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Europe » Spain » Andalusia May 11th 2019

May 5 - and the trip back to Tangier was harmless. We were prepared to battle for our seats on the first leg to Casablanca but the compartment was mostly empty so we were able to stretch out. Likewise the high speed train to Tangier - lots of seats to choose from. All the connections allowed us enough time to appreciate the wonderful new train stations. The little pink stone station that I remember in Marrakech is still standing along side the massive new one. Arriving at the ferry terminal in Tangier we got tickets for the next fast ferry which left in 30 minutes so we relaxed in what we thought was the waiting area. A fellow borrowed my pen so he could fill out his immigration form and then he started saying what sounded ... read more
Santa Cruz cathedral, Cadiz (from the waterfront)

Europe » Spain » Andalusia May 1st 2019

It was certainly not the way I expected to start our holiday in Spain - spending time at the police station and countless hours on the phone to visa after Kelly was pickpocketed within an hour of arrival in Madrid. But it can be counted as another travel experience and makes for good story telling - especially the ride in the police car to the station and the very friendly, if heavily armed, Spanish police. Our time in Madrid was planned simply as a “relax after a long flight” time and I did not expect to enjoy the city so much. A relatively seamless metro ride from the airport and then a very short walk from the Sol Metro on Plaza Del Sol to our hotel (Hostal Aresol) on Calle Del Arenal. We had been told ... read more
Crystal Palace, Retiro Park

Europe » Spain » Andalusia April 25th 2019

Waking up was guaranteed on Easter Friday when there’s loud drums, the rhythm repeated and echoing through the narrow old town streets. Another parade moved through to mark this day. Blue and purple were the theme colours here, and folks were out on their Sunday best. By mid morning more people were milling around, and come check out at midday, it was heaving. As luck had it, the bakery opened again that ran out of bread the day before. It was grainy bread and pan o chocolate for P2 and the cycle journey to Merida. We planned our route with bikes resting outside the Santa Maria convent, the police ever present, as they’d been stationed for the last 24 hours at our top street corner. Car after car came through, trying a hairpin band, to then ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Granada April 23rd 2019

So my last blog post, I mentioned a relationship I needed to end before I left to study abroad. This post is going to explain more what happened between him and I. I first met Tadashi while working at the Home Depot near my home in Columbus, Ohio. That would have been two summers ago and he actually asked me out, but I had to turn him down because I was focused on my finals at the time. I did end up dating someone else from the Home Depot not too much time after that.. so oops. That relationship is an entire another story I may get into one day but is not related to either of the current topics of discussion. So come last summer of 2018 and I am back at the HD. single. ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Cádiz April 22nd 2019

After another sea day we arrived in Cadiz, Spain. It is on the Atlantic coast and is one of the oldest cities in Spain in the Andalusia region of the country. As we approached the dock we saw a very familiar sight. The P&O ship Oriana was in port. We sailed on her in 1997 from Great Britain to Honolulu via the Panama Canal. That was our first time thru that feat of engineering. We met some lifelong Australian friends on that cruise and are still in touch with them these many years later. In Cadiz we decided to take our own walking tour of Cisco Antigua, the old walled quarter of the city. We have been to Cadiz numerous times and we always enjoy strolling the winding alleys and green plazas and visiting the large ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Cádiz April 14th 2019

1 more day on board arcadia! i'm feeling quite reflective and melancholy today. sad to be leaving this beautiful ship that has been my home for the past 75 nights. the arcadia has kept me safe and well fed. it was arcadias birthday the other day. she celebrated 14 years on the 12th of april. the pastry chef made a beautiful replica of the ship in a cake, and that evening they held a huge birthday party for her in the globe disco. there weren't any balloons but we all had glow sticks wrapped around our heads and arms, and anywhere else you could coil a glow stick around. :) today we are heading north in the atlantic ocean alongside the west coast of spain having left cadiz yesterday at 5 pm. i am writing to ... read more
mary from scotland, tony from cheshire
black and white night

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Granada April 7th 2019

Hello to everyone! I started this blog to share with the world but namely my friends and family my experience studying abroad in Granada, Spain. I should probably start at the very beginning of this whole process and journey of living in another country. In my freshman year of high school, I knew I wanted to be fluent in Spanish and the best way to do that was to be completely immersed in the language and culture. On a personal note, Americans are so spoiled that English is spoken around the entire world and we could go our entire lives without learning another language. One of my life goals is to learn at least 5 languages (Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, and Catálan) and travel the world to enrich my mind with other cultures. At the start ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Alhaurin el Grande February 15th 2019

19th Jan 2019 – 16thFeb 2019 A short hop to Spain to avoid the harsh and grey winter of the UK! We actually travelled on a Saturday and both Bristol and Malaga airports seemed very quiet. Maybe this shows how times have changed and that people now travel on Sunday eve to Friday eve for work leaving the weekends quieter? Who knows!! Anyway, it was very quiet! Usual round of walking and socialising – we have three walks to lead this time so quite a few reccys to be done and we were also helping find a route on someone elses walk so my poor knees have taken a bit of a hammering!! We also went to a dog charity (SOS) and were rewarded with four dogs (two puppies and a Mum and daughter) to walk ... read more
Estepona (5)
Horse Show at La vega
Us at the top of La Bola

Europe » Spain » Andalusia December 6th 2018

Day 9 – Saturday 1stDecember 2018 Today we were at Marseille! Watched the sunrise and after breakfast off the ship by 9.30am (lazy start!!) We were, according to the Tourist Info, approx. 8km from the Old Port and we could either walk and then catch a 35T or get the shuttle outside! The shuttle was 10.95 euros each return and it dropped us near the Cathedral, INSIDE the port and was probably only 5kms!! From our dock we could have probably walked for 15 minutes, following the green line, and caught the free shuttle! I don’t know!! Anyway, duly took photos pf the Cathedral, quick peer inside and then walked round the Old Fort and along the Waterfront around the Old Port! It was lovely! The sun was shining, the water was blue, white xmas trees ... read more
View of the Fort, Marseille
Sunset leaving Malaga
Jameous de Agua, Lanzarote

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Málaga » Malaga December 2nd 2018

Away we go. Goodbye Europe and Hello Africa! The day started with more exploration of the city of Malaga, visiting the Pablo Picasso museum, and navigating our way to the airport. Goal for today: get from Malaga to Italy, Italy to Ethiopia, Ethiopia to Uganda. Airports are an interesting place to hang out and this trip has been great in experiencing the variation in the process. In Malaga, each airline had multiple check in counters, but you were sorted by flight. Meaning you could only check in for a flight when they wanted you to. So despite getting to the airport 2.5 hours early, we had 45 minutes before boarding. Italy’s airport was more like a Mall of America than an airport. Finally, Ethiopia‘s had a triple check-in. One to get into the departure terminal (which ... read more

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