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Europe » Romania » Bucovina September 2nd 2018

Dag 6 – Rondreis Roemenië – zondag 2 september 2018 – Busuitstap naar Vatra Dornei. Ski-gebied, met de stoeltjeslift naar 1850m en wandeling tot bij het zomerinstallaties van een schaapsherder, die daar in grote ketels op houtvuur zijn ambachtelijke kazen maakt. De boer van onze campercamping verzorgde er een lunch met de plaatselijke producten, en we werden verwelkomd door de plaatselijke 'burgemeister' van Vatra Dormei die met onze groep absoluut op de foto wou. Ons kent ons, blijkbaar hier ook. Toch zijn er hier maar nieuwe verkiezingen binnen 2 jaar !... read more
Vatra Dornei - 1850m - uitzicht op het dal
Vatra Dornei - 1850m wandeling naar de schapenherder
Waar staat de 'burgemeister' van Vatra Dornei ?

Europe » Romania » Bucovina » Suceava » Voronet September 1st 2018

Dag 5 – Rondreis Roemenië – zaterdag 1/9/2018 Busexcursie naar het noord-oosten. Rondrit met toerbus door een bergstreek in de Boekovina met geleid bezoek aan 2 kloosters uit de 16e eeuw en een bezoek aan 'het museum van de beschilderde eieren' (5000). Wie begint daar aan ? Er is ook nog een verhaal van een verloren portefeuille, maar dat is voor thuis.... read more
Moeder Tatiana, onze strenge gids van het nonnenklooster van Voronet.
Non-kassierster aan de ingang
toegangstraat naar het klooster

Europe » Romania » Bucovina October 3rd 2017

We took an approximately 6hr train ride to Suceava in the Bucovina region to take a tour of the painted monasteries. The countryside was flat farmland for awhile but the further north we got, the more lovely it became. (Suceava is at the very northern part of Romania, closest to Ukraine). I mostly snoozed (my travel super power - I can sleep in any train, plane or automobile) but did wake up momentarily to hear T and my aunt play “Heads Up” (basically you have to make the other person guess something with verbal clues) in the most gloriously awkward fashion. Inaccurate clues and wild guesses were being bandied about with little success. There’s a timer in the game so we’ll chalk it up to game pressure. The only dogs I’ve seen are strays, so of ... read more
the big green monastery
Like a comic strip
Cart - in countryside near Suceava

Europe » Romania » Bucovina September 2nd 2013

Vara a trecut, si odata cu ea, si vacanta noastra. In cele 3 saptamani petrecute in Romania am ajuns si prin Bucovina, un adevarat "picior de plai, gura de rai". O cale perfecta pentru reincarcarea bateriilor...... read more
Florile sunt o minune
oua incondeiate

Europe » Romania » Bucovina » Suceava » Suceava August 1st 2011

I went up to the north of Romania to see the famous painted monasteries. I was lucky enough to run into the nicest family who invited me to tag along with them to see the monasteries, saving me some very long walks and/or taxi fares. Back in Bucharest, I visited the outdoor village museum which is located right on a lake. It has buildings and other structures (like a windmill and waterwheel) from all over Romania. There are some beautiful parts of this city among the concrete slabs. I also saw for the first time here Hello Kitty toilet paper in the Carrefour hypermart. How cute! ... read more
Humor (2)
Voronets monastery
Village museum

Europe » Romania » Bucovina December 15th 2010

Whether you consider it Southern Bukovina, separated for now from their kin across the border in the Ukraine, or you call it Northern Moldavia with family ties torn by the border between Romania and Moldova, it is most certainly a very special corner of the world. This isolated corner of northern Romania was alway sparsely inhabited. From small bands of settlers who approached from the west, from Maramureş in the mid 14th century to a limited influx of Huțel shepherds from the north, it wasn’t until the Habsburgs annexed the region in 1774 that any sense of settlements, of village life began to develop. The Habsburgs remained in power until the end of World War I. With the fall of their centuries old empire, this rustic corner of the world came home to Romania. But in ... read more
Photo 12
Photo 20
Photo 2

Europe » Romania » Bucovina » Suceava » Suceava May 12th 2010

The day started off with my foot feeling a bit better. I don't envy poor R. the past few days. He is a serious walker by nature whereas I have always been a stroller. Add to that my lingering limp and I'm sure he wanted to scream more than once. Today I head out to the museums. As I was walking down the street I saw a backpack sitting on the side of the road atop a pile of debris. I looked around and no one was in site. It looked battered, but still a little too nice to be trash. I looked in it to see if there were any indentifyable things of value to tuen over to the authorities. As I rooted through some random clothes some guy can up to me. He was ... read more

Europe » Romania » Bucovina » Suceava » Suceava May 11th 2010

Yesterday I invited R. to join me on my visit to Suceava and he accepted. He suggested to set the alarm at 7 to have time to visit the weekly market in Humor. We finally got a ride and B. graciously let us stow my gear in his restaurant as we strolled the Tuesday market. There was nothing overly exciting to see or buy, but it was interesting nonetheless. After some minutes relaxing over a coffee we made our way to the bus station and after mulling over the possibility that the old Roman bus was ours a comfortable newer maxi pulled up and took us on. The driver was one of those pedal-to-the-medal kind of guys, my first on this trip. In Suceava we had to call the owner of the hostel when we couldn't ... read more

Europe » Romania » Bucovina » Suceava » Gura Humorului May 10th 2010

I was up early and R. and I went into town where we met a couple teachers and some students at the high school. After that we saw a friend of his on the street and visited his school. After chatting for quite some time in the teachers' lounge with the English, Math and Religion teachers we dropped in for a quick visit with a small group of kids doing some extra-credit work. I peered over their shoulders, helping them from time to time. The teacher told us that the kids were a bit edgy, because they were all performing in a pageant the following week and were all thinking of that above all. Then one of them said something to the teacher and when I inquired what was said, she said the kids wanted to ... read more

Europe » Romania » Bucovina » Suceava » Gura Humorului May 9th 2010

As is my habit, I rose before 8 and with no ill effects from the previous night I had my morning coffee/cocoa. During the previous night I filled the memory card of my video camera and sought to transfer the files to one of my thumb drives. After a number of failed attempts I discovered a direct transfer was not possible, I had to transfer them to R.’s hard drive and only then download them successfully. Thank God R. had a lot of room. I looked at some of the video and it seems I’ll be able to do something with it if I can sufficiently master my software back home. I hitchhiked ("made an autostop") into town, even if it was a Sunday and I fully expected things to be pretty quiet. I walked around ... read more

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