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Europe » Slovakia » Presov Region » High Tatras June 2nd 2005

I couldn’t follow the Carpathians into the Ukraine because of visa requirements, so I dodged back into Hungary, then made a quick lunge to the north into Slovakia to rejoin the Carpathians. The High Tatras are the highest peaks in the Carpathian range. This part of the Carpathians is a national park in Slovakia, as well as in neighboring Poland. Unfortunately, the weather still hadn’t improved much, so I didn’t have the opportunity to take any good pictures of the High Tatras. I had one little incident with a Slovakian bus and a mud hole. There was a section of road that had been flooded by recent rains. Off to the side they had constructed a makeshift bypass. The bypass was also muddy from the rains. I had just about finished negotiating my way across the ... read more
Slovakian Mountain Roads

Europe » Slovakia » Bratislava Region » Bratislava May 23rd 2005

The other night after I posted we met up with Herbert at a Jazz club and i got some dinner, we watched live jazz until around1030 or so and then headed off to a dance club which was a good time. They played some dance songs I remember form back in the day..."Let the sunshine" Neil if youre reading these you'll remember that one. Even the dance club was very similar to any other club ive been to, here in europe or back in the states. Id say on the whole, people dont really vary much even across cultures as different as New Yorkers and Slovakians(Slovaks?) from the tiny town of Plestany. The place started emptying out around 3am so we went back to the hotel and slept until around 12 and got lunch and met ... read more

Europe » Slovakia » Trnava Region » Piestany May 21st 2005

Now I know you guzs are wondering how the hell I ended up in Slovakia. Well I was in Munich and looking for a cheap ride to Vienna and the people at the hostel told us about a place called something like Mitzfahrl-Centrale (thats really not even close to whats its called) and you basically get set up with people going to or near places and you pay the agency and give the person a specified amount. So we paid the 25 euros and met the driver Herbert. This guy turned out to be some awesome Slovakian sho was heading to the town im in now called Plestány. He arranged to hotel for us which costed a little more than expected at nearly 25 euros each per night for me and Austin. But its a pretty ... read more

Europe » Slovakia May 15th 2004

Geo: 48.714, 21.2581... read more

Europe » Slovakia May 5th 2004

Traveling to a foreign country is both a memorable and rewarding learning experience for any curious young Canadian like myself. Thousands of us from North America flock to Europe each year for the challenge of exploring uncharted strange territories and meeting new friends from around the world. With nothing but a 50-pound backpack, a credit card, a passport and a phone card to call mom once the beer and mini Eiffel Tower souvenir funds run out, my annual summer pilgrimage begins. Slovakia is officially known as the Slovak Republic. It is located precisely at the heart of central Europe. The countries of Hungary, Austria, Ukraine, Poland and the Czech Republic border Her. It is now a very popular tourist spot amongst Europeans; but it is still relatively unknown to most of us in Canada and North ... read more

Europe » Slovakia May 1st 2004

Geo: 48.1484, 17.1073... read more

Europe » Slovakia December 1st 2003

As you all know it is actually Bratislava. However, lots of people don't know a great deal about the capital of Slovakia. Once you've realised it's a different country from Slovenia then you're well on the way. One person who didn't know (and who really should have known) was a flight attendant on the outward Easyjet flight. After explaining what to do in the event the plane landed on water (erm...) we were informed of the weather conditions and flight time to...'Bratislavia'. This is probably where it all goes wrong and adds to the various opinions that Slovakia is in Russia etc instead of being a mere 2.5 hour flight from the UK. A certain well known guide book states, and I quote, 'it's difficult to get excited about Bratislava'. A suggested stay is recommended of ... read more
Old Town View
Old town
Thank you please.

Europe » Slovakia » Bratislava Region » Bratislava August 18th 2001

Spent only a day here after passing through the Czech Republic.... read more

Europe » Slovakia » Zilina Region » Demänovská Dolina September 8th 2000

Photos of Besenova and Demanovska Ice Cave...... read more
Demanovska Ice Cave

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