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Europe » Portugal » Alentejo » Évora October 12th 2017

We changed plans yesterday, and decided to make Evora a day trip rather than a place to spend the night later in our trip. So, today we took a bus to the historic city, and spent the afternoon wandering its streets. The area has been inhabited since before 4000 BC, and important city for many cultures: Neolithic, Roman, Muslim, and Portuguese. Three rivers come together near here, and it is thought that is why this area had such importance early on. Romans were here from the second century BC to the fourth century AD. The Moors took over from the eighth to the twelfth century. Évora was reconquered from Arab hands in 1166 by Geraldo Sem Pavor (Gerald the Fearless), and soon aft... read more
Crowds suddenly appear!
Roman fountain
The Se

Europe » Portugal » Alentejo » Évora April 15th 2017

April 14th Woken up by a peacock crowing this morning, he clearly has an identity crisis. A few people were enjoying the pool last evening in the sunshine. A lady of proportion walked by in a pink costume, the bottom of which at the back was like a thong. I wasn’t quick enough with the camera but you don’t need much imagination, believe me. If she’d stood still I could have parked my bike. More vans, campers & caravanners including some with Portuguese plates turned up but it was still fairly quiet all told, probably for Easter weekend. Back in Sagres were a youngish Spanish couple with a greyhound, who exercised it whilst riding their bikes. They are now on this site too & I recognised her & she gave us a really friendly wave – ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Alentejo » Évora April 14th 2017

14th April A leisurely start to the day & 68 year old Herman told us that the site was for sale, they wanted to retire. We set off for Evora, an ancient walled town established by the Romans & now a world heritage site. Most of the journey was on a super ‘A’ road with straights that went on for miles. We had wondered where the main cork producing area was...well this was cork central with millions of cork oaks which gave way to olive groves & vineyards. The other striking thing were the amount of storks about, huge things that roamed around the sky on thermals just like eagles except that they looked like pterodactyl. The government or electric company had fitted the poles with ironwork platforms for their nests, which were equally huge. We ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Alentejo » Évora October 12th 2016

Bom dia, Another early morning as I packed up and caught the train from Coimbra to Evora. This would be my longest train journey in Portugal, 3.5 hours, but that was only because I would have to wait for almost an hour as I transferred trains. Unfortunately, the rain started as I was leaving Coimbra, and it continued with me into Evora and the Alentejo plain in the southeast of Portugal. It was a very pretty arrival in Evora, seeing the city rise up from the surrounding cork oak trees on the otherwise flat plain. I was going to wait the rain out, but when I was told it was the first rain the city had seen in six months, I figured it would probably last all day so I decided to head out and do ... read more
Roman Temple
Cathedral. In the Rain.
Neolithic Monolith

Europe » Portugal » Alentejo » Évora June 5th 2016

Now on to Evora, the drive took two and a half hours. We read that driving in Portugal was dangerous and there are a lot of accidents but once we got out of Porto the roads have been almost empty. Maybe that is because we drive on the toll roads. We also rented a car with GPS and this is a must, there are lots of roundabouts and without GPS it would be easy to take a wrong turn. Our hotel has no address and the directions say take exit 6 and follow the signs to the hotel. There were no signs to the hotel but the hotel is called Convento Do Espinheiro, and we followed the signs that said Espinheiro and yea we found the hotel. This is the most beautiful hotel we have ever ... read more
 Wine cellar held water when it was a monestary
Tiles in Church in our hotel
Table in wine cellar

Europe » Portugal » Alentejo » Évora August 22nd 2015

Portugal produces most of the world’s cork, from cork oak trees -- evergreens with leaves, numbers painted on them, and a strange “naked” appearance -- which dot the Alentejo landscape. When trees are over twenty-five years of age and every nine or ten summers thereafter, the bark is stripped off, leaving only a thin inner layer for protection. Each tree produces several hundred pounds of valuable bark per harvest. When it is stripped away the date is painted onto the tree to ensure that the required time passes before they are stripped again. The trees are at least forty years old before their inner layer is sufficiently airtight to be made into wine corks. Tourists usually think of the plains as a yawn-inspiring buffer between the sunny Algarve and the historic North. It does have many ... read more
Cork oaks dot wheat fields and grazing land throughout the Alentejo.
showing some cork oak trees stripped along the highway
Sheep, hogs, and cattle raising, vineyards and wine production are important activities.

Europe » Portugal » Alentejo » Évora May 29th 2015

Nazaj v Evropi in takoj pogledat kaj je novega na Portugalskem. NIČ!! V regiji Alenteja, kjer je vse bolj na počas se nič ne zgodi hitro, menda. So najbolj leni, najbolj počasni, najbolj neumni, najbolj pasivni...nekdo mora biti kriv vsega. Iz Lizbone z avtom v notranjost Portugalske, na žgoče sonce, nič sence, na ravnino, pogledat par gradov, zapuščenih ulic, na počasen ritem (ja, še bolj počasen kot v Španiji), na dobro hrano, fado in na ta čudoviti nič. Monsaraz in Marvao, obe vasi sta bili trdnjavi v času Arabcev, zdaj pa se tam še mačkom ne ljubi veliko hodit. V Monsarazu je vsega skupaj 60 prebivalcev, ki praktično ne delajo veliko, so v penziji. Par restavracij, nekaj turistov in sonce, to imajo zagotovljeno in fantastičen razgled. Dobiš občutek pozabljenosti in policaj, ki je sedel zraven nas ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Alentejo » Évora November 18th 2014

With so many magnificent places throughout Portugal to go on a biking tour, it’s not easy to select which path will be the best one for you. I chose Evora in the region of Alentejo for my ride and found the serene landscapes and open vistas to be my perfect choice. Evora is less than two hours southeast from Lisbon and is in the heart of the Alentejo region where one can find lots of traditional heritage with an easy-going ambience. I booked my trip through Flexitreks based in England; they were helpful in finding something within my price range and what I was looking for culturally. I wanted to have a decent challenging ride but also experience some culture and great sights. Turaventur would be the local cycling tour guide that I would be using. ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Alentejo » Évora October 1st 2014

After running full time for 24 hours in Lisbon, my next stop was to be a lot more relax. The mission was double, to visit the little town of Evora, and to enjoy an exquisite stay in what look like a gorgeous least this is the way I saw it from my research on the internet. I first rent a car into Lisbon for the 130km to Evora. Highways in Portugal are pretty modern, and once you leave the capital, you have the place for yourself. I didn't really realize how low density in population the countryside was once you have driven few miles out of Lisbon. Sadly, not many pictures while riding the 25th April bridge....driving and taking pictures at the same is obviously not a great idea....even if I was ready! My dig ... read more
Main Square of Evora

Europe » Portugal » Alentejo » Évora November 5th 2013

Today we started our morning with a quick breakfast and then piled onto the bus for the day. Our first stop of the day was in the tiny town of Evora. Evora is a walled city. We had a wonderful local tour guide named Maria. Maria walked us thru the town and gave us an overview of the history. This town has existed in some form since the second century. This town has roman columns that are still standing. We really enjoyed how enthusiastic and proud Maria was of her hometown. Maria took us into the Santa Maria Cathedral. This was one of the most unique and interesting churches we have seen to date. This church is home to a statue of Mary while she is expecting Jesus, which we have never seen before. After the ... read more
Roman columns
Pregnant Mary

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