anso church

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Jaca December 28th 2018

Peaceful night's sleep, a bit less chilly too! Had some issues with the battery in the morning, so had to make do with washes instead of showers. Probably need to make sure we have mains power whenever possible at this time of year. Found a supermarket on the way out to pick up a few bits, then headed for the hills! Only this time, instead of going over them, we went UNDER, via the Somport Tunnel. Which made it a much less stressful trip than some of our mountain ones! The change in the weather as we emerged was dramatic - completely clear blue sky, and warm(ish) sunshine. We'd deliberately planned only a short drive for today, as we didn't know how the tunnel would be (or even if it would be open!). Our destination was ... read more

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Jaca April 24th 2014

April 23, 2014 Day 18 The way of St James Kirsten again woke up first, showered and packed up the car. I’m still rolling around in bed. I thought we were on vacation. I have the Go Go, all you have to do is shower and get dressed. Uh where are my clothes. I’ve laid out what you need. Gee’s can I get another 30 minutes. NO! It’s 7:15 and Momma and Daddy are in the car waiting. WHAT! We drove to the other hotel and had breakfast with all the teenagers. They were having fun, oh to be young again. All I wanted was another 30 minutes. We walked around the village JACA went into the cathedral, very nice. I think I’m enjoying the cathedrals in Spain more than Italy. They are very basic, ... read more

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Jaca April 23rd 2014

Day 3 April 22, 2014 The Way… It’s a movie, rent it or check it out from your local library. We wake up and the raining has stopped, Kirsten is first into the showers and I follow right behind. Oma and Opa are waiting for us in the dining room having breakfast. It’s not to Hedy’s standard. Go figure, the breakfast breads were too hard and no meat or cheese. We all pile into the car and head north. We’re following one of the 25 famous road trips in Spain. Thanks to Carl for getting us this book. Of course we made a few minor adjustment, suggested by Kirsten. So were heading due north on A138, in Spain toward the Pyrenees Mountains. It’s beautiful climbing the up the mountains, the crystal clear rivers are flowing down ... read more

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Jaca June 24th 2013

JACA TO BERTS After the obligatory photo of all the bikes lined up we were ready to go. Our route today was going to take us up into the Pyrenees and then back down through Lleida and on to a small town/village called Ginestar where we were going to spend the night. From jaca we took the road towards Sabaniego and then turned up to Bielcas, from there the road curved and twisted passing through Boltanna until we got to Ainsa. This was a route that I had taken the previous year. It did not defraud and provided some of the best roads since we left Santander. The route is a mixture of mountain twistys and Alpine like serpentine curves. We stopped in Ainsa to refuel and then headed down the A138 towards Lleida. This is ... read more
Parked up for the night
Hard life
Great food

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Jaca May 31st 2012

Today, Wednesday was a easy relaxed sort of day with only a short time on the road. The day started with glorious sunshine and at about 09.30 i was out of the hotel and on the road. I did not leave Huesca directly because I wanted to have a look at Decathalon , the sports and camping store . I spent very little time in the store because a place like that can be dangerous. For the wallet ! There are so many things which appeal and the range of clothes they stock is very attractive. After a very short look around I decided on a two man tent which only weighs 2 kg and is perfect for carrying on the bike.I am not sure if I will be using it over the weekend because the ... read more
lovely village

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Jaca May 30th 2012

The one thing about being on the road and traveling in this manner is that sometimes you wake up and wonder which hotel/city/place you are in today. Well , I am in the same place as the day before. Huesca. Woke up early this morning , 07.30 and will write down and post yesterdays blog before the impressions fades from the mind. Tuesday started off as all other days have, with fantastic sunshine. I had been a bit worried because the evening news was full of pictures of thunder storms, especially in the Pyrenees. I was in no rush to start the day because I had made the decision to stay another night here in the Hotel. This meant that I did not have to pack all the bags and could leave most of the stuff ... read more
Biker hotel
20120529 120923
heading up

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Jaca October 30th 2011

3:30am Dog still puking - this time grass.... Woke to smell of dog puke and chorizo farts. Brendan was worried about stories of romanians gassing us in our sleep and stealing our passports..... not a chance - there's enough gas being produced in this van already. I'm afraid its ready to self combust. I need to put a ban on chorizo... read more

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