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Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Mures » Sighisoara August 18th 2013

Vstávať sa nám po včerajšku veľmi nechcelo, ale museli sme. Do Sighisoary išli v tento deň len dva vlaky a my sme chceli stihnúť ten skorší. Pomaly sme začali plánovať ďalšiu cestu a odchod z Brašova sa nám prestával hodiť. Na stanici v Sighisoare sme sa preto informovali na možnosť nastúpiť do nášho vlaku späť domov na neskoršej stanici. Toto sa ukázalo ako závažný a nevyriešiteľný problém. Pani nám tvrdila, že musíme nastúpiť v Brašove a hotovo. Na svete neexistovala možnosť ako lístok prebukovať, dokonca ani za poplatok. Nejaký rumuni, rozprávajúci po anglicky sa nám pokúsili pomôcť. Po rozhovore s pracovníkmi stanice nám taktiež tvrdili, že zmeniť nástupnú stanicu je nemožné. Ako vysvetlenie uviedli toto: v Rumunsku to tak proste chodí a hotovo. Prišlo nám to zvláštne ale nechali sme to byť a vybrali sa do ... read more

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Mures » Sighisoara August 15th 2009

Hi All, We have had a great time since I last updated. We left Lake Balaton we went to Budapest (Would have stayed longer but the English bloke we met had cabin fever and wouldnt piss off). Budapest was lovely and easy to get bare feet!. Just got into town and in the old section i.e miles from the shops and my flipflops (thongs to any aussies) broke. Luckily Scott was wearing my shoes - (make of that what you will!)--(Well they are hiking sandals actually)) so he gave me those and he walked in bare feet across the hot surface until I got some new ones (Which was a drama!! I mean F**king hell!! I'm standing in the burning tar and she was worried bout how they LOOK!!). We had a whole day in ... read more

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Mures » Sighisoara June 11th 2009

Sighisoara and Viscri Day 5-6 (June 11-12) Train travel to Sighisoara which is a fortified town in Transylvania. Claim to fame being Dracula’s birthplace (but Vlad didn’t live here long). There was an a museum with old artefacts, especially Saxon which this area still holds a sizable population of. The museum was in a tower, and there was a great view over the area from the top, as well as being able to look at the clock mechanisms. We were glad to be sheltering here from the storm which had come over quickly. As it abated we headed up the covered stairway built to allow children to get to school out of the rain and walked around the local church. There were lovely little square where we had dinner. The following day we were collected by ... read more
View from top of clock tower
Romanian Orthodox Church
Black Smiths at work

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Mures » Sighisoara May 23rd 2009

Saturday May 23rd..Today we travelled Northwest to Sighisoara by a dirty old rambling train with lots of character. Our new friend Wieteke from the Netherlands took the train with us because she had also planned to stay a night in Sighisoara. When stepping off the train, it had a distinct small town feel about it. Sighisoara was high and low. The main city was low in the valley in between two mountains (well, to the locals they might be large hills but they were mountains to me) and then there was another city, a fortress city high in the mountains on one side. It was really beautiful and very picturesque like the rest of Transylvania. We walked to the main street in town and almost immediately started seeing families on horse drawn wagons. We walked to ... read more
our first glimpse
Camping this way!
Camping Villa Franca

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Mures » Sighisoara December 4th 2008

It's finally that time of the year... = Yeah, yeah, I know not everybody gets into the Christmas & New Year spirit! So? What do I know? 1st of December it's always a great day for 2 reasons: - begining of winter holidays (for those who love snow, the sledges, traffic jams and so on) - and due to the fact that on 1st December we celebrate Romania's National Day (actually this year we are celebrating 90 years since the great union in Alba Iulia) ... as you guessed that means free day/no work and fortunately this year 1st of December was in a Monday = 3 days off work. During this weekend we also had elections (on Sunday - 30 November) and in my oppinion who ever thought of setting the election day then either ... read more
Oh Christmas tree...
The band under the Christmas tree
Scary !!!!!!!!!!

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Mures » Sighisoara November 6th 2008

Okay so the last time we talked we were about to head to Romania on an overnight train. We boarded the train in Belgrade, only to be told by the conductor that there was an error with our ticket we had purchased the day before. We went to the desk and sorted it out. It turns out the error was that the date had been written as 1.11.08 instead of 11.1.08. Seriously. Big f**king deal. With that fixed we boarded the train and our compartment was next to two Aussie girls we had befriended back at our hostel. It is important to note that this train was sketchy..... the seats were gross, the washroom was grosser (the toilet flushed right onto the tracks, which amused TJ endlessly) and the lights were dim. As soon as we ... read more

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Mures » Sighisoara September 12th 2008

Sighisoara Tuesday 12th February 2008 Ecstatic we were as the night train pulled into Budapest Keleti station, ready and willing to take us to Romania. The 3-birth sleeper carriage was fantastic; we were like children, excitably claiming our bunks. Unbelievably we managed to sleep through the entire journey, bar the odd interruption from passport control as we crossed the border. Transylvania greeted us at 8am with mist, smoky chimneys, and the distant spires of Sighisoara. Stepping from the train the cool and fresh air gave us a tremendous welcome. We made our way from the train station to the centre of town. With the Sighisoara Citadel in the background I finally decided to contact the bank regarding my card troubles. My account had been passed to the fraud department due to the number of countries my ... read more
Night Train
Night Train
Night Train

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Mures » Sighisoara September 12th 2008

Sighisoara Wednesday 13th February 2008 One week into our adventure and we’d already travelled through Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary and Romania. Our second day in Sighisoara was rather quiet... well some of it. We spent the morning exploring the town, seeking out medieval watchtowers and churches. Rob and I posed for a photograph outside Vlad’s house and visited an underground internet café, whilst John caught up on some much needed sleep. For tea, we ate in the Casa Vlad Dracul Restaurant, conveniently located within Vlad the Impaler’s house. I had my first experience of frog’s legs, and the tomato soup was to die for! Little did we know at this point that within a matter of hours we’d be extraordinarily drunk, singing, dancing, and talking absolute rubbish with a group of British teachers. Jo Pub is ... read more
Vlad at Vlad's House
Tea at Vlad's House
Frog's legs!

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Mures » Sighisoara August 27th 2008

27/08/08 - A day in the life, and Ceausescu’s Mad Road Today we set out to drive along one of the highest roads in Europe - the Transfagarasan which borders on southern Transalvania. “The road was constructed between 1970 and 1974, as a north-south crossing at the historical border between Transylvania and Wallachia. It came as a response to the 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Soviet Union. Ceausescu wanted to insure quick military access across the mountains in the event the Soviets attempted a similar move into Romania. Consequently, the road was built mainly with military forces, at a high cost both financially and from a human standpoint—roughly 6 million kilograms of dynamite were used on the northern face, and about 40 soldiers lost their lives in building accidents” - Read more about it on ... read more

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Mures » Sighisoara August 26th 2008

26-08-08 Vlad’s House has chocolate cake We are in Sighisoara at present, we travelled across the north of Romania yesterday to arrive here late last night. It was a 12 hr day on the bike (for only 400 miles!), we saw some incredible winding roads, little villages, lots more horse power on the roads and lots of traffic. Back on to the subject of driving, Romania has another style all together, rules are guidelines, and guidelines only suggestions. They don’t see many motorcycles on the road here - mainly scooters and bicycles, from what I can make out a motorcycle is generally viewed as a bicycle so we were able to cut up past stationary traffic in cycle lanes with the encouragement of the locals - who where trying to fit small cars along the lanes ... read more

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