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Europe » Spain » Andalusia October 25th 2020

Et nous revoilà…. Pourquoi donc s’obstiner à passer l’automne et peut-être même l’hiver sous un ciel gris… Alors qu’à quelques kilomètres de là, le soleil ne joue pas tellement à cache-cache… Ceux qui nous connaissent bien savent que nous apprécions beaucoup cette région qu’est l’Andalousie…. Nous y sommes venus il y plus de 40 ans pour la découvrir pour une première fois… nous l’avons aimée et nous avons continuer à l’explorer…. Je peux vous assurer qu’on n’en a pas encore fini… Des routes qui tournent, des paysages sans fin, des montagnes qui nous entourent, des sourires que l’on devine sous les masques, une méditerranée qui nous offre tout au loin l’Afrique mais aussi Gibraltar… Une fois de plus comme en janvier cette année nous pouvons par moment observer tant les côtes de l’Afrique du Nord, que ... read more
Luxair... toujours en route...

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Puerto Banús August 6th 2020

When was the bikini invented? From If you like or wear bikinis, you can thank Louis Réard, the French designer who came up with the then-revolutionary design in the 1940s. The revolutionary part wasn't the two-piece nature of the bikini — European women had been wearing two-piece bathing suits since the decade before. But those existing two-pieces were pretty conservative, even if they did lack the traditional skirts; they had halter tops that left very little of the midriff in view.That wasn't the case with the skimpy bikini of Réard's creation, which he described as "smaller than the world's smallest bathing suit," according to He debuted the design on July 5, 1946, but as you might imagine, he didn't do so personally: Micheline Bernardini, a Parisian showgirl, modeled the suit in ... read more
Bikini fact
All the same or ??
No bikini wax!

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Estepona February 1st 2020

Quitter un épais brouillard pour trouver un soleil éclatant...Que demander de plus... ? Nous connaissons bien la région pour y être venus durant de nombreuses années chaque deux dernières semaines de février... Un grande envie d'échapper à la pluie, quelques petites gelées seulement, mais aussi un brouillard épais qui n'en finissait pas d'occuper nos journées fera que nous décidons de revenir dans la région, car l'Andalousie n'a jamais fini de s'ouvrir et de se découvrir à nous... Nous optons pour un hôtel que nous connaissons également et dont la chaîne nous satisfait tout à fait... les hôtels H10... Vous nous connaissez bien ! nous ne pouvons rester sur place longtemps... Si bien nous avons pris le H10 avec 1/2 pension, nous avons aussi loué une voiture, une petite Panda qui ne fait qu'augmenter mon amour pour ... read more
sept jours qui promettent...
le Port d'Estepona

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Alhaurin el Grande January 31st 2020

Our trips to Spain are getting shorter!! This trip was only Sunday 5th Jan – Friday 31stJan and we had planned to re-paint the whole house as the weather isn’t usually that warm and there is more cloud in January!! We also hoped to catch the Three Kings Fiesta on the 6th Day but arrived late on the Sunday evening to catch the last of the Processions and to learn that the fiesta is 4th and 5th with the 6th Being a National Holiday! This caused us a few problems as there were no food shops open on the Monday, after we arrived!! However, despite the weather being warm and sunny, with blue skies, we made a good start on the painting, painting in the mornings with well earnt lunches or siestas in the afternoon, as ... read more
Kens cookery course
San Anton at Mijas (2)
Driving out of the Storm

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Cádiz January 28th 2020

Our cruise ship Balmoral, part of the Fred Olsen fleet, sailed into Cadiz on 25th November. We were on our way back to the UK after a cruise to Madeira and the Canaries. We were up early for breakfast and off the ship just after 9am. We had a good walk through Cadiz city centre from the port to Playa La Caleta. There were super views of the Castle of San Sebastian built in 1706, at the end of a long causeway and also the Castle of Santa Catalina built in 1598. We walked along the promenade at Playa La Caleta and spent a pleasant time in Genoves Park. Then we continued along the sea front via Calle Honduras then cut through the city via the Central market to the Cathedral. The Cathedral visit was very ... read more
Cadiz plaza
Cadiz Plaza 2
Playa La Caleta

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Málaga » Malaga January 21st 2020

Day 1. Mon 20 Jan Taxi came 10mins late at 7.40am, then hit unusually heavy traffic to airport so arrived at 8.20 (cost £19). No problem with bag check-in though and flight left on time at 10. 2.5 hour flight, seeing Cornwall from high up which looked good, and the snow-topped Pyrenees which looked fantastic. Sadly most of Northern and all of Southern Spain was shrouded in cloud, so didn’t see much until landing, which was quite exciting – zooming low over the Med to the airport. Eventually found the train station at Malaga but had some trouble connecting my phone (which used to automatically locate a signal, but now I had to do it manually – what is the world coming to?). Eventually texted John with my eta at Malaga Center and after the 12min ... read more
Gibralfaro from Alcazaba
Hedge at Alcazaba
John & View of Castle & Cathedral

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Costa del Sol January 16th 2020

Coming to Nerja on the Costa del Sol was the perfect way to end this trip. The hotel, Paradores de Nerja, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea on a cliff, was beautiful with an elevator down to the beach and lots of places to sit to enjoy the view and the sun. And yes, it was sunny for our 2 days here, with a high temperature getting into the low 60s. We arrived in time to sit outside and have a drink before it got dark. Dinner was at a pizza place that was open on Calle Carabeo, near the hotel. It was fun and cheap, but with mediocre pizza. The sun rises in Nerja at 8:27 am, with a glorious sunrise over the Mediteranean. The sky started turning colors at about 8. As you might guess, many ... read more
From Newark State to Costa del Sol...who would have guessed?
It's almost sun rise
SBHS to Nerja...retirement has its advantages

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Granada January 15th 2020

Granada was our last sightseeing city. We walked the streets of Old Town, spending more time in the shops and less in the cathedrals. This time we explored without a guide, as we had in the other cities. Granada a beautiful city. With the snow capped Sierra Nevada mountains and the Alhambra, as its back drop, and the narrow cobblestone streets, the photo ops were endless. We spent time in the Alcaiceria, once a silk market, but now full of souvenir shops; it reminded me a little of the souk in Israel. Taking a break from walking in a Morrocan style tea shop on the Rua de Casas de Cha, was delicious... the tea of course but also the crepes and baklava style pastries. We walked through the Albayzin, with winding narrow streets of the Moorish ... read more
View of the snow capped Sierra Nevada Mountains from Mirador San Nicholas
The Alhambra
The Alhambra

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Córdoba January 12th 2020

What better way to start the day in Sevile than by having a bowl of cinnamon toast churros with friends? We had to check out the Crunch Cafe before heading to Cordoba for the day. It was delicious and fun. I think a franchise in New Brunswick would be a success! Cordoba was next on the schedule and since I hadn't pre-arranged any tour there, I turned to my good friend Rick Steve's and he didn't disappoint. He suggested a personal guide, Angel, and that's who we spent 3 hours with in Cordoba. At least we did once we figured out the right orange tree and fountain that was our meeting place. Once again there was a Jewish Quarter; only in Cordoba it still has that name. And there is a remnant of a synagogue to ... read more
Breakfast of Champions?
The women's section of the synagogue

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Seville January 11th 2020

I'm falling behind on writing these posts because the days are so full that I'm too tired at night to write. So a quick summary of our day touring Seville, which is fine also cause I didn't love it. We had a half day walking tour set up to see the Royal Alcazar, a place/fortress built in 10th century by Moors and rebuilt by Peter 1 and later others. It's a copy of the Alhambra built by 5000 workers. The thought running through my head was why did anyone need all this? Then we walked through what was oncevthe Jewish Quarter, home to 5000 Jews in the 1300's but is now called Barrio Santa Cruz or Holy Cross ( not so subtle a change) and heard the story of Jews who lived there so the religious ... read more
Checking out the gardens in the Alcazar
The people didn't have access to water to drink, but in the Alcazar water was used to cool the air.
In the Cathedral

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